Exclusive Interview: Curt Schilling Sets The Record Straight

Exclusive Interview: Curt Schilling Sets The Record Straight

Head of 38 Studios, Curt Schilling, made an account at The Escapist to yell at us about our story on videogame tax breaks, but we ended up chatting about games and his 48-hour marathon MMOG session.

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Hehe...talk about making a complaint into something rather intresting.

Sounds like a pretty bang up guy, and, with some definitive dedication to what he loves!

Greg Tito:
He is also cognizant that his place in the company now, as Founder and President, is a little bit different than what he first imagined as a pseudo-designer. "As I've become educated in the development process, I began to understand that me meddling was one of the worst things that can happen and I started out thinking it would be one of the better things. I'm OK with that..."

Might have something to do with hiring MacFarlane and R.A. Salvatore.

Seriously, it would be tough to sit comfortably in that think-tank...

Just more information into how much Curt Rocks! Red Sox for life!

Also, any game with R.A involved sounds like a winner, ill have to check out the RPG.

I say cheers to Curt Schilling! Curt is inspiring for his willingness to risk all in pursuit of the impossible dream.

And Themis was actually started in my apartment in Boston, MA, so we share a point of origin with 38 Studios. :)

So, wait. Curt Schilling actually contacted the Escapist to set things straight... then just chatted about games for a while?

I think my respect for the man as a gamer/studio head just shot through the roof.

This is yet another example of how AWESOME the Internet is, as compared to print media. If the Escapist was a print mag, sure, Curt could be a subscriber and write letters to the editors, etc.

But as things are, he's a registered Escapist member, just like the rest of us non-game-company-owning, non-major-league-pitcher slobs. And because the Escapist staff is as member-friendly as they are, each one of us has the same chance as Curt (more or less) of engaging the Escapist staff in criticism, conversation, etc.

Or so it seems that way, which is why I said 'more or less.' I know I've gotten forum replies from both Susan Arendt and Russ Pitts, so as far as I'm concerned, it sure as heck seems like we're all on the same footing when it comes to being able to communicate with the Powers That Be.

And I hope it stays that way. Because that's one of the major reasons I hang around the Escapist: it feels like a genuine community of gamers, top to bottom, instead of just a gaggle of children using The Man's swimming pool.

Looking forward to what Curt puts out. Because in the end he really does just sound like one of us, a gamer.

sounds like a really neat project coming up there...
can´t wait for this one, kudos to Curt!

Being from the UK I had never heard of Curt, sure I went to see the Astros when I lived in TX but I had no idea what was happening so just drank the beer and watched. This is the sort of guy who should be in games development. A guy who just loves it.

I don play MMOs but I wish him all the best. I'll check out his rpg though.

It will never stop being surreal to me to see Curt Schilling as a real gaming figure. I hope he has a ton of success.


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