I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

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Episode One: Meet the Party

A new player joins. A character is rolled. The adventure begins.

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Welcome Zak to The Escapist and thank you for making D&D more awesome!

"What do you do for a living?"
"I dance naked"

This was totally weird, but still pretty funny.

Meh... It's like my DnD group... without strippers... or girls...

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

So its a show about adult entertainers playing D&D?

Well.... it didn't keep me that interested. No offense but its not my cup of tea.

Still welcome to the Escapist.

Meh... It's like my DnD group... without strippers... or girls...

Best Quote ever!!

ok... good i suppose. Although i do want to pick up on one thing. I have a musketeer that has to roll more the 4 dice 6 times... a round. infact... its 10d10 12d6, thats if each attack hits.

I don't have a clue how this is going be or how much fun it'll be to watch, but hey, it's an original idea, and I suppose I amused myself the past 5 minutes. Welcome to The Escapist!

What? Where did this come from?
I found it funny, but only because of the novel idea. Hopefully it's entertaining enough to not wear off.

At least the music is good.


I could only make it half way through before being over come with unbearable boredom, my own DnD group is more interesting than this, but were not goth porn stars are we? I've gotta say, this is easily the worst video in escapist history, way to go.

Love the concept. A documentary broken into bite sized chunks. Normal bite sized, not the size of chunks these ladies are used to.

While that was slightly amusing, it got more funny towards the end. It was worth watching overall, and it is a good as it is odd concept.

Holy Crap, it's a VLOG of DnD with Pornstars! I've been following the blog for awhile and I find it very amusing.

Holy crap! where did this come from‽ still it seems like an interesting idea... let's watch....
Wow just wow. that was funny but completely out of left field.
Welcome Zak to The Escapist.

......? So what, strip D&D?

ookeyy.. i couldn't get past the 1 minute mark...i guess it appeals to some people..
pd:frankie's finger tatoo's look awesome though :D..

I found this video pretty entertaining ^^ and I'm sure it gives DnD a lot more credibility in some people's eyes.

Seems to be a number of adult film stars branching out these days. First I see Kassem G interviewing them on YouTube, now I see them playing D&D on the Escapist (Though Kassem's videos are, thus far, 100% more entertaining.)

It wasn't a horrible video, but honestly I think the only thing it has going for it is that it has porn stars. That aside, it wasn't remotely interesting save for one or two comments that made me smirk. Hopefully it will get funnier.

Oh for crying out loud. I can't see any way that this is not just an attempt to increase traffic figures with the fleeting prospect of seeing naked people.

And yes, I did watch the video until I got bored. Which didn't take long.

I'm gonna stick with this and see if there's any interesting stories to pick up. Love the fact that you play 3.5. I was afraid of it being 4th edition.

I hope it'll get more focused later on and not just jumping around like now. It is fitting as an opening and maybe for a few more episodes to introduce everyone properly, but if it keeps on I don't think it'll be any good.

Now get their hot male gay porn friends to star in the next episode *drools*

Peace Frog:
I found this video pretty entertaining ^^ and I'm sure it gives DnD a lot more credibility in some people's eyes.

Yes, because if there's one thing porn does it's give things credibility.

For a site that tries to keep things PG rated, this whole idea is risque. I don't really get the point of this series but I do like the idea that hot girls play D&D. By hot I mean only the girl at the end who talked about sucking.

Is this a documentary, or a comedy, or a reality show, what is it?

I don't really see how pornstars make DnD less boring.

Huh. Interesting to say the least. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Hmm I cannot decide wether I like it or hate it but I will continue to watch, to see where it is going.

I watched for like 1 minute... I don't se the appeal. but that Sasha Grey was pretty cute, (and young! D: what is she? like 18?) too bad she's a pornstar. (right?)

This is... Interesting to say the least. Also where in the world did this come from? I'll see how this turns out in the end. Also great ending song.

wow this appears to just be something people are going to enjoy for a few seconds then feel really embarressed about
not entertaining. im actually embarressed to be a member of the website that uploaded this.
sorry people

I prefer The Gamers.
No cleavage :-( but fun to watch :-).

Eh, I gave it a chance, but it's too much like reality TV, which I fucking loath. The idea was interesting, but not entertaining.

So far...meh....maybe it will get better, needs more editing, maybe?

Wow, it turns out porn stars are normal people too...who knew?

Vid needs to step it up somewhere, entertainment is a good watch word for this.

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