Unskippable: Stormrise

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Firestorms erupt all over the world, and our only hope is a frozen guy.

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What is the right corporate image?

Oh god. I heard that game was horrid. Now I know it is.

I see they thought the emo was so important he should have his own battle walker... and stasis chamber.

That was great, you raised some interesting points, how bad would it be with waking up from Cryo sleep, and why do we all seem to have the praying mantis dream, its ruining school for me

OMG the subtitles are so small

The only part I like was "freak salad its like a greek salad but with freaks and cheese"

that guy who went inside the mech looked like "Hayden Tenno" from Dark Sector. Does anyone else agrees with me?

This game was awful

It was SO BAD that I was 56 on the world leaderboards

Noone played it....ever......

I feel dirty

"Right corporate image" ha best line

I also liked the mech joke

Good episode. Havent played but Ill take everyones advice on how bad it was. Yah what is up with the small text!

Out of all the cutscenes you've lambasted so far, that one was by far the worst. It's like someone took 5 or 6 different plots and tossed them in a blender or something.

Somehow, Stormrise never managed to catch my interest. Now I'm so interested, I feel that I just really need to repeatedly make fun of it. Forever.

Woooow. Just woooooowwww... this is a straight-up *terrible* opening cutscene! Holy cow it was horrid! Graham and Paul did their best at mocking it but I could not get my head past just how awful this scene was!

But now I want a pepperoni pizza with feta cheese. Oh that sounds tasty!

Well, that was forgetable, both the game and the video. Sorry guys but this one actually failed to even make me crack a smile.

Wikipedia tells me this is an RTS? That cutscene was not at all informative.

Somehow, Stormrise never managed to catch my interest. Now I'm so interested, I feel that I just really need to repeatedly make fun of it. Forever.

Don't play it. Seriously it's horrible

I'm still trying to figure out what this game is about.

I mean, are you fighting the firestorms? Maybe battling the people who apparently (and very calmly) burnt to a crisp?

The line about people being fine with not going into Cyro-Sleep as long as they didn't have to burn to death was hilarious.

Waking up to Gilbert Gottfried would give me mixed feelings of terror and joy.

I vaguely remember this game, saw a preview before its release thinking this might be interesting, a year later and I had forgotten all about it until I casually breezed by its rather pathetic reviews.

Hehe. have not heard from this game in ages.

Although from what I read it was really...bad XD

Great job =D

That's the worst case of Dead Rising Syndrome (or DRS for you cool acronym people) I've ever seen.

Now we know the game is awful. Not even graham and Paul could make it better. Im sorry guys but this weeks episode, its not even a push. More like a try and fail to make this awful cutscene good. But its to awful.

If i where you, i think i would go for more JRPG. At least you have the stupid japanesse style and possibly some jokes about bad translation.

That was pretty funny. I especially liked the comment on the mech (although it is, surprisingly, not the worst I've ever seen at protecting its pilot).

What is the game about anyway? I get that it's awful, I'm just wondering what you actually do in it.

I'll admit; the cut scene got me a little interested. But the flood of replies that attest to it being a massive flop have cured that problem. ;) I'll give it a chance if I see even one person give it some redeeming qualities.

Well, the developers deserve at least SOME credit for not picking Nolan North to be the generic short brown hair guy, seeing as how he plays every other guy with short brown hair.

The LHC part was simply brilliant.

this game sucked good ideas bad execution

Oh man.. Suddenly there's some little to unknown (to me) games on here and quite often, they're the best Unskippables ever! A few chuckle-worthy quotes before I rest up for work..

"If you receive this transmission, gather any survivors-- And blow them up!"

"We could draw cool lines across the planet.. But at what cost.."

Uh.. Graham's odd dream.. Damn it, now I'm going to have that dream!

"Ah, weird eye! Okay, forget it!"

"Praying mantis!" Also.. Holy crap, seizures!

Tentacles as hair really isn't a good look for anyone.. o.O

I never understand why humanities only hope is the frozen guy. Wouldn't you rather trust the guy who does not have to be explained what year it is?

Great episode.
I REALLY liked the simpsons refrance, "Last exit to Springfield" is awesome

Feta cheese is delicious indeed.

not bad, game looks awful judging by the intro

I swear I had some Freak Salad the other day. Fetta Cheese FTW.

First post on this site, after watching nearly every episode of Unskippable

Honestly never heard of this game before.... what genre is it?

What is the right corporate image?

I know... I thought the tentacle-headed girl was working for Cthulhu.

I looked at buying that game once, only because it was £10 but after seeing this and reading some reports about it, I'll never have those horrid thoughts again.

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