Game Dogs: Episode Nine: Crunch

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Episode Nine: Crunch

Time is running out for the release of Satan's Retrievers.

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Great episode loved bob in the intro!

LOL at the new intro again

"I am insane??Wait? What that's not the line"-Bob

LOL at Chet playing with his action figures

I love bethany's line "if i didn't know you slept with a girl I wouldn't believe you"

LOL at Bethany and Roger making crazy ass designs

I think Bethany is going have sex with Roger

LOL at "You know the sun that big yellow thing in the sky"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO Optimus Prime"

Liked the episode.

Game Dogs has yet to make me laugh or even smile, yet i still watch it. Weird.

Great episode. Things seem to have progressed little quickly to be in crunch mode so soon, but I guess if the boss wanted a playable game in a month crunch mode is justified. FYI designers do get worked heavily during crunch mode. They are either play testing, or observing other people's play testing to find out which variables need to be tweaked to make the game more fun.

Roger makes me want to own a sword.

They're getting better

This might be the first episode where I actually laughed. Question is, why have I bothered watching it this long? Oh well, guess it might finally pay off.

He is a badass. I think we may see a new inter-office relationship brewing....
I liked this one Chet finally got put in his place. and all was right with the world.
Keep it up can't wait for the next week.

Nicely done, loved the new intro with Bob.

That was awesome how Roger forced Chet to give up on changing a level. I can't wait to see how Satan's Retrievers look when it's ready to be reviewed.

I think that one may be a given, it was becoming clear in the previous one as well

I'm wondering if their game will be a hit!

Yiffpile, nice tag.

Ehh, the intro was okay with Bob, the only character I actually like.

Still, I haven't laughed anymore, and I stopped watching at 4:23. STOP WITH THE GOD DAMN SIGH!!


I think Bethany is going have sex with Roger



I'm wondering if their game will be a hit!

Yiffpile, nice tag.

OMG yiff!!!

I just enjoyed the last line. This really does fit the "not laugh out loud but amusing" humor pile well. Just no yiffpiles. Please. Don't encourage the furries.

"You're a baddass Roger"

"You're right.
You're damn right"

B. R. I. L. L. I. A. N. T. episode.

"Idea man?" What happened to "Idea dog?"

But I still liked it. Good job!

Finally Chet gets his, it's about time (He seems to be becoming less of a main character as the series goes on. It's actually an improvement). Seriously though great episode.

Cosplay Horatio:
That was awesome how Roger forced Chet to give up on changing a level. I can't wait to see how Satan's Retrievers look when it's ready to be reviewed.

The image of a little white dog in a hat on a yellow background reviewing Satan's Retrievers just popped into my head.

I REALLY hate the thing with Roger becoming a "badarse" and Bethany liking him, it is just so awkward, cliché and unbelievable.

Wow. It got better! Good job, guys! I'm loving the show now!

"I'f i didn't know you slept with a girl, i woudlnt believe it"
I have said that line to many of my friends.

Finally, Chet get's put in his place. Was great seeing him facing left than facing right all of the time, too. Good intro.

I always thought Bob would have been the guy in the office to finally go psycho, but now I'm leaning more towards Roger...

But what was up with that "Voltron is out of print" line, action figures go "out of production."

Game Dogs has yet to make me laugh or even smile, yet i still watch it. Weird.

I know the feeling.. although it was going rather well for me until... until that retarded, annoying, and pointless character Gary came in and sank the episode without a trace.

*gasp* OMFG, it went somewhere, is this the apocalypse or something ?
All you need now is some personality for Beth...
It wasn't good but acceptable, I may even have smiled once or twice.
I think the first eight episodes may have broken my mind beyond repair....

this was the best episode keep going

My whole opinion on this episode can be put into a word accomodating a sound of epic win:


may be over thinking but if there the action figures were human making than the most fantasy thing in there

I <3 Roger :D

hehe. Chet will learn his lessons now...dont mess with the levels!

I actually smirked.

As opposed to having Bethany say sigh why not just due something that represents it instead of saying it. Sure it's alright, and I do say things like that, but not every single time I speak.

Although Roger gave me an idea for the next employer that tells me I need experience.

/starts scheming.


The look on Roger's face as he calmly walked over and bashed Optimus Prime was just classic.

Alright, I've been meaning to make an account on this site for a long time. Wish it didn't have to be for this, but screw it.

This show is not funny. The creators might have some good ideas, but they're being wasted on this show. The actors obviously have talent, but it's being wasted on this show. The animators MIGHT have some talent, but... yeah, this show.

First off, Roger going berserk and Bethany being surprised by it. This is, what, the third time? Why is she even surprised anymore? Why is it even FUNNY anymore? Answers are, she shouldn't be and it isn't. Not to mention, nerd-rage is only effective when it's built up to correctly. In this episode, it works somewhat effectively, but it's hurt by the fact that it was basically just inserted into earlier episodes before there was any real build-up of his character.

That's really the problem with these jokes. Just like Bethany's "I'm the token girl" they're all flat, obvious cliches. Sure, they have some quirks, but by the sheer fact that the creators assume we know who they are supposed to be in the dynamic, they make obvious, tired jokes about them. Like sexism in the workplace, the pushy, ignorant boss, the nerd, the token girl, the slacker. Only Bob has ever made me laugh and Mr. Yee was at least a fun Cloud Cuckoolander

Bethany is probably the worst example. She is absolutely bland as hell. Now, I know it's hard to write for female characters without making them a stereotype, but come on, guys. Give her some room to breath, the actually have some quirks, faults, and qualities. All I see here is exactly what you had her say: She's the girl and she's just sort of there. Having her be the artist was a good move, but there's nothing more to her than that.

What's worse is the animation. Ok, look, I'm not an animator and I'm not about to start saying I could do any better. I know a couple of animators, they work their asses off on stuff like this. The thing is, they also know whether or not their work is very good. This? Not. Good. This animation is bad. The elevator mouths, the jerky motions, the simple and incredibly limited expressions. In the trailer, they make the EXCUSE, "Animation takes time!" Well, if you don't want criticism, then don't put out a final product that DOESN'T LOOK VERY GOOD.

But really, this all maybe could have been saved by the writing. However, as I said before, it's boring, it's lazy, and it's flat out stifled. We haven't seen ANY of the game they're working on and nothing beside them in their office or playing D&D. There are many instances where a cutaway to one of their mentioned disasters could have been provided and it probably would have made those conversations much more entertaining, but all we hear is "It rerouted to the Pentagon blah blah isn't that funny?"

Lastly, and this is something I really do need to point out: The dog gimmick? God. Awful. No, really, it's one of the worst things about the entire show, honestly. There is absolutely no reason for them to be dogs. It doesn't add to the comedy, it isn't ironic. It's just a way to differentiate yourselves and it fails miserably. A gimmick only serves a purpose when it's adding to the production as a whole. This adds squat.

Honestly, I'd really like to see these actors apply their talents elsewhere and the writers really take their time and come up with something newer, fresher, and tighter. As for the animators, well... I know they're working on a restrained budget and time-frame, so I can only assume that's why the animation looks so... God awful. I'll assume they can do better with the right amount of time and effort.

Oh, and for those who think furries are going to like this because they're dogs? Trust me, we're not all that sycophantic. Not a single furry I call a friend has said this show is any good.

hmm,around 1:40 u can hear,VERY QUIETLY, some voices, not the voices that are ment to be heard me thinks


Slowly sliding back down the hill guys,didnt laugh at this one,dont loose it now you were so close

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