Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

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Episode 25: Series Finale

Lund and Shanks meet at Polybius for the ultimate duel.

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It's finally here!

good job putting it out at exactly noon like promised.

I was convinced this would be an April Fools joke, but I'm so happy it's not, also, does it open a weird window for everyone when you start playing it?

I KNEW the Aussie's heart grenade would be important!


The song playing during the Mario and Luigi fight was epic, I must have it!

HA! I forgot about Duke, NICE, also, I liked the last reference to the "kittens and whiskers" thing.

Great send off to a great series! I'm glad you ended it while it was still good, instead of dragging it out and having to be put down like Unforgotten Realms.

ive waited so long for the conclusion.

time to watch! and truly on time i just got online.

wait no Im running out of show on the escapist. please dont leave me here!

YES! Been waiting forever

EDIT: That was pure epicness, although I must say, I was looking forward to see "the man upstairs", lol. Anyways this series was amazing, and thanks Lunds and Shanks for making it and bringing it to Escapist :D

Awesome, I loved it

I'm glad you are all so excited, but watch the video!

that was awesome!

Also... was that Felicia Day in that one scene with the guessing of the man upstairs? sure looked like her...

Shane Hamstra:
I'm glad you are all so excited, but watch the video!

okay, but im still a little confused about the story

The only part that makes me sad is that this is the end.


"Narcissism has reached new staggering heights." Awesome final line

I'm going to assume Miyamoto's behind everything. That was brilliant. I loved Krazy Kratos, the insanely odd musical interlude, the battle with Luigi and Mario and everything else. That was an excellent end.

Thank you Bruce, for avenging the death of Laser Cat.

Thank you Michaels, the series was awesome.

But who is the man upstairs!?

I love how this show makes me laugh even during the serious parts. The music video was unexpected, as was the ending, nevertheless it was hilarious and I don't think you could have ended it better.

Grats on finishing the series!!

Am I the only one who noticed that plastic lightsabre thing in that one shot? it was lying on the ground right in front of Micheal's feet.

That was a dick move guys. Don't get me wrong, it's a great series with a great ending. But seriously... WHO THE HELL IS THE MAN UPSTAIRS?!?!?! We'll all miss you Lund & Shanks.

Pulp Fiction referance: Gold.

Awesome series guys.

The man up stairs should have so been either yahtzee [predicatable] or The austrailian attorney general, Michael Atkinson, i think.

I really liked it, but that music video was seven kinds of awkward

.... I dunno what to say to this but there's so many things in this video.

A WoW to Leeroy Jenkins, Mario and Luigi fighting out who's better, Star Wars lightsaber fight, a music video, a screwball to the audience watching this right now figuring who's the top person over Mario. Even I find it funny about another person goes on the Escapist site looking for Yahtzee and SirSchmoopy of Unforgotten Realms.

I think this is a great way to end the series. But after that, I'm sadden that my favorite video series is ending.

Great series Michael Shanks.

Brilliant ending (if not a little irritating) and as for me i like think yahtzee was the man upstairs that would be epic

It was suitably epic! Thanks.

I hope you have more wonderful shows planned for the future. You guys are awesome.


Thanks for the great series guys, given me many many laughs and I'll sorely miss it.

Meh, it's good thing it ended because it just got so messy. Thanks for all the hours of fun you gave me tho!

I could see no other possible outcome.

But yay for meta-meta-plots, yay for Lazer Cat Heaven and yay for epic slap-fight.



Don't EVER do that music video again.

I'm gonna bathe my eyeballs in bleach.

Give me about 10 minutes to comprehend all the awesomeness that my brain received.

That was amazing. Very satisfying ending to a great series.

It's been a fun ride, I'm sad that it's already the finale, but it was awesome :-)

I demand the song released as a separate vid! With lyrics and all!
Great Finale guys. Sad thing it is the finale :<

Great series. Enjoyed every episode. Wasn't expecting a 25 min episode definitely lived up to the hype.

I salute your sirs!
The song was genuis, and the Kolbb will always be remebered as the worst gun ever
Whats next for you guys?

I am completely satisfied by that ending!
It was awesome!

I though it was going to be Master Hand xD

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