Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Not very funny although I did hate the mortar scene. Staying on the guys ass and still dying was pretty damn frustrating.

That's amusing. And I thought that Mr. Croshaw would rip it apart as like Modern Warfare 2.

in other words
"MW2, all is forgiven"?

Dust! Yahtzee's new arch nemesis

Hey look I actually watched it before posting! Watch out for that Bob-omb! I'll pass on the war game thank you!

LOL, I agree entirely as I seem to be doing very frequently.


lol that was damn funny

and Yahtzee's right,this whole game is almost an MW ripoff from start..who needs a loading screen with google maps?

Rofl-- knew this one was in the pipe from his comments last week; stll made me laugh pretty hard, tho.

Good to see someones finally criticizing this game!

Bahahaha, fantastic. I feel almost exactly the same way about most modern shooters, although I still think MW2 takes the prize for "spawn, walk three steps, get shot by a sniper you never saw, repeat" gameplay. Give me good old fashioned health kits any day over this piss-easy regenerating health. Even Mass Effect 2 got in on it, since apparently people found the first game's system of bulking up your shields to the point they can take anything too difficult.

And this is why I avoided it. I'm not paying for a game that I already wasted $60 on just so I can borrow it to my roommate's younger brother and never want it back again *cuddles all the RPGs he owns*

All I have to say is this....DUST!!

gotta hate realism shooters. its just too accurate to life. Give me halflife 2 any day.

Sounds like a realistic shooter being too realistic. My cover can be blown up? Then why the hell is this a game? I of course don't know from playing it since fps games are all terrible, but thats how MW2 is.

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the first game either. What is it with destructable environments anyway? They look pretty but they never really seem to do anything other than clusterfucking the landscape and giving you an option between doorway and hole in the wall. They can bang on about (and I just read about the guy making Body Count bang on about for about three pages) how they alter tactics and strategy and you can't just hide from tanks in inpenetrable buildings anymore, but the fact is that pretty much every player out there is going to treat it almost exactly the same as they would any Call of Duty of Medal of Honor. I thought we were over this shit about the time Black came out.

It's like the Dust is trying to hide the fact that it's a bad game made even worse with the addition of exploding scenery.

At least in MW2 you could run around stabbing people in the bollocks when you got bored of shooting them.

I was expecting FFXIII, I want to see Yahtzee tearing it a new one, but oh well
So Bad Company 2 is as generic as it's cover?

I'm glad I'm not alone in HATING this game (I'll say it again... DUST!)

quite funny indeed

Wow, and I'm bad at Modern Warfare. I can only imagine what this game would do to my osteoporotic sparrow-like self-esteem.

Oh, and if Yahtzee's looking for another side, maybe a mod will come out so he can join the Chinese. They're the next logical tango partner, right?

Another great episode
Coming from Physics class by the way.

That didn't tell me very much about the game.. but I don't suppose it was meant to.

Ah well, rant watched, I'll go back to not being able to afford this game whether I want it or not.

Single player was cool but the MP was god awful.
Anyone else see the irony of the AD for BFBF2 overlaying the video while watching him rip into it?


it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

That was pretty good.

I wish he could have mentioned the multiplayer at LEAST once lol

he think its trying to be realistic, and reviews a very MP focused game.
...amusing in a cute, "this isn't the type of game you should review" way.

I do completely agree that all these "realistic" shooters are getting annoying. I do miss the old days of carrying every gun and not having to choose which to drop to pick up something else...

Yahtzee should really stop reviewing games that everyone buys for the multiplayer.

I didnt like this one, all he talked about was the dust and the ability to shoot down helicopters with rockets and also was the truck-a-sarus-rex reference from the first game?

also no mention of the world war 2 mission? i think yahzee only played this for a 2 hours and assumed its going to be a mw2 knock-off which isnt true

That bit at the end about the "mosaic" made me laugh out loud. Well done.

No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

Nice, made me chuckle. I take it he doesnt like the game because he didnt mention one single good thing?

So it's just MW2... again. /sarcasm
Oh yeah and Yahtzee, that bit at the end of the credits was more information than I needed, thanks.

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