Apocalypse Lane: Episode 38: Cat Shat Fever

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I was thinking it's all a flash-forward, and I was really freaked not to see Marty. Then the end part of the episode came and everything was restored to peace. I really enjoyed Cuddles's Stoned Dream + the fact that you tied all loss ends(including that weird episode with the giant monsters).
In all it was a great episode. Although it didn't help the plot progress, I loved that it focused on pure comedy gold. Oh, and the "I took that dump" moment was priceless; Cuddles even had me thinking he was innocent.

I like this new window-watch-thingy.

Great episode! :D

I like the new window-watch-thingy, too. It makes the videos feel more HD like(although I doubt they are).

You doubt wrong good sir. :p

The original files are 1280x720 HD. We've watched them on a big screen before and it's surprising how good it looks. They obviously have to compress them for the web though. So yeah, what YOU see isn't HD, but the source files are.

you sir, are a genius

Indeed he his. This show is a strange sort of masterpiece.

that was a nice filler

Funniest shit ever, my face still hurts.

I knew it was a hallucination when just went home and did exactly what Cuddles said. Loved it!

I miss Captain Charms!

That explains a lot. I'm starting to think Jon has this whole thing planned out in some kinda of super crazy way and just wants us to think that he's making this up as he goes along.

Great episode.

Shhh! Don't figure him out! He might start making them crappy!

OT: Great episode. Whats funny is, I was watching this a little drunk so I thought it was that...

I am so confused right now. Though in a good way.

Great episode, Jon.

At first I thought it was just one of those random episodes, than I figured it was a dream cause they were stoned out of their minds. But that call back, man, that came straight out of left field and when I saw it I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Had no idea what was going on for ages. Loved it all the same. Especially the reference to that earlier episode inside the monster's stomach. Cracked me up.

I had no fucking clue what was going on until it showed normal stoned Cuddles, when Gladys(Gladice?) was doing what Cuddles wanted him to do I thought it was like, a parallel universe where everything was opposite. I hadn't even noticed Marty was missing until he showed up.

Oh, and I hate this new window thing. I'd prefer the ads.

Hmm.....I say NO to this episode.


My god for about 4 minutes there I kept thinking I'd missed an episode, like there was some kind of radiation dump on the cul-de-sac.

But now I am content that the restautant episode finally ties in and, well, that was the hardest I've laughed in weeks. Love A.L.!

yes you made it so every episode counted awsome

Now, that explains a lot.

I just had two wtf moments in 8 minutes and 18 seconds!

brilliant episode, am suprised cuddles n steve didnt steal ex-captain charms' cigars
and what did marty dream bout
cant wait for the next one, but it will be hard for it to live up to this one

Kinda filler but still awesome. Now EVERYTHING is tied together.

That was confusing...

I just want you to know.... that was a brilliant episode :D
Loved how you tied it in with an earlier episode.... which really fecked with my head when I first saw it!! lol
It all makes sense now!!!

Well that explains the Monster episode, best part was when I saw Marty in the wheelchair, I was like holy shit he's not on Steve. =O

I laughed the most at that part, mainly because I hadn't realized that Marty wasn't on Steve's shoulder. I guess I didn't realize it because I was wondering why they weren't still on the crashed ship, then I was like, "WTF! Cuddles is huge!"

This episode is gold. I love how everything from the past comes together.

OMG! Awesome link with that random episode... man...

That covered up some plot holes, and then some :)

And I thought this episode was only going to be about Cuddles being high, hah! That explains why we havent seen anymore giant monsters around - all in Steve's mind :P

You're like an assassin of filler episodes, you make them make sense and then they're no longer filler episodes.

That was awesome, kinda confused me at first.. but got it now! Great episode.

That was utterly fantastic. I love this show. I need to rewatch the restaurant episode because it's one of my favorites of the series. So friggin' great.

Great episode, nice way to make the Monster Date episode finally make sense and not seem like a strange tangent to the storyline. I started to figure something had to be up when Galdys started doing what Cuddles told her to and apologizing, even though Cuddles was the size of a house.

Any chance we'll be able to get our hands on those HD source files anytime....ever?

One of the best executed ret-cons I've ever seen. Brilliant work.

Wait wait wait wait wait... wait. Does this mean the freaky monster stomach episode was all a hallucination? That is AWESOME! Also, I never want to see Hickey's voice coming out of that sock puppet again. EVER! That's just too trippy for me.

That was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite episodes. LOL at CSI part :D

I didn't even notice Marty's absence until he rolled by.
And then, before that, I was freaking out the whole time because I thought I missed an episode.
And yeah, it's been said a dozen times, but I loved the tie-in with the monsters.
Now it all makes sense. If this show was not pure geniusness before, it is now.



Any chance we'll be able to get our hands on those HD source files anytime....ever?

Yes, please.

As soon as I saw giant Cuddles, I was like, yep, he's high.

Also I love the tie in for the monster episode, that one was always not quite normal for the continuity.

When I first watched it for the first 7 minutes i was like, :Where did my show go?" then it was just Cuddles' high dream

excellent! the monster restaurant was finally addressed!

internet high five

Steve got so messed up his tripping out went to the past. In all the time it took for Steve and Cuddles to recover how close did Washington D.C. get to Cap'n Charms' ship? We'll have to wait till next week to find out.

Now I really want to have on of those cigars. Nice one guys!

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