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Poor Graham. First a cold now an infection in your sinuses‽ Well Take care and drink plenty of fluid.
ANDY!!! he's so cool! I still want to here a song though... That ultraviolence bit was pretty good I really should try out God of War.
HAHA Ryan Quickbender body pillow... ew.
Hey Jer said he was in Iceland. How did he get back to the studio so fast?
Anyway enjoyed the iPhone games bashing. those stuck up people and their apps. (hides his iPhone under a pillow)
Still the lightsabre app would be the first use of bluetooth for the phone other than wireless headsets...

Wait, was the footage of those games' collectors edition real or photoshopped to make it look larger than it actually is?

Someone at LRR really doesn't like FFXIII

Andrew Cownden really stole the show on this one, greatest mini interview ever!

All I got special edition is a Dungeon Keeper: Collectors Edition, which is pretty darn awesome :)

Dag namit, i really wanted a Bill pillow, but i guess it would be too big

Japanese love pillow FTW!!!

I think you may have had a small oversight on the text overlay. The one about the Nintendo robot "An oponent you can defeat at KOF" repeats at the begining of the Special Edition Box segment.

I missed that Villi was finnish, where do they say that ?:)
. . . .they do not seem to be that proficient in the localised-naming-of-fake-dudes-in-skits departement-thingy. . . . :D

Veldt Falsetto:
Someone at LRR really doesn't like FFXIII

Jer and Tally, as far as I know. And Kathleen. Matt LOVES it. And I'm siding with Matt. Screw the past FF games, XIII is brilliant even solely for the intense battle system.

Also, seeing Andy in yet another vid just made my night (Australia, folks!), Ryan Quickbender is such an awesome character to play too, nicely done Matt!

Also, was I the only one to notice the "A Friend You Can Actually Beat At KOF" tagline repeated before the Special Editions segment too?

XBOX story was also quite hilarious, especially after my friend recently lost his sixth or seventh 360 to Notworkingitis. Something with the HDMI input this time. Ended up selling all games, etc and buying PS3 equivalents, dusting that back off. Eh, I still don't have a PS3, and doubt I will until Backwards Compatibility is more available for my FFX, KH/KH2 and FFXII. PS1 FF games are just fine on my PSP. My 360 works quite awesomely as well!

Get well soon, Graham! Srsly.

What the hell is Jer doing in Iceland.If he is here,then I want his autograph.RIGHT NOW!

OT:Great episode.Favorite one so far.
And who would buy a ROB for 4000 dollars.That's just stupid.

that's quite the talent Ryan has, he should do 'movies'

Nice to see Andy being awesome like he usually is.

I love Andrew struggling not to do his Pacino impression... that guy cannot have enough airtime as far as I'm concerned.

Hope you feel better soon, Graham. Thanks for soldiering on.

Quick observation:

Real life Pong sucks

Special Edition ENN I'll take 8!

Mostly for the pillow :P

Really tho great episode, Hope you get over the sinus infection soon Graham. It's just not the same without your normal voice, although it's nice to see you work through the sickness to deliver breaking news.


Good episode, looks like Kathleen was more cautious this week with her choice of clothing

The reason: We all pointed it out last time... :P

Which is why we should have just kept our mouths shut.

Andy was great in LRR earlier this week and he was great in this one as well. You guys should use him a lot, he's a great actor.

"I'll be your ball boy any time, Kathleen." Made my day.

Poor Graham. First a cold now an infection in your sinuses‽

Excellent use of the interrobang. Truly the greatest punctuation mark ever.

People who buy special edition games deserve to die, drowning in their ocean of plastic crap.

The moe pillow joke is priceless.

No way ... the new Commodore has a windows key. No ... way .... This one goes with Darth Vader for me, this has never happened.

Two doses of Andrew in the space of a week, I like it :)
I also want one ENN special edition for each of the cast so that I can collect the pillows.
*is not creepy*

On the one hand...

On the other hand...

On the OTHER hand...

I think I laughed too hard at that.

When the third hand came up, they should of used the phrase "the gripping hand". If you don't know what it means there are a couple of books you should read.

Really great episode guys.

And progress has been made on Finnish names since the olympic video, apparently! Now you actually got it half Finnish! (For those that don't know "Villi" = "wild"). Although "Villi" as a name is incredibly rare... And Ian is just not Finnish.

But who cares! Great episode regardless.

I kind of want to see the Ryan Moebender art...

Awww, I was expecting a Kathleen pillowcase :(

Sorry, pervert mind aside, another great vid, too true about the special edition crap we get, though I'm amazed the term "human magpie" didnt make a re-appearence

What the hell is Jer doing in Iceland.If he is here, then I want his autograph.RIGHT NOW!

Me too!
That part took me by surprise since I'm from Iceland myself. And I guess it took RanD00M by surprise too...

OT: Including the "This is Jeremy Petter, reporting from Iceland" bit, this was a decent episode. Loved the ending, as usual, and I hope Graham gets better soon.
*Hugs Graham*

Jesus Christ. This video player sucks so god damn hard. Really losing patience.

(No comment on the video. Haven't seen it.)

Thats why Duke Nukem forever is takeing so long to come out, the developers are makeing tons a special edition crap!

my god I think this mans onto somethig

"Thromboid" LOL!

I like how you keep what I like about Phailhause on ENN. Sorta. The fourth word used in the opening is always something used in a poor manner, as the word of the day in Phailhause.

The 'new' actor or whatever is a great addition. I haven't seen him before, but I can't claim I have watched everything LRR has ever produced. He was great in this episode, and great as well in the 'Le Café' episode.

Nice. I'm glad at least one other group of people thinks collector's editions aren't even worth 'collecting' they're just garbage. That being said I have the Collector's edition of saint's row 2. Why? When I bought it at the local game store it was on sale and was CHEAPER than the regular game.

The smirk on Kathleen's face was priceless after she said, "it's Ryan Quickbender" XD

About the special editions, I wish games nowadays would take a cue off Swordquest
Sword of gold and silver, anyone?
also, ping-pong time!

Another great episode!

I particularly liked that God of War III-guy. He had a most extraordinarily charming accent.

I'm in for the Ryan Quickbender body pillow too. Sign me up.

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