LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Fall Asleep

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I would just like to point out that Eternal Sonata's combat is very good. I just wish the end cutscene wasn't 80 minutes long.

Holy was that really milk.

Good, nice and calm

Oh lord was that awesome.. More X Ways to Y is always a nice end to a day before going to sleep before work. The writing was great again, guys! And Paul's always getting the good roles.. Silly liquid-bathing man! Wait.. Did I see a Paul sans beard again!? :O

Ah, Paul breaks out of his traditional role of a dead body to play a series of unconscious bodies. He's moving up!


If I hadn't put down my drink mere seconds before that I would owe my flatmate a new keyboard.

Eternal Sonata

*This* is why I always watch videos to the end on this site!

Yay! I was hoping you hadn't forgotten about X Ways to Y.

Now, the LRRosity of this site is cemented. All hail the LRR!


Now, whenever someone makes a thread about not being able to sleep, we can direct them to this video.

x ways to y are friggin great it seriously made my day! its going to be a good spring break.
I'm still waiting for cHustle though!

It really took you guys a long time to get cracking on that sleep related XtoY Trilogy. But alas, it was rather kickass, so it's easily forgiveable. Well done.

Ah, 'The Sam Rami'

Always gets me.

Totally unrealistic! That lab coat was FAR too big.

I would really like Kathleen DeVere to read me bedtime story! =)

LOVE the "How to.." episodes. That song gets stuck in my head and it's so fun.
Nice callback to Eternal Sonata.

This video further proves LRR's theory that the Sam Raimi is excellent for any situation.

Yay! I was hoping you hadn't forgotten about X Ways to Y.

Now, the LRRosity of this site is cemented. All hail the LRR!


and i was wondering about x ways to y as well.

also i laughed so hard at the roofies and it makes Jer look pretty gay or something

this was so good, Maybe even better than the "how to stay awake" dare I say.

I've suddenly gone very sleepy... I wonder why :P

Great one guys, love these 'How to...' videos :) Personal favourites were Sam Riami (sp?) and Sleeper Hold. I really must learn that move!

Classic LRR. I love it!

That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing such comic gold! The bath in warm milk was both rediculous and disturbing! lol

the sam rami. lolololol. but the milk part was gross.

I love the X ways to Y videos. Keep doing more of those.

How I missed you x ways to y. You as well Sam Raimi!

I'm too tired to say anything useful, so before I go take my nap I just thought I mention that I lol'd.

X ways to Y... nice to see another one of these.

Thanks for brightening up an otherwise dreary day.

You know Tim spent the rest of the day wearing the Luchadore mask and challenging people to steel cage matches.

Cryogenic Chamber....ahh nothing like a power nap.

I never realized how scrawny Paul is... Thanks for keeping some pants on though!

Loved the Sam Raimi and Eternal Sonata bits.

Oh..Oh God! Flashbacks to the nightmare that was my Models Class.... Thanks LRR I will never sleep again.

The hypnosis bit with the wig was hilarious.

Mr Companion:
(Even though is not actually warm milk.)

do you really want to go there?

Can Kathleen read me a bedtime story?

I don't get the Sam Reimi joke?

Onyx Oblivion:
"Ways to..." videos are the best.

But what is the music in all of them?

Get ready to sleep:

This puts you to sleep? It doesn't drive you into a frothing rage?

You forgot one thing: Watching curling. I slept well during the Olympics :)
More "How to"s!! <3

LRR is Canadian, so they probably like curling.

I'd like Kathleen to read me a bedtime story.

Hate to tell you but that Turkey thing is most definitely NOT A MYTH. Get your facts straight.

"Ben Stein reads Droning Russian Folk Songs" i think has the capability to put anybody to sleep almost instantly, personally.

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