Reliable Source: Death and Pizza

Reliable Source: Death and Pizza

Marion Cox recounts his journey on the path to becoming a game journalist.

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Great story. And I, too, will honor Robert's memory by discovering a power food.

What a sad story.
But I shall honor his momory with Power Food.

Bacon, sausage, and eggs wrapped in pancakes and covered in Syrup and Skittles.

Power Breakfast.

Starting from bottom then up.

Maple Syrup
maple syrup
some cheese and chive scrambled eggs (not too much)
maple syrup

That sir, is a god damn Power Breakfast! So damn powerful, that if you can't handle it, you die by breathing in the powerful aroma.

In honour of that story I will share the ultimate slimy stir-fry sauce of my own invention.

Mayonnaise (yes, mayonnaise)
chinese seasoning (available in little pink sachets from tesco)
wasabi powder
soy sauce
the juice of half a lemon
spicy stuff to taste

anyway, put it all in a bowl, add some water, mix the FUCK out of it and then add to any stir-fry just at the end after finally mixing in the noodles. I invented it as a variation on how to make wasabi sauce.

that gives me the greatest joy in life.

A sad story, but recognizeable a bit. I think i will go eat away my sadness about it with bananas with peanutbutter and chocolate sprinkels, that will cheer me up

go try it, use chunky or not (i prefer not)

In honour of power foods, I post this. Poor rob.

Starting from bottom then up.

Maple Syrup
maple syrup
some cheese and chive scrambled eggs (not too much)
maple syrup

That sir, is a god damn Power Breakfast! So damn powerful, that if you can't handle it, you die by breathing in the powerful aroma.

Wow o.o That does sound like it would certainly give enough power for 10 men! lmao

For me its toast in the morning but I would so want that! XD

Well, perhaps a British Derivitive~

Damn, not that I read Reliable Source to feel uplifted or anything, but that was really depressing.

Oh well, I shall eat my emotions in his memory. With a combination of... well... anytime I try to make a combo of foods I always end up waking up naked in a bathtub full of ice on top of a fire station.

... but my wife is cooking something that smells delicious, so I'll play it safe and eat that instead.

Although buttered-bacon-wrapped-sausage-in-a-pancake-stuffed-with-hash-browns with maple syrup sounds good.

Sadness on the Escapist, how can this be?

OT: My power food is take a granola bar, cover it in peanut butter, and then sprinkle gummy bars all over it, and maybe put a spoonful of ice cream on top.

I think I will go honor Robert right now.

And no, I am not just hungry. I just havn't eaten lunch and it is 2:00 here.

Sad day, sir. My condolences...and a suggestion.

Take two (2) State Fair frozen Classic Corn Dogs. Place on a bed of shredded cheese, covering them with bacon bits and shredded cheese. Microwave as directed.

That was a sad story indeed... Power Foods, I am interested in this concept. I'll have to think some up.

It is sad that you couldn't get back in touch.

Scrambled eggs with BBQ sauce mixed in, bacon, maybe some sausage, and maple syrup, sandwiched between two cinnamon pancakes. The Breakfast of Victors, the Breakfast of Champions being chicken and waffles, eaten with background music by Queen.

Rest In Peace, Robert Kaneichi.
Power food: the blood of your enemies, sprinkled on the meat of a living boar.
survive all the tricky preparations, and you'll truly have Power Food!

You have such an interesting life. Not exactly "happy and sucessful", persay, but pretty awesome. Sometimes I wonder if you make it up, but then I realise: LIFE. IS. INSANE.

Write a book

Do it Naaaaao!

Damn, this is sad. It's too bad you couldn't have had a few beers with Robert one last time.

This article made me realise that garden peas can be spiced up with cheese, pineapple and ham

Take a small tortilla, sprinkle some cheese, add some well cooked bacon, and roll the entire thing up around a hod dog or sausage. It's a good snack.

Also, very sad...

Sad story, but knowing how to write and going to journalism school isn't "elitist". Being a writer means you're always being criticized, and being a journalist means you're always being criticized as an idiot who is deeply in the pocket of Big the-other-political-party.

Peanut Butter, 100's and 1000's, and luncheon toasted sandwiches My favourite food as a kid, I havnt tried them since because my sisters and mother didnt approve for some strange reason. Ah well, back to Hot chips (fries in america?) dipped in Icecream for me.

Real or Not, he touched our hearts:


Really nice cooking themed article Marion! BUT IT WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL AND MADE ME REFLCT ON MY OWN LIFE

Even in a story as absolutely sad as this one, I still can't get over your enthralling writing style. Please keep writing for The Escapist, or at least tell us where you're going if you stop.

Here's to living life the way we choose to live it.

Here's to knowing you hate J-school grads as much as I do. In honor of his memory, I will refrain from saying something crypto-misogynist that pisses off an Escapist editor until someone else does.

Yeah, by the time you get to the late 30s, people are more going than coming. Videogames and booze fills the void half way.

And for those days a gaming session went longer than you thought and the fridge is mostly empty, making a rice dish with peanut butter and frozen hamburger meat isn't half bad. Season with salt, pepper, and worchestershire sauce and top with mayonaise.

R.I.P. Robert, may we honor you with our Power Foods of choice here at our household:
*Peanut butter, banana, and Cheez-It sandwich
*Popcorn and Lays chip snack mix (Yay for working at the movies, free popcorn forever)
*Frat Boy Jesus, consisting of one bar of Velveeta Cheese, one family sized bag of Doritos, a package of hot dogs, a bottle of ketchup, and pickles. Mesh together and oven for like 10 minutes of 350 degrees and you're golden.

Sure the last one sounds disgusting, but they definitely invented the phrase "Don't knock it until you try it" for a reason.

In honor of Robert, I created the Mickey Dees chicken supreme sandwich. Buy any chicken sandwich from McDonalds and add chicken nuggets. Add your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy.

2 cups of white minute rice
microwave mashed potatoes
microwave meat a gravy meal
shredded cheese
soy sauce

make all cookable stuff as directed, add cheese to rice, put rice on plate, put taters on rice, put meat n gravy on taters, put soy sauce on meat

you won't need to eat the rest of the day, and it only takes about 15min

Yeah, got nothing much more to say than everyone else. I too will attempt to think of some form of a power-food.

Great article.

Wow dude tbat really sucks. That was quite a great story though. Perhaps itll make me consider people in my own life differently

danng, those kinds of stories get you thinking

This man shall be honored. I will carry on his tradition of power-food...though I do not yet know how.


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