Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2

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BioShock 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews BioShock 2.

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so its just a copy paste of the first game.

Not surprised

But could be a still a good rent or something

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

Ha, That was pretty funny review. Still mabye a bioshock prequel would have worked a lot better?

I haven't played Bioshock 2 yet. I guess I can't say I'm surprised by Yahtzee's verdict. Still, I can't believe I hadn't heard from anyone else in any other review mention having to defend little sisters from splicers if you want the good ending. How lame.

Looks like we're back to the moral choice system of baby eating or mother Teresa. Hopefully the gameplay improvements will compensate for the story even a little. Ordered BioShock 2 just recently, haven't tested it yet.

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

Meh. More people playing the game = better for me.

...Two more days, two more days, two more days..

The big sister joke was great, awesome job, as always.

i don't even see what was so great about the first one..

Best review in ages. Thank god I'm not the only one that hates this game.

Did anyone else hear this weird bug noise around 40%~?
It just stuck out very loudly to me.

Other than that, another excellent review.

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

No you're not, I had to as well. Excellent review but what was that buzzing noise in the back ground you could hear on the video, something wrong with his headset perhaps?

Now to be the arsehole who whines whenever that persons game is mocked rightfully

'WAH WAH You just suck WAH WAH and lazy WAH'

Not my best

I thought as much. Once again a company is trying to squeeze as much out of a game as it possibly can, resulting in a wank game.
Great review though Yahtzee

Great review, that'd basically be my summary from what I saw from previews and the like ("plasmids easier to use? They were already broken..."). Love how instead of my terrible connection loading a commercial, we just get a completely ignorable border now.

Once again an absolutely fantastic review, keep up the good work!

So funny when people say that before they've even had time to watch the fucking thing.

Very good as always. Couldn't really have said it better myself. Yahtzee ya damn mind reader!!

A good show Mr.Croshaw good show indeed. I would like to play as the vending machine and spew expensive health candies out as my "good" choice and free butterfingers for the "bad" choice.

so its just a copy paste of the first game.

Not surprised

But could be a still a good rent or something

Well one of my friends swear by Bioshock 2. He said that Bioshock 2 is worth even paying $80 for it where as Modern Warfare 2 isn't even worth $40. (I think he's insane, Bioshock series isn't even that great)

Wow, the BF:BC2 background is a bit much isn't it? Am I the only one seeing that?

Yeah I see it too, it is a bit much.

I played 2 and it is not horrible but it's certanly not better than the first one...

hmm, I disagree. I think Bioshock 2 is still fun. not as good as the original, but still good.

Yay, I've been looking forward to a new episode of zero punctuation all day :D
I found Bioshock 2 better than the 1st in terms of hacking, the ending and gameplay in general, however I found the 1st game to have a better plot.

You can all call me crazy, but for some reason I liked the second one more, maybe it was the hacking, who know......

wow, for a sec i thought he is gonna like the game ><

You had me going at the begining Yahtzee, well done.

"Stop crying you little bitch i'm trying to eat cakes"

So, just buy timesplitters 2 off of eBay? K, Ill do that.

See, now that's exactly what I thought Bioshock 2 would be like. I have no interest in giving it a go because it's impossible to replicate the emotion of Bioshock by just doing it again. Sigh. I find I often agree with Yahtzee's reviews after I've played the game, but the very point of this review seems to be what I've been saying and what I've been getting from various review sources.

I haven't played the first Bioshock, so I figured I would just play the second. Sorta how my friend suggested I skip Assassin's Creed and just play the sequel.

Except Bioshock 2 now sounds like rehashed garbage and AC2 actually played better than its predecessor.

Rapture wasn't destroyed at the end, only a part of it fell into a trench.

Stop making the threads before you post the videos, please.

Also, this is a placeholder, will edit when seen.

EDIT: While I agree with you on some points (like the Big Sister thing.
Damn bitches bastards, and hacking), I have to disagree and say that this was better than the first.
Gameplay-wise, at least.
Not story wise. God no.

Also, why do you pronounce Splicer funny?

I loved fighting the big sisters but that's just me.
I played on normal mode and was still owning the bitches....why is there an achievment for killing one without dying?

I have to concede, Yahtzee ripped into this on the most valid points - it's treading old ground with a shred of irony, recycling some plot elements and making a couple of counter-intuitive turns, but strangely enough, I liked Bioshock 2 inspite of those points.

Granted, I wasn't all that blown away by being a Big Daddy, which kind of robbed all sense of threat and panic from the game the moment you worked out which button unleashed the BEES, at which point everything, including the metal-encased and thus bee-proof Big Daddies, would kindly stand around while I nailed them to the wall with a handful of steel harpoons.

In short, good review, although I was a bit worried when the first criticisms came down, things were nailed on the head without wasting time bitching about the minutia.

Well, lets see how the vending machine in bioshock 3 will change gameplay.

I can't wait to play as a vending machine when Bioshock 3 comes out! I wonder what they'd do with the morale choice system then? Give chocolate to rescue the little sister?

been waiting all week for this

Had me going there for a second before the "har har". You devil.

Don't feel bad about getting the bad ending, Mr. 'Tzee, they're all roughly the same at the bottom line. Perhaps they wanted to differentiate from the "Mother Teresa" vs. "Skeletor" endings of the first game, but in the end the differences are minimal to your character.

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