Apocalypse Lane: Episode 39: Unexpected Guest

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Episode 39: Unexpected Guest

After crash landing the crew runs into their favorite TV stars, Buzzsaw and Colon.

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Heh, yet again, another great episode.
Poor Big-Worm... heh...
and Mouse Ass... how it ended...
Keep up the good work, Jon :D

Holy crap! Knifefight killed Buzzsaw and... Colon?

Great episode, and as usual leaving us wanting more.

God, This is getting more plot twists than lost...(thats a good thing)

Great episode. The return of Knifefight!

yay Knifefight!

paled in comparison to last weeks ep.

Poor Big Worm.

funny episode yet again.

Sooo.... wich one is Colon and wich one is Buzzsaw?

Noooo, prostitute mickey! I shall miss him.

Poor Mouse Ass :P

What in the name of God was Big Worm doing there? :P
Awesome work, guys

Poor Big Worm.

Poor Mouse Ass and Goofy.

Poor Buzzsaw and Colon.

WooHoo! Knifefight's back! Also, I'm gonna miss Buzzsaw and Colon (and the MouseAss duo to a lesser extent). What the hell is the gang gonna watch on the TV after Apocalypse Lane wraps up? Obama? Dr. Zed? Knifefight?

Thank you. I've been asking for Mouse Ass to stop since it started on Newgrounds.
Great episode, loved Cuddles' double greetings for Buzzsaw and Colon and Knifefight.

Why didn't twitchy shoot them? He had his gun the enitre time.
I think Big worm is going to be traumatised for life..

Sex, lies, cat shit, unusual amount of plot twists and intergalictict drugs :')

Awesome, poor Pete..

"When I was tripping balls, Steve!"
Great episode!

Now, I know there's some plays else more appropriate to post this but I'm gonna post it here anyway. *Trying really hard to keep away from that capslock button*
G-G-GEt rId of the f-F***ing aAAAAAAADds!
please 8'( anyone!

you just can not beat this show.

I feel sorry for Big worm. God only knows what's happening off screen.
You guys sure are getting trigger happy with your characters, or, debree happy in C. Charms's case.
Another awesome episode.

What the hell is Big Worm doing?!

Nice self-reference by the way with all the sex, cyborgs and plot twists...

A Heathcliff reference? Really? This series just gained 100 more internets!

So....does this mean no more prostitute mickey episodes? Because that would horrible, 8th Amendment violating horrible.

Don't forget, If Hickey is in that room gettin it on with Gladys then it's also poor sock puppet man who's name I forgot.

omg i was so happy when those 2 fuckers got shot in the face.

Did Frank, Pumper, Gladys, and Hickey all have sex in the same room and at the same time? I think I just got a little sick in my soul.

So a lot more characters from the start are popping up again? What happened to Gulliver? I miss him.

Oh my dark and terrible gods, THANK YOU! THANK YOU for not actually showing us Hickey and Gladys doing the nasty. I feel just terrible for poor Big Worm having to see that, but better him than me.

But why, WHY did you have to kill Mouseass. That was some of the funniest shit, well, Goof was at least.

Big worm is just speechless. All right, all right...

Looking forward to the next episode!

Great job, poor big worm, he doesn't know when to behave, so Frank has to keep him inline, lol.

"Oh knife fight, you bitch."

Awesome ep, not as good as the last few though... Lucky Knife fight showed up

I'm speechless.
Cuddles' repeating lines were great. I was hoping we would learn soon about N.
Also, what's the deal with BiG Worm just standing there watching (it was hilarious, but WTF?)

Thank you. I've been asking for Mouse Ass to stop since it started on Newgrounds.
Great episode, loved Cuddles' double greetings for Buzzsaw and Colon and Knifefight.

and what was wrong with prostitute Mickey? I think it was very creative

Also great episode but no real plot twists which was a shame

Which episode was it again that had kazoo (or however you spell it) cat?

another EPIC episode :D

Tho it was a surprise i expected that it was Frank who killd Buzzsaw and Colon n then thought he will say something about what a good its been...having sex n killing ppl... damn :D

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