Rebecca Mayes Muses: Mass Effect 2

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Mass Effect 2

Rebecca has a space adventure.

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Rofl looks funny in plastic bag costume. Nice song though

Who knew that Mike Wazowski could be that...intimidating.
And I liked the tune. Somewhat reminiscent of Little Dragon.

Rebecca Mayes is totally back! Excellent work, and nice acting of the alien of death and the Illusive Dog aka Daisy.

Really glad you liked Mass Effect 2, by the way. The game is one of the best on the 360, without a doubt.

"You're in the videoooooo!!"

Nostalgic tune. Daisy, you're on camera!

that was a very nice tune. Glad to finally have a new video.

Beautifully done, poignant and pointed. One of my favorites.

Very nice. And cute dog!

I missed these...

That dog deserves a cookie!:O Music was brilliant. :O

Seriously, how many girls can still look beautiful wearing a bunch of garbage bags? Well here's one that we know of.


I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.

This one sounded quite different, I really liked it, nice beat behind it.

Mash up his whittle face and call him chips...

I'll stop this now.

The dog was clearly the star of that last scene...

Hauntingly Beautiful... Yeah, that about sums it up...

Oh and the dog checking to see if you are ok was kinda awesome...

That was awesome!

It was beautiful and well done; I'm gonna recommend it to all 5 of my nieces!

This one was lemontastic!
And so is Mass Effect 2!

cool stuff, and nice lyrics too ^-^

awesome song!

I do prefer when the songs are longer, like this one, but they're all cool.

Beautiful as always! And the dog was cute XD

Outfits where also pretty inspired! ^.^

I'd really like this in .mp3! Good job =)

this was astonishingly beautiful. love your songs! and I would kill many orcs to get my hands on an album.

Wonderful song :D

THough it was hard to keep ignoring that damn pop out ad around the video. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing, escapist people

A new video! Yay!
Beautiful song; and nice plastic bag costume.

I do wish there were MP3s for these songs, though, because I like them a lot.

good video. i enjoy them more for the music than a review but irregardless appreciate what she does.

Hey, I really liked your song.

Not as good as the silent hill one but I liked it.

I was wondering when a new one would come up. The most of these I watch, the more I'm realizing I'd probably still like and listen to this music even without the videogame connection; it's just that good.

I was wondering when a new one would come up. The most of these I watch, the more I'm realizing I'd probably still like and listen to this music even without the videogame connection; it's just that good.

I agree with that.
I fancy the mellower ones more I think.
This was a cute tune, dig it.

I don't think I've ever seen Mayes laugh before. And now I have, all thanks to Daisy.

Great song - wonderful to hear really good songs used for video reviews. We are truly spoiled.

Excellent video too - good mix of gameplay and Rebecca stuff.

While the experimentation in the last few songs was nice, it is good to hear something a little more mellow and folky.

I personally think that the songs have been pretty similar lately, but it works, I guess... (I liked it though, it was just a thought)
I like the chorus, very nice : )
Also, good to have you back!

what a lovely video. They all sound so dreamy and unreal

You should do a contrast

Whatever you do, though: MORE OF DAISY THE DOG!

That was one of the few ways I could get an actual glimps of ME2. Thanks and welcome back :)

Really liked this song (and the entire feature in general). Percussion was especially nice!
The music is really great, but I would like to see better quality videos. Not sure what kind of budget would be necessary, but someone with a better camera who knows more about film would really bring this feature to the next level.

On a minor aesthetic note I think the lyrics should be somewhat smaller and centered at the bottom, maybe white fill with a black stroke instead of alternating black and white with the background? And different font?

Looking forward to more!

Very well put together and the song was calming and of course one of your best yet in my opinion.

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