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Dishonorable Discharge

A hard-hitting report on the recent layoffs at Infinity Ward.
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Eh. I like Treyarch this scandal doesn't affect me too much.

And I wanna beat people to death as Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize!

I think contracts always look better on the asses of hookers. Was there any particular reason why Graham didn't take a more forward role this week?

Next week he should over-compensate for the make-up :D

that was awesome though id loved to have seen something about portal 2 maybe next week

graham going throught the set was awsome

This episode was pretty damn sledgehammer. Figured I might as well be the first to say that.

EDIT: Ed's right, we need Portal 2 news next week!

hehe, loved the graham section IN A TOTALLY STRAIGHT WAY!, my mom figured out how to use the internet so im covering up.

nice with a breaking news special episode.

edit: oh wait today is not Friday, in that case i found it to be a little weak, sure the infinity ward news are interesting, but not a whole episode worth news.

Huzzah for custom expletives! and integration with the Guitar Hero controller? NIIIICE

It was short, but very good actually. Though of course, missing Graham.

That was a totally awesome delivery of "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome it is back here." Great episode,

Ha, good episode. I enjoyed it.

Wow...That Sledgehammer 'spokesman' was hilarious! Great show guys!

Poor, poor Graham lol

ok, now that I'm done laughing...

"I like you in makeup. You look pretty."

... 'scuse me... AHAHAHAHAHA!

Great episode as usual, but Graham's "I'll be in the back" bit was awesome; nobody ever does that on a set, especially not a news room set.

This is the kind of episode you show to people who have never seen ENN before if you want to get them hooked. Well done all around.

I always thought his name was pronounced "Khoe-tik", but whatever.

How's that awesome back room of yours, Graham?

Best one yet.

And someone go make a flash game like that. Right now.


The fantastic ending made up for what I thought was a so-so episode.

Again, that fine line between satire and what people think really happened.

Nothing like good satire to start the morning off right.


"I like you in makeup. You look pretty."

... 'scuse me... AHAHAHAHAHA!

I had the exact same reaction, made even worse by "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome it is back here."


Good times.

So Graham was really that ill, huh? Get well soon, Graham!

The ending almost topped the main story. Soooo great

Best ENN so far. Almost every line made me laugh.


The fantastic ending made up for what I thought was a so-so episode.

What he said.

Am I the only one who was more annoyed than entertained by Mr. Sledgeham? Not completely annoyed, no, but still...

Yes, Graham, depite his seconds-long presence, stole the show. Totally.

"Nows thats viser... SLEDGHAMMER"
MW3 sounds like a very compelling game.

Graham, you pronounce your name as Gray-em? The others address you as Gram. Does this annoy you?

I was recently in America and when people addressed called me Gram I thought they were talking to somebody else.

Also, great episode.

You'd better believe I'm gonna be using "Sledgehammer!" to describe things now!

"How do you like my new laptop?"
"That's f*cking SLEDGEHAMMER!"

The ending almost topped the main story. Soooo great

What's that? I can hear you over how awesome it is back here.

I bet that someone will find this and take it seriously and freak out.

The Sledgehammer guy had the best acting skills. He was so into it.

Also, I totally wanna play as Obama. It should also have the hidden Sarah Palin boss fight. So Obama can tear her throat out.

Oh, man. That was probably the best episode yet. The Sledgehammer guy was brilliant.

Shame the video kept lagging because of that ad though, I might have to rewatch this one when the Escapist finally gets rid of it.

I gotta admit, I would totally play that game...and I would probably love every minute of it.

There is something MUCH funnier about just walking behind the set instead of storming off. But then, they know that since they wrote the joke.

This was a brilliant episode!

excellent episode

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