Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIII

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Final Fantasy XIII.

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Loved the "spice" bit!

And unbiased....sure....:p

Mutilicious ending cartoon as well.

Only five hours? Damn, son, I'm impressed. I'd be good for like 2 hours, tops.

I really tried to enjoy this game, I loved all the other Final Fantasy's(Even 8) but this just didnt do it for me

Although Sahz made the bits I played worth it =D

Very Good Yahtzee as usual, keep up the good work and good luck with the Mana Bar

OKAY, SO. The chocobo in Sazh's afro. Can we all agree to start calling it "frocobo"? Yes?

More on topic: This was easily one of my favorite Yahtzee reviews in recent memory. I kinda like the game, sort of, but then I'd totally understand why anyone would hate it. The old "it gets better later" excuse from two weeks ago gets pulled right back into play (although, to its credit, it really does get better later).

Edit: Oh, and WHAT I WOULD DO to see Yahtzee review Final Fantasy VII.

Hand On The Stove BWAHAHAHA
Shut Up I Am BWHAHAHA(Aagain)
I Loved It

How's the bar doing?

Nice. I guess hoping you might like THIS one was very silly of us.

If Jim Sterling got flak for only playing up until the last boss fight, I wonder how much flak Yahtzee will get

Edit: Oh lawd that's a lot of probations

"I am an unbiased critic... SHUT UP, I AM!"


We know Yahtzee, we believe you.

How's the bar doing?

Check the very end of the video.

Really funny, better then the last five episodes.

Never played a FF game in my life, but that was as predictable as they come. Even before seeing the same point re-iterated for the fifth time with different wording.

The Kangaroo:
If Jim Sterling got flak for only playing up until the last boss fight, I wonder how much flak Yahtzee will get

It's Yahtzee, people will tell him he's a unique genius and boycott the game.

haha great review :D

Vanille has the most irritating voice actress ever and that's sad because the character design is otherwise good.

Even Serah or Pandora from GOW3 is much better at the 'kooky girl' role

Well, as expected form Mr. Croshaw alright. And yes, Final Fantasy went all downhill when 7 showed up.

i quit after 10 hours....the greatest disappointment of 2010...can i have my money back? i know the know the answer so dont mention it

He hated the game?


Wow, Was I the only one to find this episode.....Alot worse than usual?

I mean if you've got a load of work to do with other stuff do that, take a week off from making this show or something.

Well what can I expect from free entertainment.

"I'am an unbiased critic (shutupIam) LOL good stuff...I havent even sat down with the game yet let alone go 5 hours.

I never really intended to get this game anyway, but the review was funny as always. The image of an ant pushing a brick across the desert was hilarious to me for whatever reason.

Yahtzee hated it? Gee who'd have seen that coming? /Sarcasm

I didn't really get any laughs out of this one, pity, I often look forward to ZP. Oh well there's always next week.

Well theres bits i do agree with and bits i dont agree with.
And i hardly call it a fair review of playing 5 hours of it. (Yes he was busy and all that blah i know ¬¬)

I mean if they guy can play through Heavy Rain then he should pull up his big boy trousers and stop whining about the old days! Its modern day, things need to change and hey at least Square have tried!.........though they have lost their way when they merged with Enix.

I watched a flat mate play this game for like 5 minutes and I felt pretty much the same as Yahtzee did. Still, very good review; made me chuckle.

Dude, I was wanting this but also expecting the outcome. Tho I was surprised that he only played it for 5 hours.

OKAY, SO. The chocobo in Sazh's afro. Can we all agree to start calling it "frocobo"? Yes?

Yes Hell Yes

I laughed a lot. A lot.

A lot more than usual.

I love it when Yahtzee completely destroys a game, which I being a PC gamer will never own or play. I'm impressed with 5 hours playtime I got bored with what ever one was on the DS in about 5mins.

Well done, Yahtzee. This is exactly why I couldn't stand Final Fantasy 7, I shouldn't have to play through a game for three or four hours before it gets good, it should start out good and get its tedious parts out in the middle when we're already committed.

I knew this was going to get some massive yahtzee criticism coming into it and the part about Hope was accurate as all get out.

You're right I didn't ask, because I don't care XD

Now get to work reviewing How to Train Your Dragon for the wii hahahahaha! *thunder and maniacal laughter*

At least you're honest with yourself. That was rather unprofessional. Then again most of us don't watch your videos for an actual review. It's just fun to listen to a fast talking person with a English accent that swears a lot.

"After five hours, the only thing that surprised me was how I managed that much without chewing off my own face!"

I was actually expecting another April Fools joke.

But who cares, right? It was entertaining, and that's the only reason anyone ever watches these. Not that that's a bad thing.

EDIT: Holy Fudgestickles. The video's only been up for 12 minutes, and there's already a second page?

Yeah, I thought Final Fantasy VI was the peak of the series too.

Much better than the previous episode, I have to say, even though I only have the most vague idea of what the game is about due to being a proud member of PC master race.

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