Apocalypse Lane: Episode 41: Piss Poor Plans and a Dead Priest

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Episode 41: Piss Poor Plans and a Dead Priest

Twitchy has an idea to infiltrate Washington D.C. and Steve receives some divine intervention.

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That was amazing. Keep em coming. Going to hate when this ends.

Praise the Rooster Stinky is back!!!!

Dont question science! Haha, shows just amazing.

A truly amazing episode! Mels nails on 42!
To bad that there are just a few episodes left, hope you get another season.

This show's starting to walk the path of humor taking a backseat for plot, but thank god the plot is so damn funny. Some of the actual jokes aren't as funny as just seeing where this whole deal is going.
Cuddles looks creepy when he's smiling with teeth (when he has his revelation). I suppose he's not used to it.

Heh, I just came back from an hour rest, and find the new episode... I totally forgot...
But anyway, another great episode :D Glad that Stinky is still here. Still, too bad about Hickey...
Anyway, not to wait for next week, for the only series I still watch every week.



Unicorn that can see into the future.

Great as always.

I once had sex with a unicorn.
Ohh that got your attention!"

"Don't question science!"


I love this show.

"Don't question science", eh?

Is that a hint on Stinky being a robot (him too) or something?

I sense some breaking of the forth wall there in the end, excellent!

I so hope there is a season 3. The twists just keep coming :)

It's hard to find stuff that's consistantly this fucking funny. Awesome stuff.


That was awesome. Gulliver! I missed him so.

Awesome, always expect the unexpected with this show.

"If you're dreamin' where all the women with their boobies flapping around"

The rooster is great!

Glad to see stinky's okay. Now I'll only say this once...Find a way to bring back Hickey!!!

Great episode!!!

Gotta laugh when a living hand puppet says "Don't question science."




Great episode man :D

Another good one.

Praise the Rooster Stinky is back!!!!

Dont question science! Haha, shows just amazing.

I want a stinky.......

Praise the Rooster Stinky is back!!!!

Dont question science! Haha, shows just amazing.

exactly what I said
but great episode

Yeah Stinky!

I hope when this story arch is over that you guys keep the show going... you know, random episodes. Otherwise, keep'a'doin' what ya'll are'a doin'!

Oh god that was way too funny. I'm gonna miss Hicky though...

Amazing episode! Good to know the Rooster is real, and good to know we'll still see it and Hickey. Also, STINKY'S BACK! YES! He looks weird now though...

The Rooster talking to someone else, I so saw that coming, but Hicky showing up and Stinky attatching to Pete. That got me. Great show guys. To think it just seemed like another cartoon with funny bits in it, but now its easily as good as anything on TV.

On the scale of D.I.Y. entertainment, Apocalypse Lane has always been pretty good. The creators have a fairly coherent plot that moves forward (as compared to many other web shows). This show rarely becomes side tracked with jokes that completely derail the story. The story has an obvious direction with good pacing that takes the audience with it. Quite a feat, given few other shows on the Escapist have accomplished this.

The cast is fun. Unfortunately, the death Hickey is due to the main cast becoming a little to large to work with. I suggest moving some the cast back to their secondary roles, or split the cast up into groups to prevent this snowball effect of everyone in the show literally being in the same room. It was refreshing that writers fleshed back stories for many of the characters, even if they were a bit silly. This should have been done more in the first season to allow the audience to get to know them better during the introduction of the show, but I realize the writers were still fleshing out what they wanted from the story as well.

This episode is prime example of what works for this show, and I personally would like it continuing in this direction of staying on story with comedy that serves the plot with story threads kept fairly tight. Solid work.

Why do I get the feeling that they're going to go into into the vault and there's going to actually be a unicorn that can see the future in there? Fantastic episode by the way, this show completely immerses me for 10 minutes a week and I love it. Not only is this show consistently hilarious, it keeps the plot interesting at the same time. Stinky and Big Pete sounds like a winning combination although it makes just about zero sense. I can't question sceince though.

Does this mean when Steve drinks alcohol he'll become a 007 or a pirate?! Stinky got fat, man. He needs to lose some weight. I liked the Youtube Poop style for the Mels nails on 42 bit. I can't wait to see the next episode.

yet anothe great episode. keep em comin john!

Its almost like you guys read the forums for the last episode and was like hell instead of continuing to kill off people lets give them what they want. Loved it as usual.

"Mels nails on 42"

... On Episode 42... :O

WOW! I remember one guy saying Hicky would come back Obi Wan style, and though that's not the case, he wasn't far off, haha, that was hysterical... I love having to pause these episodes to have a "Wait, WHAT?!" moment, it's awesome that this series can still do that.

Oh, Stinky! Cool... kinda softens the blow of losing Hicky. Lol, I would agree with dmase, it's like you guys wanted to cheer us up a bit after Hicky died... well, it worked! But I must say, I've got mixed feelings about letting Stinky come back, since it may cheapen the whole death thing... fuck, who cares, Stinky's back!

Praise The Rooster!

"Mels nails on 42"

... On Episode 42... :O

Whoa, you're right!

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