Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

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a dash of awesome and a pinch of what the #%#$ing hell [email protected]'s how i can sum it up

Danny Ocean:
But who is the man upstairs!?

Shiggy miyamoto

That was awesome. I was a late-comer (like last week!) Watched them all and it didn't disappoint. Great job guys.

No matter what you say, it's still a cop-out.

*head explode*
That was soooooo epic and awesome and great. But its like a candy bar: you are looking forward to eat it but as soon as you have finished it you get sad that its all over. The song almost made me cry but I couldn't because I has laughing to hard!
Please make another series, you are the best!!

was alight that very very very G-A-Y song went on a little long it was like 5minutes or what ever.

Really awesome, so sad to see this series come to an end, but I don't think I could've asked for a better ending. ^_^ Seriously guys, great work.

That finale just WORKED.

Thanks for the laughs, and hope you prosper wherever you go next!

I gave it the send-off it deserved by turning the volume on my PC to full. Almost destroyed my ears, but oh well :D

They really should put that song up for download!
"I wrote you a cheque from the bank of my heart...but it bounced"

That was a really good end. Good job Shanks and Lund! That was a great series.

was alight that very very very G-A-Y song went on a little long it was like 5minutes or what ever.

Whachoo talkin bout? That was an awesome song.

Nice ending to an awesome series, guys. You should release a soundtrack with all the awesome tunes.

The only part that makes me sad is that this is the end.

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end


I absolutely loved it! Amazing but the end wad disappointing

Excellent series guys, you've certainly given all of the escapist a load of laughs with pun after horrible pun.

Good old duke nukem though, great choice.

I'm emotionally Drained And Satisfied by this ending.
Like... Fucking a Burning Dolphin.
And you almost had me going to face book your sneaky bastards!
Well Done.
Much Love.
Peace x

That was phenomenal.

Congratulations on an excellent series!

goodbye guys! its been fun. what are the plans for the future? at this point you could put out anything and id be there to watch it. thanks for all the hilarity and awesome shows. you guys were one of my favorite shows ever to grace the escapist. thanks for everything.

I am completely satisfied by that ending!
It was awesome!

I though it was going to be Master Hand xD

I don't think anyone would have been upset if that was the ending.

I'm sad that the show ended, but proud of its awesomeness. Just what I needed on a shitty day. Great job.

It's so sad to see the series go. But, at least the ending wasn't anger inducing. Thanks guys for the awesome series!

Well that was off. Great but off. The show tune in the middle came right out of nowhere.

Bravo! Bravo!
I just witness the end of a great show. I also witnessed the greatest battle, music video, plot and finale!

Hope to see you guys soon on another show!

i love this show, it hasn't ever let me down...until now. The finale was lacking in story tie ups, yes he spent about 5 mins explaining why he didnt do it, but tht is not golod story telling. They did so well with telling the story previously and this episode unfortunatly tarnished thier clean record.
Effects and action and humour however were still superb and it is well worth a watch, i think i was just expecting more.

Watched every episode today, and now the finale.

It was good.

So good! Amazing series guys!

damn that was awesome. but now we have to say our goodbyes.

When Doomsday Arcade first joined the Escapist's, then small, lineup of shows I was skeptical. It seemed to me that it couldn't compare to the likes of Unskippable or ZP, to me and I was, originally, ready to just let the series go. I think I 'gave it a chance' for about 6 or 7 episodes. Let me just say now that I am so glad that I did. I really enjoyed this series on the whole and this episode was no exception to my enjoyment. I particularly enjoyed the music video you guys put together which caused med to giggle quite loudly at several parts. Good job to the whole Doomsday Arcade crew for making a funny show and enjoyable show for the last year and a bit. You have joined into the pantheon of the Escapist to me and I hope you stick around the site regardless of series' end.

As for who is the man upstairs? I liked that explained it how you did, and while I have several theories I'm pretty glad you didn't reveal it.

Good job guys, fucking awesome series, wishing you much luck for the future.

Danny Ocean:
But who is the man upstairs!?

I don't think that's a good question to ask, you saw the flame war in the show.

I hope you guys make another series in a while.


May your future endeavors Rock! just as much.


Lol I just cant stop laughing from Kratos and his joke about his tiny d*ck
And no it's NOT about a tiny duck

That was amazing. And you even managed to get WoW into the Finale...
I hope you will make more series in the future, you are really talented

Well, this conclusion sure was ...
suitably epic.
Although i did get a bit freaked out by that sudden homoerotic undertone. I mean, we all saw the signs but didn't expect you to go all out so fast. :P

Maybe you guys can also film those 7 alternate endings you were talking about in that inerview. I guess most people here would like to see you two and your crew do some more stuff.

Oh yeah, almost forgot:

!!! COP OUT !!!

Like everyone else, I've lost something to look forward to in the week, I hope you had fun making the series and that you decide to make more, DA related or not. You've set yourself up quite a fan base here, please don't leave them...

Now to re-watch the episode again, this is gonna be a short day...

I can't believe it's over! Nooo... Well, I loved it. I loved it big time! I hope to see another series (or better yet *full-length movies*) from these two. Congrats Lund and Shanks, you guys rock!

...I'm still expecting to be duped though. This video did fall on April 1st after all and the "Game Over" badge says 26 episodes, not 25.

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