The Pocket Gamer Report: Is Nintendo Barking up the Wrong Tree with the 3DS?

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News Report: Pocket Gamer is Skeptical... Again!

I remember a while ago, some guy had inverted the Wii's pointer sensing controls by putting the LED lights on the edges of his glasses and placed the remote in front of his TV. The effect was pretty interesting had you feeling like you could lean and look around corners. To some extent, this was true. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that fellow got picked up to work on Microsoft's Natal.

That was Johnny Chung I think, and it was called head-tracking technology. It was rumored to be implemented in to Boom Blox, but those rumors were swept away when the publisher confirmed that it will not be implemented.

Man, and I thought my DSi gave me eyestrain...

The future is going to be filled with aspirin.

Edit: realized the age of the article

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