Apocalypse Lane: Episode 37: Emergency Landing

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That. Was.


I'm still laughing now! I want this series on DVD so badly now. It's pure gold. Please can you set up a website or something so I don't lose this fantastic series forever? PWEEEZE?


Fucking epic. Continually brilliant, funny and never doing what you expect!

This was actually i think, your best episode ever.

I mean, everything flowed together really nicely captain Hickey was hilarious, Steve & Cuddles were stoned with that awesome look in their eyes, and captain charms got hit by a pipe.

Great Work!

We lost a brave, heroic soul today.

R.I.P. Captain Charms


Clearly this is the best series on The Escapist! I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't wait to see where they landed and what happens next.

Aww man, that was the best thing I've seen all month! :D I couldn't stop laughing!

I think Hickey has become my second favourite character too xD


The moment Willy said 'something something captain' I knew it was gonna be Hickey.


EDIT: and RIP Captain Charms

EDIT: on second thought, it wouldn't surprise me if he was alive after all.

This episode clearly demonstrates the need for more Cap'n Bloodface.

Captain Charms is dead...


That was fucking awesome. God I love Hickey.

i just love if they keep throwing drinks and stereotypes

Some serious epic just exploded all over my face just now...

You gotta love the way Hickey spontaneously grows eyebrows xD

That was one of the best videos I've ever seen on the Escapist.

I personally enjoy how Stinky looks either horrified or worried the whole time Hickey is drunk.

More well know Alcohol with know stereotypes...
lets see...
martini = James Bond
Rum = Crazy captain

who dears guess next

holy crap...i saw captain charms death coming but Hickey landing the ship that was unexpected

I want a few of those cigars! And that's how you land a f*cking ship! Too bad about Charms though...

Grats with your first truly epic stuff, guys. I mean, TRULY epic. Shaking camera, focusing to the ship in a mid-air, music, all works great. Definitely moving episode. Big Worm is my favorite character now. Everyone screaming, and jumping out of underpants, but he still relaxed and calm. Kind of person I like %)
So, I wish you even more success in your work (or should I say "art"?). In my eyes, the most accurate determination for your stuff at this moment is "spicy" ;) Thanks for the lots of fun!
*positive fluids attack*

Totally called it. Cpt. Bloodface to the rescue!!
Poor Cpt. Charms. It was still a hell of a funny death scene though.

Bloody genius, killing off Charms was superbly timed as I doubt anyone was expecting it. Also glad to see the Cap'n back in action.


Mouse ass, it is so definitely the mouse ass studio!



OMFG!!! that was so funny i could stop laughing for about a hour after watching that.
oh yea having what captain bloodface says as a ringtone would be awesome right?

That....is truly the most EPIC EPICNESS I have EVER watched in a LONG TIME.

And have changed my views on ninjas and pirates....

Pirates > Ninjas


Quiet Stranger:
Okay, so is it just me or is Big Pete an advanced android, last time I checked Androids couldn't take shits or even have the need to eat

I noticed that to, and even if they do... it's definitely not "Natural."

OT: Still my favorite show on the Escapist, if not the whole damn internet. Hurray for the return of Capt. Bloodface!

I loved that episode, and I also think they'll arrive at Mouseass.

That....is truly the most EPIC EPICNESS I have EVER watched in a LONG TIME.

And have changed my views on ninjas and pirates....

Pirates > Ninjas


Arrrr, welcome to our side ye former landlubber!

one word... glorious

Hahaha... Call me nuts but the best part was Cuddles and that god-damned cigar

Edit: But yes, Hickey did have a crowning moment of awesome

Best episode in a long time, keep it up

Space and Pirates? I suddenly wanna play Metroid....


That got me laughing, but I can't get the quality of animation in the crash-landing scene out of my head o.O


No more needs to be said.

Will there be an episode showing the ass-kicking of Big Worm? :3 I wonder how he'll do if Frank makes him fight Pres. Obama's war-machine a second time (Assuming it's what beat him up in the first place)

Love the music and action! :3

Epic... Just Epic! Poor Captain Charms though... Never saw it coming.

you can say that again :D

GOD guys tell me that this is going on DVD. Cuz id freakin pay good money to own this wicked show :D Its just so LEGENDARY! Ever since i started watching it its grown to me n now i just cant wait everyweek for the new eps to come out.....DVD FTW!...HELl...GIVE ME A BLUE RAY!

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