Stolen Pixels #180: Now Leaving City 17

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must resist urge to first...

and it's a shame he died, breen was one of my favorite guys in HL2. also he was funny in everybody loves raymond.



/21 Guns

A touching tribute to a great actor. Well done Shamus.


We shall miss you, Culp.

rest in peace


(Begins twenty Resonance Casacades in his honor)

He will be missed.

void restInPeace();

doc. breen looks so cute with that sad face :(

At least he has gone to a better place now... And if there is no after life (which i don't think exist) then rest in peace.

rest in peace wallace breen

Wherever he is now... I hope it's safer there.

So I guess Breen won't make a return in Episode 3.

Shame, he was an interesting character...

RIP Culp. You've... you've earned it.

Please don't retire After Curfew, If anything it is a mark of respect to keep it going.

Although a Glados hosted fill in show would be great for a few months....

Rest in Peace my old enemy... Rest in Peace.

I hope that this settles it, no Breen in ep3, because I don't think anyone could fill the Combine-sized shoes that he left behind.

O_O I knew Culp passed away, but why did I never make the connection with Breen. Usually I'm great at recognizing voices :(

Farewell...He will be missed.

Its nice to see your own homage to it. I wondered what you would do...perfectly fitting

Sadface. =(
Rest in Peace my friend.

I had a feeling this weeks stolen pixels would be about this, given that you've been calling for Dr Breens return

I don't know a lot about him as an actor , but I can definitely say that this man, even in the one role I've known him in, stood out as a very talented voice actor. He brought Breen to life in a way very few actors can when voicing a game character - the tone of his voice, his mannerisms, everything was there. Saying that he was a talented voice actor may not seem like much of a compliment given the standard of videogame voiceovers, but this guy's acting really got my attention that very few film actors ever could. I wish I could have heard him in more roles (and I'm sure I'm not the only one, either).

It's truly a shame that this talented man has left us. God knows, great actors are a rare thing in the world of games. Right now I honestly feel like firing up HL2, just to stand around in the train station listening to Breen's broadcasts.

It seems like just yesterday I was causing an unstable meltdown of the dark-matter transporter he was occupying and tearing him into itty-bitty sub-particles.



Feck...that's a downer

...poor guy

...poor Breen

Man, I'm sad now. He was great.

RIP Robert Culp/Dr. Breen

You will be missed. I was playying HL2 through for old times sake when I heard the news. I will get back to finishing it and pay more respect for Dr Breen when I face him. He was such a good character.

Aaaaaaaw, now I'm sad :(
R.I.P. Culp, we will never forget your great voice acting talent :'(

R.I.P. Mr. Robert Culp.

Chalk it up to the mid-morning beers I've indulged in, but I just shed a tear for a man I only know from one role. R.I.P. Dr Breen

On a related note I had seen that Looney Tunes print years ago and it elicited the same response.


/21 Guns

its fairly insulting to use a Green Day song as a /[anything].

OT: god damnit, I thought Death Summer was over! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

Not dead, but transported his consciousness into an alien form.

I knew that Shamus was going to do something for the late Mr. Culp but this is more than I expected. RIP.

A fine actor, he did capture the character, and made him into a classic villain. Rest in Peace.



/21 Guns

its fairly insulting to use a Green Day song as a /[anything].

Errr. I think he meant a 21 gun salute.

damn he was the best in my opinion, even though most of the characters didn't have that much important dialouge.

Formica Archonis:



/21 Guns

its fairly insulting to use a Green Day song as a /[anything].

Errr. I think he meant a 21 gun salute.

thats the irony, a 21 gun salute is the most respectful thing for american funerals, Green Day on the other hand, made a shitty song with the same name.

I was honestly a bit shocked that the "Steve" character in continued after we lost the real version. I think it's better to keep him in there.. Those who remember him fondly will be reminded, and those who don't care will probably continue not to care.

Me, I still haven't played those games. Need to find some time to do so.

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