Apocalypse Lane: Episode 38: Cat Shat Fever

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Episode 38: Cat Shat Fever

After crash landing on earth, things seem very different.

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Heh, again, great episode, Jon :D
Heh, when it started, I was wondering what the hell was going on...
took me the first two minutes to figure it out :D
Waiting for the next one!
*Thumbs Up*

that was beyond messed up

Well, that answers my question about the giant monster resteraunt episode.
You really don't leave anything unaddressed, do you Jon?
Great episode, can't wait till next week (Hickey will hopefully still be a pirate).

OMG that was awesome!

watching it I actually thought I was drunk!.

Marty is too too funny.

That explains a lot. I'm starting to think Jon has this whole thing planned out in some kinda of super crazy way and just wants us to think that he's making this up as he goes along.

Great episode.

At first I was like..what?
But then I lol'd.
Well played sir, well played. Tied up the loose end of the restaurant very nicely.

Another great episode :)

the first time I saw the restaurant episode I was like wtf?!

thanks for fixing the wtfness.

10 tons of awesome in a 5 pound bag Jon!

That explains the restaurant! Great episode! I lol'd hard at Marty in the wheelchair!

I figured it was a dream or some sick twisted future... And you guys summed up the last episode as a dream... kind of dissapointed, but it was still funny as Hell. I give it 4/5 for being more awesome than Gamedogs ever will be.

Man, when I watched this I thought you had released another episode before cause I was like "What the fuck is going on, what did they do release another episode before this?"

Alright Ep.
I figured it was from the Smoking, although I doubted half way through. Thought maybe you were gonna whip out another WTF moment.
Nice twist at the end.

That was fairly good.

I wondered how the cat became huge... I thought they skipped an episode.

...No coherent thoughts in head. Friggin' epic.

I thought i missed an episode at first :P that was very strange :)

you sir, are a genius

weird episode but funny as hell.

That was what was going on...

Great show, sport!

You even managed to link in monster date, you really do hate linear plot dont you :)

Another great episode

"Well at least one of you has come around!"
"Hehehe... cum."

I was very tempted to skip towards the end just so I could get the idea of what was going on at least haha!

Good job explaining the monster date episode from way back... on its own it was out of place, that I have no idea how it fitted into the fictional universe.

Nice to finally see how the monster date fits in with everything. Also, I miss Captain Charms already... :(

love the callbacks to older episodes. keeps things fun.

So messed up lol

Great episode.

Brilliant! Figured what was happening about a minute in, but funny nonetheless. Like some wierd acid trip.

Also, fantastic callback to the monster date episode. I like how you're incoroporating some of your more random earlier ones into the main continuty. Excellent!

They finally fit that monster date episode into the rest of the show! Now I think that leaves every episode tied to at least one other episode. Good, that being the only random episode in the series was bugging me a little, haha.

I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I hate this new window-watch-thingy. I hate it soooo much

Well that explains the Monster episode, best part was when I saw Marty in the wheelchair, I was like holy shit he's not on Steve. =O


I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I hate this new window-watch-thingy. I hate it soooo much

It's better than constant commercials playing instead before each video. =\


I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I hate this new window-watch-thingy. I hate it soooo much

I friggin hate it too

I was thinking it's all a flash-forward, and I was really freaked not to see Marty. Then the end part of the episode came and everything was restored to peace. I really enjoyed Cuddles's Stoned Dream + the fact that you tied all loss ends(including that weird episode with the giant monsters).
In all it was a great episode. Although it didn't help the plot progress, I loved that it focused on pure comedy gold. Oh, and the "I took that dump" moment was priceless; Cuddles even had me thinking he was innocent.

I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I like the new window-watch-thingy, too. It makes the videos feel more HD like(although I doubt they are).

That was the shit. Nice call back and coming up with a way to tie that episode into the series. It was hilarious.

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