I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

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Yeah, D&D.

With girls, some of which feel cool and others less so.

Looked like D&D 3.0 or 3.5...couldn't really care less...

It's interesting. I like that kind of handheld filmed documentary and it's a pretty novel idea for the escapist. The sad thing is that the comment section will be flooded by either bad jokes about sex or by people bitching that you are trying to manipulate them with boobs. I personally like the whole contrast that is showed there; adult entertainers playing a game that is mostly associated with your average teenage white male.

I could really see some other documentaries like this but focused on other social groups playing games that you wouldn't necessarily associate them with, like, I don't know, grand-parents playing Counter-Strike with their grand-children. It's all about bridging the gaps between generations and social groups. I think that this is what the Escapist is all about. Hopefully this will be the start of some kind of documentary tradition here at the Escapist.

Oh and guys, don't go around mixing reality TV and documentary that's just irritating. And also, not everything needs to be hilariously funny to be on the Internet, you know that right? The comedy aspect is already pretty saturated on here, in my opinion.

Well... that was just plain strange... lost for words now.
It was entertaining in a strange kind of way

The only thing more boring than D&D is WATCHING people play D&D.

Like nearly all shows on the Escapist, it's starting pretty rough, but has a chance to get better. I'm worried it has the same problem as Game Dogs though...the majority of the humor is reliant on the fact that they're porn stars, in the same way Game Dogs is supposed to be funny because they're dogs. The novelty wears off rather quickly.

Hold on... This is like... A reality show? Or something?

I don't get it.

All of a sudden I wanna play D&D...


Peace Frog:
I found this video pretty entertaining ^^ and I'm sure it gives DnD a lot more credibility in some people's eyes.

Yes, because if there's one thing porn does it's give things credibility.

I meant pornstars are entirely separate from stereotypical DnD players and its geek status so this video shows some that it has very broad appeal.

The only thing more boring than D&D is watching other people play D&D.

I don't know. I didn't find this first episode very entertaining but I suppose I can see where it's heading to some extent and I predict I may like it once it gets there. I'll definitely give it a few more weeks but I'm far from sold on it based on just this episode.

Wow, I have no idea who this kind of thing would appeal to. I mean, what kind of person could honestly care to watch a show about a bunch of young, promiscuous WOMEN playing the nerdiest GAME of all?

Gawd, it's like seeing a desperate female widow trying to find a man at bar by proclaiming herself an avid sports fan, all in a desperate attempt to make the other dudes drool all over her.

Hurr hurr hurr... Women + Games = Instant Male Appeal ... Who'da thunk it...

...huh that was... interesting, i'm kinda interested about how this turns out, i'll keep watching

Well, um. That was certainly different.
Different is good I guess. Will have to see how this one plays out.

Waaait, what? Did I live with my head in a bush, since I never saw the heads-up for this.

YESSSSS. This is good. Like the premise is gold, first ep starting out a little slow tho. Definitely for the guys, however. I mean what kind of twisted serendipity caused the only majority ladies RPG group I have ever seen to be stuffed with porn stars? At any rate, more cleavage, and more focus on the story plz. I had no idea what the hell was going on. Also, DM is not the greatest.

Interesting idea, but not interesting to watch. I was bored rather quickly. I maybe would have watched another episode with real pornstars, but this is just lame.

I didn't manage to finish the video. It was that purile. Do they think that we're all sex obbessed teenagers here?

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

Wow, it turns out porn stars are normal people too...who knew?

Vid needs to step it up somewhere, entertainment is a good watch word for this.

I think what it all comes down to is "I NEED MOAR ATTENTION PLOX" type of deal.

I didn't manage to finish the video. It was that purile. Do they think that we're all sex obbessed teenagers here?

They gotta try to make up for Game Dogs some how! Saddly you are right, we are not all sex obsessed teens and this will not work well. If anything it annoys me further.

The Cheezy One:
wow this appears to just be something people are going to enjoy for a few seconds then feel really embarressed about
not entertaining. im actually embarressed to be a member of the website that uploaded this.
sorry people

Really? Why?

It's an interesting cultural study on the kind of people who do porn, the kind of people who play DnD and where they bizarrely cross over.

I dunno, maybe it's a PnPGamer thing but I always find it very interesting to see the different kinds of games you get when different kinds of people play roleplaying games. For example I've run games for many different types of people in my lifetime, currently I'm running two games...

Group One is composed of a Petroleum Land Administrator with a History Degree (me), a Electrical Engineering Student with a Philosophy Degree, a Graphic Designer with a Painting Degree, an Artist for a Casual Game Company with a Developmental Arts Degree, a Television Writer and Production Assistant with a Sociology Degree and a Geography Student.

Group Two has me, the TV writer and was assembled by the Geography Student but only contains 2 University Graduates (myself and the TV writer) in a group of 6 as opposed to 5/6 in group one.

Group One plays very experimental games that vary in narrative pacing, style, tone and genre and uses a plethora of systems most of which contain some kind of rules hacking. We actually discarded the ideas of Experience and Treasure since they kind of just cramp the game and get in the way of the fun.

Group Two likes to kill monsters and take their stuff.

Very, very different styles of games from very very different people despite having the same person (me) acting as GM/DM for both.

Could be a good series. I sometimes like watching people play dnd as much as like to play myself. And I'd watch videos of Mandy Morbid reading the encyclopedia. Now, if only Chapel Waste would join the campaign too...

Definately not my thing, if I wanted to sit around watching people bored out of their minds doing menial tasks I would have gone downstairs.

Still I'm sure someone will like it it's just not my thing.

I thought i recognized those girls from somewhere!

Seriously, i did. Once they started talking it kinda clicked with me. Nice to know that some hot female porn stars like the same hobbies as i do. I think I'll keep watching to see where this goes. It'll probably get into it's paces at about ep. 3.

And seriously people, you can't judge an entire show based on it's pilot. You need to judge it by it's first season. One short episode just isn't enough to make a full judgment on anything. Like that old saying about judging a book by it's cover, can't do it.

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

Yeah, gonna agree there. People rag on Game Dogs, but at least I can sit through 4 minutes of that. I couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark on this dritt.

Well.. let's see next episode, maybe this one is a bit slow because it's the pilot.

I can't believe the words are coming out of my mouth...
Or rather being typed by my hands...

This is honest to God, worse the Game Dogs...
And honestly, I thought Game Dogs was as close to scraping the bottom of the barrel as this site was going to get...

I'm sorry to the people who made this, but...
I can't possibly enjoy this... I read the premise and went in expecting at least some semblance of humour or y'know, something interesting...

... Wow...

Pornstars playing D&D...

I'm not one to "judge a book by it's cover" (or it's "first episode" in this case), but this video is just terrible and not entertaining in the slightest. What is it even supposed to be? A documentary? A reality show about pornstars appealing to a nerd fanbase online?

This is a new low, really :/.

People rag on Game Dogs, but at least I can sit through 4 minutes of that. I couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark on this dritt.

Game Dogs kindda remind me of the Angst Technology webcomic (which is good, I loved this comic), except with dogs, so I've got nothing against GD even if I wish the episodes were a tad longuer.

You ever see a picture of someone and after you realize you recognize them as a porn star, you feel a little dirty that you knew that?

Yeah.....not the case here.

Never heard of any of these people.
(notice the tag line says adult film PERFORMERS....not 'Stars'.)

So immediately the 'novelty' of the whole venture was missing, and instead I just watched a few boring people being EXTREMELY boring together.
How does this pass for entertainment?

Swing and a miss Escapist.

How do I contact Russ Pitts about getting the last 7 minutes of my life back??

Thanks everyone for watching!
Weather you love it or it's just not your thing, we really appreciate you all watching our show. It's really fun for us to share these moments with you. There's an Interview that posted on http://io9.com today that explains the series better.
Thanks again,

that looked riveting.
im sure you guys actually have fun playing that.......

"So... You started a bar fight. Then you set the bar on fire. Then the guards came and you killed them all."

It's nice to hear exactly the same words spoken by someone who isn't my GM, and in about the same exasperated tone, too! :P

I like the idea and was mildly amused. I definitely will watch it next week when they hopefully start gaming for reals.

So are the hot male porn stars going to be on the next episode?

Shameless attempt to increase site traffic? Ayup.

Was I supposed to laugh? Either way, not entertaining. At all.

Yeah I'll admit I clicked just because I was like "Porn Stars? Say Whaaaaaaaaat?"
But I got bored 2 mins in and just turned it off.

If I want to see a porn star, I'll...
watch porn

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