Game Dogs: Episode Eight: Jennifer

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Episode Eight: Jennifer

Roger falls under Jennifer's spell. Can he be saved?

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LOL at Bob's face

OMG I hate Jenifer's voice and the way she talks

LOL at KCD making that high pitch frequency sound only she can hear it

God Roger lets women step all over him. He's such a bitch in the relationship

LOL at the two girls talking trash about each other.

"God you're such a bitch"-Chet LOLOLOL

I can't watch the episode, it seems. When I try to play the video, there's an ad showing right over it and I can't hide it. I'll try with Firefox, I guess

I thought this was rather funny. Good job guys, I think this series is getting better every episode.

Definitely getting better each episode. Please don't use the new character too much. Her voice made my ears bleed more than the high pitch noise.

Definately improving. I like the way Roger is the only one who acts like a true dog but is the smartest one of the bunch. Yeah it is getting better.

"God, you are such a bitch!"

I see what you did there.

Hehe, a dog referencing god. Pretty clever...dogs have no soul!

Well i'm liking this. Thank goodness for KCD or else we'd have to hear that shrill and squeaky voice. UGH

I hate her already.
I have a girl like that in my class... [shudder]

Anyway, great episode, love Bobs 'questionmarkface' at the end.

good episode... still not a fan of the new player

Well these have gotten better and better all the time, glad I stuck with them. Jennifer's voice was really annoying, but of course that would be what you were going for so keep up the good work and never use Jennifer again

this episode was best

That was too anoying to watch all the way! Rodger was gonna hump the crap outta Jen while she was bent over in the fridge!

ROGER! Cast detect magic!
You failed your Fortitude save.

Loving the D&D references.

That was actually not bad.

hehe "Such a bitch"
Totally saw what you did there.

EDIT: Oh, and "maybe a little furry nahhh".


A great man once said...


I think that says it all.

Haha Bob is my favorite character in this show. :P

very good show ... keep it up :)

Hehe, a dog referencing god. Pretty clever...dogs have no soul!

Didn't you know, all dogs go to heaven. Unless the paw of God smacks them on the nose.

Ok, obviously Jennifer is supposed to be annoying, but really, I think Yahtzee said it best when he said "Deliberately annoying is still annoying."

Seriously, I barely made it through the whole episode.

Last episode for me, more of a decline (if very little to fall back from already)for this episode and the new character did a good job of annoying the hell out of me, and not a haha funny that character is annoying. Gave it 8 chances, no more.

Good luck with everyone else.

Dublin Solo:
I can't watch the episode, it seems. When I try to play the video, there's an ad showing right over it and I can't hide it. I'll try with Firefox, I guess

Just full screen it.

Okay, so the first 6 episodes were terrible, but this show is starting to improve. I really am genuinely shocked. Actually enjoyable.

This one I actually liked, good job

Still loving it. Though, I had to mute it while Jennifer ran around screaming. >.> That just hurt.

Not as good as last week's episode. At least you managed to get a little character development done in this episode. I did like the D&D references and that KCD is doing more than sitting around. Considering how likeable the dogs are, she/it may become my favorite character of the series.

jennifer sucks. i love bethany she rocks . what kind of dog is she any way

Heh, just decided to do a catch-up on the episodes I missed.
It was worth it :D
And... [deity], that Jennifer character... would any company actually employ someone like that?

This episode just gave me a bad memory. Jennifer just gave me a bad memory...of a girl called Jennifer...

I hope we get less Jennifer...

This one was a good one.

Most annoying voice I ever heard. Outside of that, good episode.

Bob's reaction would be mine too. I'd probably just walk away afterwards.

Its getting better but yeah I'll go with everyone else and say that Jennifer was annoying which I guess the writers wanted her to be

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