Apocalypse Lane: Episode 37: Emergency Landing

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Episode 37: Emergency Landing

Just as they thought they were safe from the trouble on earth the alien ship takes a direct hit.

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Wow, big worm is joining the gaymers? Wounder what will happen next.

i think i threw up a little from laughing when the captain got hitted by the pipe, overall freaking awesome episode.

"Now thats how you land a FUCKING SHIP!"

Pirate Hickey, we love you! But no, Captain Charms is dead!

EXCELLENT episode, best in a while.

That cheered me right up :D

lol cuddles has an awesome stoned laugh.

I need one of those cigars.

That was fucking awesome. God I love Hickey.

Hehehe. I love this episode, makes watch vids on the Escapist worthwhile when a new episode of Apocalypse Lane comes out...
And I love... was it Captain Bloodface? I may suck with names sometimes, but I still enjoy the series...
Keep up the great work Jon :D

Okay, so is it just me or is Big Pete an advanced android, last time I checked Androids couldn't take shits or even have the need to eat

Dam that general is crazy...

"Now even though that's a pussy way of dealing with it, I gotta say Steve you're starting to grow on me... God dam it! Now I want to kiss you!"

Massive flip flop there haha! Shame to see him get splatter though... *sniff*

I need one of those cigars.

Seconded, definitely seconded!

That had to be one of the best episodes of any show in such a long time! Seriously, I cannot stop laughing. Great work Jon.

You just had the 3 or 4 best moments in this entire series all in one episode. Seriously, whatever you were smoking when you thought this crap up, keep smoking it!

That was awesome.
Drink the rum.

Finally moving the plot along again. Love it.

Is Captain Charms dead? I mean, they do have an infirmary. He is one of my favorite characters :(

Also, Jon, trying having the people throw their arms in the air or something noticable next time they are freaking out. Gladys was the only one that looked even slightly worried.

I was sad when Captain Charms got crushed, but then Pirate Hickey showed up. Pirates Hickey makes EVERYTHING better.

*Throws roses at Hickeys feet*

Awesome. I had to watch the Captain die twice because i actully blinked and missed the pipe falling on him!

Fucking epic episode, lol'd so hard. Also threw up a little...

Open your treasure chest.. >_<


Epic... Just Epic! Poor Captain Charms though... Never saw it coming.

Best episode yet, IMO. Great job!!!!

Hopefully Hickey will stay rummed up for the next one too!

Best episode yet, IMO. Great job!!!!

Agreed! I laughed for two minutes straight when Hickey(sp?) became a pirate.

I missed the captain, hope we see more of him and hopefully some more personalities

That was a great episode. Jon you seriously need to sign up with adult swim. This stuff is gold.

THAT was AWESOME :)!! the best bit was when the captain got killed.. god that actually made me laugh out loud!!..

keep up the good work

Distorted Stu:
*Throws roses at Hickeys feet*

Awesome. I had to watch the Captain die twice because i actully blinked and missed the pipe falling on him!

Fucking epic episode, lol'd so hard. Also threw up a little...

Open your treasure chest.. >_<


You missed the Captain die, that was one of the best parts XD
+ Yeah, Hickey is the best character of the show. Oh Mighty Rooster please bless thy!
He should get a spin-off after the series ends.

best episode ever

My god, that was... epic!

I so want to quote the line that everyone already has quoted, but I must resist! Aw, screw it:

"Now that's how yer land a fuckin' ship!"

Best. Episode. Ever.

and where have we seen that building before? I know we've seen it somewhere.

People are saying best episode yet...no it wasn't...


HAHA! That was truly epic man! Keep smoking the stuff your smoking and make sure Hickey drinks more rum!

Hickey, or Capt. Bloodface, if you hadn't banged Gladius you'd have just unseated Cuddles as my favorite character today. As it stands you're permanently my second favorite character on this show.

I'm giving Apocalypse Lane my badge of epic awesome for the week.

..and on a more sad note...

R.I.P. Captain Charms.

Oh my dear Jesus Lord Buddah Yahweh Allah and Zeus! Great episode.

Also: YARR HARR HARR! Cap'n Bloodface returns!


It was pretty good until Captain Charms died. Then it was FRIGGEN'EPIC!!!!!
I wonder if Zed's gonna be able to do anything about Mustache guy.

My god that was BRILLIANT!

I wish this kinda stuff happens when I drink rum :(

Best Episode Ever

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