Hands On: Super Street Fighter IV

Well, on Shopto it comes with a free T-shirt. Never played the original, hope it's friendly to newcomers.

Don't suppose that in their coverage, they decided to say if they were releasing a PC version? :(

Street Fighter! Has to be one of the best beat-em-up francises still kicking around today!

Hehe. Looking forward to delving back into the world of been kicked to death by Chun-li XD

Quite looking forward to this. Was planning to buy SFIV, but then heard that SSFIV was being released soon. Felt I better just save my money for the updated edition.

It figures. When Seth Killian (forgive the spelling if it's incorrect) stated that they were going to balance out the existing characters, I knew it was a lie.

At least it's balanced enough already to be enjoyable. I look forward to this.

I was really hoping they would rebalance Sagat, its a shame. there's a reason so many people use him online.

Yeah, not nerfing a top tier is making unfair legit

Well they haven't fixed ANY of the balance issues present in SFIV. I know what game I won't be getting.

I don't care how hard he will be to use. I'm mastering Hakan.



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