244: The Tragedy of Alone in the Dark

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I think i might try the PS3 version as it it rumored to be improved.

Same. I was stuck with the Wii version and I knew this couldn't be what everybody was talking about.

I think his final statement was sound.

I used to think the same about papers I used to grade. There were basically three categories: the great, the average and the horrible. The horrible were awesome, because they were hilarious and nonsensical. The were awesome because they were well-written and easy to grade. The ones that wanted to great really make you hang yourself, however, were the average ones. Not bad enough to be funny, but not good enough to whip through. Just, pure bland. A chore to read and mark.

So I get where he is coming from.

I remember playing the demo and playing with fire in it, but since then I've completely forgotten about the game until this article!

Also, was anyone else creeped out when they played the original "OMG THE MONSTER IS SHAMBLING OVER SLOWLY FIND THE SWITCH! FIND THE SWI-*DEAD*" Poly-rific AITD?

yes, kids, there was a time when this was creepy to folks

Actually, I still find that disturbing. Then again, I find the protagonists disturbing, too. Their eyes glow like the Little Sisters in Bioshock ffs.

Edit: Apparently, I made a post similar to this one a while back already. Whoops.

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