LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Fall Asleep

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Ways to Fall Asleep

If you're having trouble sleeping, try these simple cures.

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Oh how i love the "How to ..." episodes. Incidentally,I just finished watching how to cure a hangover lol

Alright I missed the How to... series so much. Its good to see it come back. I'm gonna have to try that last one. I never knew Eternal was such a good sleeping aid. Always an "informative video" thank goodness you guys have all the answers

Pretty good, Imma have to use the Sam Raimi now when I cant get to sleep

The warm milk one must have been strange to make (Even though is not actually warm milk.)

"Ways to..." videos are the best.

But what is the music in all of them?

Get ready to sleep:

Is there any reason to worry that Paul baths in various liquids?
This video was hilarious but you killed me when he took Eternal Sonata.

Love the "How to..." series. Heh, glad to see you are keeping these going!

...also Nice Juxtaposition against ways to stay awake lol

haha excellent stuff, sleeper hold was wondefully exectued! xD

Yay! I was hoping you hadn't forgotten about X Ways to Y.

Now, the LRRosity of this site is cemented. All hail the LRR!

HUZZAH for the Sam Raimi... did I spell that right?
Anyway, great show!

And the best way to fll a sleep goes to... Eternal Sonata!


Lol, roofies. " Why do they call 'em roofes? You're more likely to end up on the floor than on some roof!"

I hope I ninja'd about tweleve thousand people.

Haven't seen one of these for a while, good work guys the X Ways to Y videos are always hilarious :D

You forgot one thing: Watching curling. I slept well during the Olympics :)
More "How to"s!! <3

Yay X Ways to Y! Soooo good, a few throwbacks to old moments to. Loved it! And awesome chuckle to start the day guys.

Also my new fave pick up line appears to apply: "Does this smell like chloroform to you?".

I lauged the most at the toilet paper finish line.

on from as always

lied the attention to detail jer as a reporter was dressed like he is in ENN

Awesome... as usual :D

Onyx Oblivion:
"Ways to..." videos are the best.

But what is the music in all of them?

From the LoadingReady Wiki - "Fappe un Petit Battement"

For anybody who is interested, You can find all the previous X ways to Y videos here: http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/archive/all/date/desc?search=ways+to

Is it just me or does Paul submerge himself in liquids a lot?

LOL at Eternal Sonata

LOL at Paul falling asleep on the reporter's shoulder

I've experienced the sleeper hold one many times. I'll have to remember the Sam Raimi for some people i despise later on.

Why does Paul always end up in a bath

Onyx Oblivion:
Get ready to sleep:
(Ten minutes of fake philosophical dross.)

Oh my goodness, that's working. If the comments weren't occasionally annoying, I'd put this on loop and catch a nap.

OMG, I can't believe we've witnessed the return of "Ways to..."!! You guys have just turned my Monday from crappy to unbelievably awesome!

Btw, is that toilet paper that was being used as the finish-line ribbon thing, during the Marathon part?

series is awesome. "Ways to.." is a favourite of mine, along with "Man Cooking"

Ahh X ways to Y, its been so long.

also glad to see the return of both the bathtub and the Sam Reimi.

This was pretty damn good.

That milk part was gross.

That Eternal Sonata thing was a low blow =(

Good job though I was snickering through the whole thing.

Soylent Bacon:
That milk part was gross.

damn, ninja'd

I second the eternal sonata part

The Sam Rami just broke me

One small danger of falling asleep with other people around seems to be rape. Seriously, look at the cuts they make, Paul's too pretty to fall asleep.

Ah, nothing about the sand man, especially with his appearance in ways to stay awake.

Over all I have found that while X ways to Y have never been you funniest videos they do provide a constant stream of chuckles. I think my favorite part of this one was the sheep.

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