Unskippable: Battlefield: Bad Company

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Battlefield: Bad Company

Being the new guy sucks, doesn't it?

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It's good that you stopped posting the threads before you post the videos.

Great episode anyhow.
[Thumbs up]

weeee that might be one of the best ones yet


Always improves my mondays

LOL at note at end of the credits

See you later Sir................I mean Sargent

Hearing the yokel guy shout 'typical' at the ambush made me laugh as much as the first boner... Bit surprised that wasn't hit on.. But oh well, gudshow gudshow~

Yeah im always apprehensive about those vehicle sections as well. They always seem to end up with you unconcious...even if you were on the mg shooting stuff.
Theres always a tank or a mortar round waiting to ruin your day.

I found this unskippable to be a bit disappointing if i'm honest :/

There's a singleplayer!?

Liked it

Maybe you'd stay concious if you convinced the enemy to continue using that "disolving credits" ammunition.

I liked the way you pronounced the Swedish names. And thanks for doing it on a game I like.

I miss the lighthearted tone of the origional...

Hell I don't even remember the second Bad Company having the franchise's signiture tune...

It was in every Battlefield game before in one way or another...

Rofl at the anti-aircraft credits.
Great episode. You have me thinking about cutscenes and cars.. I cant think of a cutscene where you get otu a car and are conscious.. Borderlands maybe? But that was a bus...

Wait did a comment just get commpletly removed due to first post symptom? Thats much better than hiding it under a tab.
Anyway to remain OT: Does anyone know of ANY war game were you DON'T fall unconcious at some point??

You will NEVER end one conscious indeed....

imagine if we could develop a weapon to shoot Micheal Bay's credits at our enemies. Oh the possibilities.

You know they right about the end of vehicle bits

Great episode

That episode smell pretty clean.

I...loved...this...one! Funnier than hell!

hmm never notice that u always end up unconscious some how. Neat.

Half Life's tram ride, you end concious. Half Life: Opposing Force's chopper ride, not to lucky.

Keep it up. This is one of the best ones yet.

I can tell Graham is still sick, because I'm still sick, and my voice is bleh, too.

As the credits rolled, I was thinking, "Hey, come on, Gordon Freeman made it off the Black Mesa tram without passing out." And lo and behold, you referenced exactly that! Nice one.

Yeah you are always with bad company in those boring long non-controllable rides

Half Life's tram ride, you end concious. Half Life: Opposing Force's chopper ride, not to lucky.

Yeah, but you're not playing Gordon Freeman in that game, are you? ;P

Half Life's tram ride, you end concious. Half Life: Opposing Force's chopper ride, not to lucky.

Yeah but you go unconscious shortly AFTER

this wasn't very funny.

ardvaark a ardvaarkson? a joke about the alphebetical order of the credits? :/

And that was the...8th or 9th time we died? I lost track.

Hmm, pretty weak episode.

while funny, and I liked the "curse of the FPS vehicle section" line I don't think this games cutscene was bad enough to really work. The opening credits went on a little long (but not long enough to actually be able to read them) but after that, unless their is a lot more cutscene that you didn't show it seemed informative and more importantly it ended quickly which is big for action games ("here is the main character, this is why he is here, here are the supporting characters, and now stuff happens")

Really enjoy this one.

(mostly boners)


yes people there was a single player. A dam good one too

Hehe. Really glad you did this as it was beginning to be made fun off!

Nicely done guys! the "Antiaircraft Credits" are deadly!

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