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It's always a good idea to have a backup.

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Awesome video. Its funny cause its true.

I didn't get it...

Am I stupid or something? Or was it just not that funny?

Went on a bit too long. Or alternatively: spent too much time on each option.

I was wondering what was so funny during the shoot that Ben couldn't stop laughing, but then it turned out to be acting the role of the character. Well done.

That's a really cool Escapist shirt that Graham is wearing. Solid.

I want a Holocube...

Went on a bit too long. Or alternatively: spent too much time on each option.

A LRR episode can't be to long! :O

Graham, at 3:58 do you say something twice off-screen?

Funny episode, not the best, but certainly one of the good ones.

That was awesome!

I thought it was pretty funny.

lmao, Oh I know that all so much in my office...everyone so used to technology always forget to just print it!


Went on a bit too long. Or alternatively: spent too much time on each option.

A LRR episode can't be to long! :O

I disagree. It was a good joke, but because of the length of the video it was spread too thin.

I don't suppose you mean Boston in the UK?...no? :(

Good video, I liked how it steadily worked with smaller jokes up to the apex.

that was hilarious! "do you have a hard copy?" I about pissed myself when he said yes, I then needed a change of pants when it was about data redundancy. Good one.

Pure gold! Thank you LRR crew! You guys work so hard, it's amazing that people don't find your painstaking awesome to be funny.


That had me; my gut is physically hurting me from laughing so hard :)

Best episode thus far. I think the majority of the Escapist's IT population will love it. I know I did.

Ohh Steven Zentwiffle...


"The technology hasn't been invented yet."

Love it.

Nice yam box in the last message there.

I thought that was pretty fun to watch :)

Although I do have to say that when they started going over really old technology it started feeling a little forced, but then the jokes about how this, that and just about everything else had been sold to someone brought it right back. Good stuff!

classic. I, sadly, will not be at Pax East... but I can imagine how much fun it must be if LRR is going to be there!!

Good old paper to the rescue. It's sometimes surprising to see how often people (including myself) overlook that option. Paper handouts should be mandatory for presentations.

This is the story of school powerpoints. I've grown to be paranoid with my data redundancy.

He shouldn't have given up on the USB drive. I had one go through the wash 3 times (not my fault) and I'm still using it to this day. The plastic casing died before the internal circuit board died, and now it's held together with duct tape.

Mildly humorous all the way through, nearing LOL-level at the paper version and eliminating data redundancy.

"My tie! It's printed in optical binary on my tie! If we run it through the fax machine backwards it'll produce an audio signal, and we can decode the waveform and save that as a powerpoint presentation!"

Solid! I got a couple hearty laughs out of this!

Good point raised there; when am I going to finally get a player for all my holocubes? I've got stacks of the 1.21 gigawatt ones just because I read on a forum that if I can run 88 per hour I'd "see some serious shit". Whatever that means.

Dammit you guys need to come to the UK for soem bizzare reason!

Great episode, i could relate so much. I once had to do a presentation and EVERYTHING i saved it to just didnt want to work.

Ooh, a sketch from Alex! It's been a while since I've seen that brand of awesome.. I'll admit, it was a little drawn out, but you guys managed to get -a lot- into there! Plus, it's so very true. Ah, backups.. You rapscallions!

Funny story.. I actually took my PC to a computer store to take a look at the hard drive and/or graphics card.. Thought the hard drive was actually ticking or ball bearings gone wacky on it.. Turns out the graphics card was just boned. Updated one ftw~!

3 words:

:D I couldn't stop laughing. One of the best LRR in months (IMO that is :P)

Well I enjoyed it, but I think Reduce Your Footprint was better...
Anyway is that the new office space? how's that working out?

So you aren't going to take over the world? I'm sad now :(

Hilarious!! "Well, do you have a hard copy?" So what's the lesson here, boys and girls? Have multiple backups *and* bring a hard copy!!! =D

heh, the redundancy is truly redundant.

Very VERy funny.

It's so true. But whatever happened to an SD card?

I expected it to come from underneath his tongue or something.

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