Zero Punctuation: Aliens vs Predator

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I thought, it's gonna be Heavy Rain as well...

As for AvP review... Meh. Not bad, but I didn't really like it as much as several previous ones.

Personally I love this game. It's not perfect, but the multiplayer is a great alternative when I just don't feel like spending another hour on the same old CoD maps with the same old CoD weapons. Munching predator brains is a blast.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Aliens vs Predator

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Aliens vs Predator.

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in my humble gamer opinion, this was the most bakled and shitiest game i've ever seen on a nextgen console...


I was going to buy AvP, but I'm glad I didn't.

Oh Jesus what is wrong with you?
Its his job to belittle every single game into a bloody pulp. If you want a real review of a game, or games go here.
And to save you time here is the one for AvP.

OT: To summarize, Marines is 'meh,' Aliens was disorienting and should be in a different perspective, and the Predator should have just been the entire game

If this game had maybe another 3 months to polish everything out I'm sure it'd be an amazing game.

I have read other reviews about this game too, and after reading them I just didn't think it was worth the money.

Well from what I've listened to now I'm starting to wonder how in hell they managed to balance out the multiplayer of this game (or did they :<)

Anyways nice review as always, keep it up!

Could have been worse, imagine if the game was ported to the Wii. You'd have to control a flailing alien by flailing.

Good work, Thought this might have been the case for AvP the game. At least they didn't base it around a teen romance. Like the non-existant films.

"Like bits of bread sent into the pond to take care of the ducks."

Best Alien analogy ever.

This game already was stupid and shitty before it came out

I couldn't get far in this game because it sucked.

Seriously, the heavy attack and the grab kill with the predator take so fucking long. SO LONG. FUCK. HOW CAN I BREAK THROUGH A BLOCKING ALIEN WHEN IT TAKES 4 SECONDS TO SWING THAT STUPID ARM.
Human campaign was subpar FPS
Alien campaign was probably the best, but still meh.

*nods head in furious agreement* I will, however, say that AVP is my guilty pleasure I really enjoyed most of it, and find it quite fun. Also Rebellion has a history of not making many good games with the original AVP they made being their only good game.

One of your finese, Yahtzee!
Keep em coming

The biggest problem with this game is that the average budget and length of current FPS's really don't allow for this kind of game to really work. If this kind of game is work, first they have to make the gameplay equal in length, second it must be fun for all three species, and finally that have a well written story that seamlessly connects them together.

10 hours is not a number that really breaks down into three evenly, so at least somebody had to get the short stick. What is worse is that they thought they must give off two short sticks and gave them to the title characters. It also means that each campaign is as brief as Halo ODST.

The Marines having the longest campaign and having the worst is a real problem. It is just in the dark run in gun gameplay like from Doom 3. However, at least Doom 3 had many creatures to fight, the human part only has one, the Aliens (the dark crawler of vents alien). This not only sounds frustrating and repetative, the fact that Aliens rarely pop out for most of it makes it really boring. The developers promised interesting and new alien species which turned out to be a big fat lie. The Alien campaign, while having more juicy humans, has some major problems trying to move in for the kill with Mario Galaxy like movement with Mirror's Edge persective. The Predator's can be fun, but has a very wonky close combat system. Being that the Predator is all about close combat, this can really frustrate.

The story less seamlessly ties together the plot thread together then a glues them to each other at random points, leaving many holes. Rarely do the events of any one story actually feel they impact the events of the other two. As Yahzee said, the Predator's rarely appear in any missions but there own. The whole "its a Predator temple" feels like a shoe in for the Predator's into the story. Given the fact there are many, many, many more references to the Alien series then the Predator series, one can easily see where the developers fanboyism lie.

hur hur, rather amusing and while it does seem rather obvious i remembered that AvPs problems are really obvious, they are just there staring you in the face without ever blinking.

even though I only played the demo I noticed these. also your new avatar is creeping me out.

I'm still gonna buy it.

Hmm I really enjoyed the game

Favorite part of this one:

"Dear Diary,

That said, this review seemed more serious than most. I didn't laugh as much, but I think I respected Yahtzee more for giving it to us straight.

I actually laughed out loud not on one, but on two parts - the "not stupid and evil enough" part and "constant shifting of orientation" part. Which means that Yahtzee is steadily climbing back from funny to completely hilarous again.

I would say "multiplayer excuses it" is like a note to get out of gym, but gym is usually a multiplayer experience.

Expected but still absolutely hilarious to watch. Seriously AVP is just copy paste of the previous one with slightly better graphics.

LOL at the alien and predator getting married

I love the predator model Yathzee made for this review

oh dear, I've yet to play it and something tels me it'll be a long time til I do.

Who gives a shit about AvP? It's just slightly better than average video game, everyone will forget it in few months.
Go go Heavy Rain, I really want to hear Yatzee's opinion.


I hacen't had a chance to watch it yet (and I doubt those that posted before me have) but STOP IT WITH THE FUCKING GIANT ADS AROUND THE VIDEO! It freezes my PS3 when I try to watch on it and it's just god damned obnoxious.

Er you realise the escapist has to make money somehow.

Fair enough but why not put it in the sides or just run one of those ads at the starting of videos? My internet's terrible so I have the same problem with freezing, and so the ads make me have the habit of noting what they are so I'll never buy them out of spite haha.

I suppose Xenomorph vs. Yautja would be too esoteric...

Also, I have to agree about the "Alias vs. Editor" thing. Masterful bit of wordplay there.

Alias Vs. Editor....

Heheheh, nice touch, Yahtzee. ^_^

The way the Preditor-bride wears the marine on his head at the end is so cute.
I enjoyed the review, but that little bit especially tickled me.

Yeah, the awkward fat kid that your parents made you play with perfectly describes the space marine. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO BE THE MARINE?

And ha. Alias vs. Editor.

Good review!

Wow, posted six minutes after it went live.
Cheers to you.
I think I will review, your review.

Pretty good review.

That was great, one of his best ones from late, had coke (cola to clarify) dribbling from my nose with the bread comment.

Well I'm not surprised Yahtzee staked this one through the heart with as much hype as it was getting

I could not get past the full page ad in Google Chrome on Lucid Lynx, it just glitched out and launched the popup over and over and never played; I hear people on PS3s are also having similar issues, so here is a direct URL:

/edit: I had to run it through a link redirect to preserve the clickability, forum garbled the formatting/


Solid review as always, my only complaint is that I feel that the Escapist is actively trying to cause me problems at work with these damned pop-out video views that don't close easily.


I hacen't had a chance to watch it yet (and I doubt those that posted before me have) but STOP IT WITH THE FUCKING GIANT ADS AROUND THE VIDEO! It freezes my PS3 when I try to watch on it and it's just god damned obnoxious.

Er you realise the escapist has to make money somehow.

They could do it in a way which is less abrasive than a huge ad in your face.

But I did enjoy the review!

Funny stuff :-)

I actually quite enjoyed the game personally. I find it more entertaining than most other FPSs that come out these days.

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