244: Stumbling Through Mirror's Edge

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I may be the only one here, but I think that Mirrors Edge was a magnificent game! It was so fast paced-as a good parkour ANYTHING should be! The overall plot may have been scrambled eggs, but the gameplay more than made up for that in my view.

^ You're far from the only one. If you read a bit, you'll see that most people found it a wonderful game.

Oh, and Micheal Cook also writes for The Escapist? Also used to read the Runner.

Either-way, agree with a lot of the article, totally hated the fact that you had to finish the game once before you could play it decently. A few introduction levels (I.E, Faith getting back to the job without everything going to hell of the bat) would've being a great thing.

Phew! Just finished the story mode on "Hard" while avoiding killing any enemies! Got the "Pro Runner" and "Test of Faith" achievements at the same time...

I confirmed my previous statement about the combat system: every stage of the game is definitely designed so that the best course of action is NOT to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat or by shooting. Even in the last stage, which has the biggest number of heavy-armed enemies in probably the tightes space, the best route is to run around them and only engage (maybe) the last guard blocking your way out. I must admit it took me many, many tries, but now that I know that and which way to go, I could probably clear that area in record time.

Almost frustrating if you are not in the mental frame of the game...

As somebody that grew up playing the likes of rick dangerous. I found the fighting segments well fitting. There's a certain economy of action in determining what to do, the fight's are like a whole other puzzle. I suppose some people want only the parkour game as a puzzle. Well those people do have the time trials, but I digress.

I'm a long time PC gamer and I'm midway through my third or fourth playthrough, but using a joypad instead of mouse and keyboard. I can see why a lot of people don't like it now. I doubt I'll finish this playthrough.

'Mirrors Edge failed.'

Considering how the game was widely received as being enjoyable and inventive, and also considering how there is a sequel in the works, that's a bad claim.

I made a conscious decision before I played the game, and that was not to use guns. And it paid off! Using a gun in Mirror's Edge cheapens the game (and the mechanics of shooting in the game sucked anyways). The guns felt like they were put in afterwards, like EA's usability came back saying "people want guns in a FPS game, so put guns in Mirror's Edge"...

Did the game have it's faults? Sure. About as much as any other game out there. But with EA committing to this IP, I can see the next Mirror's Edge is going to be great (lets hope they put in some online games of tag!)

Online tag in "the flow" would be a great idea. I already like that you can compete online for times. That's what I think a lot of people missed about Mirror's Edge. That at heart it's a racing game with no car. It's all about finding the line and maintaining momentum. Also whenever I hear someone talking about an "atrocious" story, I have to wonder 1. Do they know what that word really means? Also, 2. Could they write a better one? I doubt it. I don't think half of the stories from games that get panned to hell and back by people who could do no better, are as bad as the "critics" say. I bought Mirror's Edge on release and have never regretted it. Well done to all involved in this daring project. Oh yeah, and the other Still Alive is also great.

You'll notice in the original article although they say Mirror's Edge "failed" it sure didn't stop them from playing the hell out of it apparently.

I loved mirrors edge for its fast pacing and originality. The flaws can be improved upon in later versions of similar style gameplay. If there was a sequel, a better story would be appreciated though

awesome game.

i love this game. its different and fun as hell. never had any major issues with the controls and i play it on the PC only. i started to play it again and im still having fun with it.
yes it is short and yes, the story is poorly explained (so as the rainbow six veags games) but the game play as such is really fun and enjoyable.
i hope part 2 will come out.

I liked the game just fine personally, and the comic fleshed out the story.

Mirrors Edge did NOT fail.

It's flaws are real for sure yo, but these are inevitable when exploring new concepts in gaming, it's a pretty damn rare moment when an experiment such as ME results in an utterly perfect result, I mean c'mon, name ONE game that broke the mould, got outside the box, was fresh and original AND utterly flawless... even Ico had it's flaws and I deeply loved that game.

Ico was the experiment, Shadow was the main event, taking the core aesthetic, feel and "soul" if you will, listening to the deep emotional resonance the style evoked in players and tuning it to even greater levels.

ME was the experiment and hopefully the promised sequel will be the main event for the franchise.

It wasn't a fail is all I'm saying, it was a test, a brave experiment.

A leap of faith... ;)

...and it paid off, because now we're getting that sequel.

I would pay £300 for a sequel that kept true to the original style of gameplay. I didnt want it to end

Loved Mirror's Edge, still hoping for an even awesomer(yes I know that's not a word) sequel.

Personally I think the biggest flaw with Mirror's Edge was its level design, in that a game like it really needs much more freedom in its levels than it gave. By making it so that there was only one specific path that you -HAD- to take to progress, they essentially made it only fun when you know where you're going.

And before people reply and start telling me about the time trials - yeah, I know, there are lots of little shortcuts and things you can do, but I mean freedom on a broader scale than that. Freedom that would theoretically allow you to get from the beginning of the level to the end via completely conventional, boring routes - which would actually give the concept of parkour, i.e. finding the quickest and most efficient route through the environment, more of a meaning, than having it just be the only way you can get to the end anyway.

I didn't have a problem with the story or the sometimes requirement for hand to hand combat. You should sometimes NEED to be cornered to up the ante. It's not about avoiding combat, it's about how you approach combat . . killing? Or just disarming and knocking out.

The thing I didn't like was the hand to hand, it was just too limiting. Or if there was more advanced ways to approach it, it was never really conveyed to me. Faith could do things in the loading screen that I could not and that frankly was annoying.

I liked Mirrors Edge, but the combat ruined it for me - no good being a bad ass parkour chick when your surrounded by dudes with guns, the game just didn't let you deal with situations in the way that made sense to the gameplay. I'd rather have a more casual game like that, less being chased and dealing with dudes with guns, and more about finding the fastest route across buildings, maybe a race. I mean, the courier thing was there from the start, then gradually the plot turns away from that. What generated the buzz with Mirrors Edge, was that demo, people played the shit out of that, trying to get a perfect run... the game descends from that point IMO, your not doing anything more interesting than in that demo.

If it was up to me, I'd make a multiplayer version, make it more like a race (get to the case, get the case to a drop point, while opponents try and stop you. We don't get too many games that are multiplayer, where the primary focus isn't just killing. Even Kane and Lynch, with it's bank robbery multiplayer games was good fun. Maybe I'm just sick of constant FPS games, but dammit I'd play Mirrors Edge to death if I could do away with the constant enemy funneling.

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