Review: Aliens vs. Predator

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Review: Aliens vs. Predator

Despite presentation issues, Aliens vs. Predator has that elusive quality - fun - in abundance.

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Hmmm...Reading this, I might actually get it now

While this is a great review and I was fairly excited for this game, I'm doing the same I'm doing for Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno; waiting until price drops.

Russ Pitts:
Review: Aliens vs. Predator

Despite presentation issues, Aliens vs. Predator has that elusive quality - fun - in abundance.

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This review sold me on it. I'm going to buy it. It's been a long time since I bought a game for my Xbox 360. Thanks.

A good game all round, I've finished the Alien and Predator campaigns but I still have to finish the Marine campaign. I found the best one was the Predator. What's not to like about ripping out someones spine with their head still attached.

This game is some of the most fun I've ever had online. I don't understand why some reviewers have given it such low scores.

Wow, I think this is the only review I've seen that takes AvP for what it offers and doesn't toss it for newer mechanics. There is a lot of nostalgia in it for me but I realize other people might not get it. I kind of want to say it's a fan game more than anything but I know better.

Althought im not a fan of the Alien vs Predator Movie Franchise (well the more recent abomination that was AVP:Requiem), i absolutley love the original Alien movies and Predator movies. Throwing them all together into a game encompasses my love for stealth (predator), outright Brutality (Alien) and good ole fashioned blast shit up first ask questions later (Marine) styles of gameplay.

I will probabaly get around to buying the game when i have the free time/Cash but my mass effect 2 addiction needs feeding atm.

Oh and Russ... i too have watched Aliens far to many times to be healthy... but i just cant help it... tis soo good =)

I won this game in a contest and expected to sell it right away, but i feel almost exactly like this review describes.

Yes, technically, it's a bad game, and regularly loses the great-360-Frybird-Attention-Derby against the enormously awesome Mass Effect 2, but when i boot it up, there is fun to be had.
Especially the Multiplayer, despite being outdated, offers a lot of memorability whenever, for example, i sprint at incredible speeds along walls, getting behind hapless marines at just the right moment, and jump in for the trophy kill.

Sadly (yes, very apperantly Aliens are my favorites), Rebellion hasn't taken a cue from AVP2 creators Monolith and actually let me live the lifecycle of the Alien in the ... well, Alien Campaign. Sneaking around as a Facerap...err...Facehugger and finally evolving into a deadly killer machine was one of my all time favorite moments of the whole franchise.

So yes, AvP is not good, and as such not nearly as good as the two "originals" but thanks to it's iconic Ensemble and lots of simple, fast Fun, i'm still happy to play it.

So your review can be summed up as:
"Graphics - shitty, plot - shitty, presentation - shitty, but it's a good game because it has Aliens and Predators in it."

Not very convincing.

edit: actually, after watching the video, I think the graphics look rather nice and the gameplay seems pretty awesome.
edit2: a cover system for an AvP game seems redundant to me. Most of the time you're dealing with aliens, and it's not like they're going to fire back at you. And an Alien taking cover doesn't seem right either.

I pretty much agree with this review except for one thing. This game doesn't need cover because cover makes many games (that it doesn't belong in) slower and lose it's edge. AvP is suppose to be a high energy and nail biting experience and cover doesn't make any games, any of those. When is the last time you saw a game that was made for thrills that had cover and it worked great?

Whoo gonna get it tomorrow when i get paid

I rented this and I disagree on some points.

I don't know your reviewing process but I think you underrated the alien campaign, which you said was the one without the memorable and thrilling moments. I had the most fun with the alien campaign, though admittedly I ruined the marine campaign for myself first. Having previously played AvP 2 for the PC and loving the aliens gameplay in that title, I jumped straight into the alien campaign, stopping about 3/4 of the way through to give predator a try. This proved a foolish decision on my part, as spending about 8 hours playing as one of two races that in their respective campaigns tear through Marines like wristblades through butter can make for a very paranoid marine player. True enough the low lighting and claustrophobic spaces combined with the iconic motion tracker sound provided a nice creepily intense atmosphere, I was constantly concerned an alien or predator would drop from the ceiling and pull me through the vents, or any number of instant deaths I had seen or in some cases performed in the other campaigns. I guess I mean to say that I had so much fun playing the other two stories and they did their job wll at creating an intense experience for the marine that I stopped playing when I forgot I was running on protagonist power, making me immune to the usual cinematic insta-deaths.

But I've never had so much fun playing alien. I haven't played AvP 1, but in AvP 2, the grand majority of the stealth portion was the facehugger level (which I was dissapointed to see was absent, it made multiplayer more interesting if you could get people to turn the option on) and any segment when you had to sneak past a sentry gun or a few synthetics. AvP 3 (I noticed it's not called AvP 3, and I assume there is a good reason behind this, however I'm going to call it that here for the sake of clarity) encourages stealth the entire time. After I got used to their rework of the wall-crawling controls I loved it. True there are segments wherein you are breaking loose or you have no stealth option (or messed that option up) but the best part about those is that they don't get in the way, they are managable and fairly easy to get through or reload and try the stealth again. But those stealthy moments are the ones I remember. I remember knocking out the lights and impaling a man just as he uttered the words "Just another blown fuse." I remember crawling across the ceiling of a warehouse, dropping down and picking off an entire squad of marines, they only caught glimpses of me as the lights flickered off or as I leapt back to the ceiling after biting a hole in their comrade's head. I remember screeching from the vents, daring the marines to investigate as I picked them off, each time passing a lit-gas canister, wondering how best to utilize it, only to have the last marine spray the ventilation shaft with fire. From a safe distance deeper in the vents, I thought what to do next, remembering the gas can and thinking: "Wait, I wonder if that'll set off the explosi-HAHAHA! What an idiot!" as he detonated himself with exceptional comedic timing. I remember slaughtering a team of 5 Marine players and one Predator in an online species deathmatch with the help of only one other alien, creating panic in the team that had performed well together in previous rounds, contributing to a win for the aliens with a 20 point lead.

I remember the aliens gameplay quite fondly. I think you should give it another chance. However I respect your opinions and I realize not everyone enjoys playing Alien, it was true and AvP 2 and its true in AvP 3. It's even more challenging now that marine players have finally learned to look up, something they were comically lax about doing in AvP 2.

Other than that I agree with you. At first your suggestion of a cover system seemed like a bad idea to me, but now I'm curious. Just what kind of cover system were you hoping to implement against foes who can walk on walls, see in the dark and leap to the tops of two-story pillars, or can see your location every time you move? It would have to be a really good cover system to work against all that at once.

The game is NOT fun to play. And it is all due to the ridiculous control scheme. For PC:

As alien you have a special button that you need to press when you want to do a head bite. In a fry of a battle when your opponents are running, turning makes it impossible to use. Why they decided not to make it context sensitive, you target the head with normal attack, is beyond me. On the note of context sensitive, Alien's jump does nothing. Unless you are crouching then it leaps you forward and glues you to a wall if that was your target. Which is perfect since you can do three-angle-jumps in a corridor to get to your target, while dodging its fire. But again, why would you add a jump button why it will not work in certain conditions. Considering you also have a sprint button to keep pressing, the controls overwhelm you with unnecessary complexity. Focus is nice, but I witch they just made it auto target. I can't imagine a situation that I don't want to attack the target in front of me, but the one next to me. You see I can just turn my mouse a bit if I wanted to do that.

The predator is not a rose garden either and only the marine behaves as you expect. It is slow and can't jump (yes there is a jump button and I dare you press it) but feels like any other FPS, which is good.

Still one thing I must mention is the marine's torch light. With the other races relying so much on stealth, making the heavy guns guy be able to see only in a small circle in front of him is genius. It brings out the horror and balance of the game. If they decide to fix the controls for the sequel, I'm getting it just for that feature.

I can see alot of your points as I own this. I personally love it.

The main thing that I must disagree with is the graphics. Ok maybe they aren't the best ever but I still think their great to be honest. At no point did the slightly lacking graphics get in the way of the all important immersion. I think that the graphics served their purpose fine.

Also you said that 15 hours is relatively short? He I must also disagree as for an FPS, It's runtime isn't half bad. Play it on nightmare and it's properly challenging and that runtime is even longer.

Anyway the multiplayer makes up for the minor flaws if you ask me. While occasional frustrating (mainly due to other players), it is really fun especially with friends. I mean is there any better feeling then playing as an alien, jumping on your best-buddies' back and tearing through him with your spiked tail (this is no inuendo)? Didn't think so.

Edit: Extra note, I own the 360 version. Controls on that were fine

I played this round at a friends house and im not sure about it, though the atmosphere is all there, the gameplay sometimes feels.....very unresponsive. You'll be getting overrun by stuff and clicking away to attack, but probably swing your blades/claws only twice.
Not so much a problem for the marine due to the guns, but the damage you deal can be laughable, I understand why the rifles give you 99 rounds per clip, as 30 would just take the piss in most situations.

It's nice to see you gave it a fair review, I'm not psyched to go buy it but all the same I'm not going to shrug it off - it seems a bit interesting so I might just rent it.

I still think the demo sucked, and I didn't even like the AvP 2000 game on Steam. so, yeah...noy getting it.

I got it on the pc. Initially it disappointed but its been growing on me. The multiplayer is a bit lacklustre too but infestation mode can have some awesome moments.

I'm really having fun with the marine campaign so far. I'd continue today, but uni work and Heavy Rain are tearing me away.

hahahaha, great ending.

I really enjoyed playing all the campaigns on this game. Although the alien campaign wasn't quite as good as the othertwo, I still loved the look on the marines face when you grab him/her from behind - that look of "oh....i'm f**ked!", ha!

I'm actually playing through again which says something as I lamost never play a game through a second time once I've completed it. I like the unexpected.

Well, everything you just explained about whats wrong with the game I can look over. Graphics, I don't give a shit, Writing: it would be nice to have good (unlike my own) writing *Cough* any Bioware game *cough* but that can be a sacrifice if it means brutal fucking awesome gameplay.

You know what, I might get this game now once I get money.

I finished the marine campaign on the PC and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I think the franchise has an edge because the sound effects are so iconic and integral to the films that when they are used in a game they add instant atmosphere and immersion. The sweet combo of the movement detector's rising scale of beeps, pulse rifle bursts, the screams of the aliens and the clicks of the predators got me right into the game.

Several times I had to stop for a breather due to increasing heart rates. I took this chance to whinge to my brother (sitting next to me at the time) that I "didn't sign up for this s**t", I only joined the marines to "rescue colonists daughters from their virginities" and to get some "Arcturian poontang". Then I took a deep breath and got back into the fun.

I must admit that there were times where I wanted a cover mechanic - probably since so many shooters feature it these days and I am used to it.

Oh - and the smart gun was a lot of fun.

I agree with this review and personally would recommend the game for fans of the franchise and anyone else once the price comes down a bit.

I didn't realise that time was measured in swatches now.

I'm tempted to get it. I have very fond (and scary) memories of the original one.

EDIT: Downloading it now. It's at (checks)...2%... I'm not going to get to play it today am I?

I really don't see why everyone says AvP's graphics are "terrible." They're really not all that bad. As a matter of fact, I thought the graphics were pretty good. I've only played the demo so far (and boy is it frantic, especially playing as a lone marine against five Alien players and two Predators), but I really really enjoyed the game and the campaigns look pretty damn fun.

The only thing I wanted to know was what you thought about the online game play. While the campaigns are good, you've played it or seen it if you played the first game or watched the first AvP movie. The movie where they activate the temple... seems familiar. LoL I bought the game for online game play and I think it's awesome.

There is some things I didn't like that was in the old games. Aliens feel sluggish when manual wall transitions are on but glue to everything when you're trying to run through a hallway with auto transition on; you will get stuck going somewhere you didn't want and missing a kill.

I also don't like the focus to pounce, alien, or fly at them with your claws, predator. You're trying to run, hold the focus button and then hit them before they do the same to you or just shoot you if they're a marine. The old games just had a button for you to go flying off.

This game is some of the most fun I've ever had online. I don't understand why some reviewers have given it such low scores.

Maybe they're don't know how to block, pounce, wait. The review talked about no cover system but he didn't talk about sitting and waiting for your prey to walk by or getting that stealth kill with the grab system. This game was definitely worth my money. I think I've already played 37 hours of AvP this week (would of been more but I have WoW raids =P).

I agree, it isn't the most amazing thing to look at, but the single player campaigns, especially the marine campaigns were in my opinion flawless. (Except for the stupid boss fight at the end of the marine campaign)
I was totally immersed whilst playing this game, it's just a shame the experience is totally lost when playing online.

Davey Woo:
I agree, it isn't the most amazing thing to look at, but the single player campaigns, especially the marine campaigns were in my opinion flawless. (Except for the stupid boss fight at the end of the marine campaign)
I was totally immersed whilst playing this game, it's just a shame the experience is totally lost when playing online.

Strange, normally AvP is best played online or with friends.

I remember the AvP from 2000, the horror in your friends voice when finding out that "you play as an alien?".

Also I laughed at Russ Pitts saying "oh you want some of this", yeah not scary in the slightest, no wonder Christmas Tree's don't respect you!.

Graphics-wise it is no Crysis, but I still thought the game looked pretty damn good, especially considering that I recently booted up my old copy of AvP2 and noticed how much has changed in 9 years.
Also, I too was wary when I first realized there wasn't even a button for ducking, but when you think about it for a moment an intricate cover system would be hilariously redundant in this game.
All in all, though, I agree with your review. The new AvP wasn't exactly everything I'd hoped for as a fan of the franchise, but it's still a lot of fun (even with the awkward PC controls), and in the end that's all I want from a game.

I can't believe that people are ragging on the graphics... theyre absolutely stunning!

But I think really the different is in versions, the Xbox version must be ugly as sin to get it to run on that old box. On PC it's a different story completely.

Also I can't see why a cover system would be a good thing, this isn't Gears of War.

Consider also that as a marine you're never in firefights. Although like the post above me, I would like a crouch, a prone might be too far. It would probably be the "die" button. ^^

The game is ultimately the same one I played in 98, by what I understand. i didn't like it then and I doubt I will like it now. Of course, I could be wrong, but I'm not about to try.

I agree with most of this review. However it's a 3 out of 5 stars game, quite clearly.

Well I personally Thought that it was a bag of Cock biscuits.
But to each its own...

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