243: Guerilla Warfare

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I agree with the whole article. The only time I had fun with Guerilla was when I got some trainers for health, ammo and money. Too bad my game was crashing a lot when using ammo trainer :/

I normally dont condone cheating, but RF:G almost begged for it.

I had the displeasure of actually playing through and beating the game normally, my regret: not getting it for the PC.

Same here...although I would have loved to have used cheats at some point...if not for anything more other than destroying huge chunks of landscape!

I really missed the terrain-deformation from older RF games here, too. Played some original Red Faction on a console a while back and the deathmatch is hilarious. Sure, I could just shoot you, but did you expect the DEATH PIT?!

this is a good read
I mean, I can really see and understand the feeling of like...oh man this coulda been so much more if onlyyy...sigh

I agree with this. Failure is not fun! I wish they had stuff like this for console games... :(

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