A few moments with ea_spouse

Once in a great while, you get the opportunity to meet someone who's directly influenced the world you inhabit in a positive way. Yesterday, Jon and I had such an opportunity.

We met up with Erin Hoffman, more widely-known as ea_spouse, author of "EA: The Human Story," and talked about how the industry has changed since she brought to light the working conditions in the industry's largest firm.

It was really exciting to get a chance to meet the person who so directly impacted EA's public perception, and to learn about her efforts to help workers throughout whole industry.

Jon and I are still comparing notes at the moment, but expect a full write-up soon.

Yeah, that was likely one of the highlights for the show this year for me.

Original Comment by: Erin
Hey guys. Shannon just sent me this link, and I'm really touched and flattered at your words. You both had some of the most relevant and insightful comments and questions I've gotten in the host of media interviews about this stuff, and I really appreciate it. Also just love what you folks do here at the Escapist. Rock on.


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