LoadingReadyRun: Who You Gonna Call?

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Someone had to.

OT: Great episode as always guys. Loved MegaMan's grapple at the beginning.

Well, I knew the "3" thing was coming, but I fully expected it to be Graham for some reason. Oh man, "Threedom..."
Well played, good sirs. Though, in my head, Matt still said "God damnit, Jer!" at the end.

So who's this Bradley Rains fellow? If he actually did the music in the beginning, I think I may like him.

And where did you guys get this set from? I'm not used to something that... specific used for a scene. Particularly one so large and all.

Great work as usual guys, but (unlike normally) I really saw the punchline coming right up near the beginning (though I predicted the "3" to be a stylized B).

Still a good episode, though.

Something tells me this vaguely started with someone going to the optometrist.

Not as funny as some a lot of your guys other stuff, but not horrible.

Quiet Stranger:
I had a feeling a "3" super hero would show up

Likewise. Possibly with a name like 'triad' or 'trinity' or 'the deadly triangle'...

While watching this it reminded me vaugely of PUGing in City of Heroes. XD

great vid, and Cathlene (don't kill me if I spelled it wrong) was sufficiently nausiating.)

hopefully some recurring characters here. They could do very well at the end of other vids to take it to the next level. plus you already have the costumes, and by the look of it enjoy wearing them very much =)

Surprisingly good costumes. Most joke heroes never come out looking that good. I also like the pun-y dialogue.

Not the funniest video, but it really was all about the costumes...those costumes! :D
Also, the whole general setting, the effects, the music is all brilliant. The entrance of the Wizard is by far the best part of the video, everything comes together to make the atmosphere very...something unexplainable.

Of course, saw the 3 superhero coming from a mile away.

Kathleen's boobs look awesome

she should wear that costume more often

Keep your voice down! Her boyfriend is the OP!

OT: As usual a strong episode, Matt made me laugh so very much.

The LRR crew seriously has unlimited creativity. And Kathleen is adorable in this one.

if De Veer is not allowed to talk anymore, how will they do ENN!

That was hilarious! Very well done! I loved Jeremy kicking the smoke machine out of eyesight! Keep up the good work, guys!

Somehow that short introduction of "3" at the end was way mor entertaining than the whole video before. not that the episode in any way was bad or something, if only a bit too predictable.

I don't watch enough LRR (shame on me), and I'll blame Monday for being a little slow, but when the credits rolled, I just figured they were done.

Then I noticed there were five people listed in the credits under "appearing", and as I'm trying to figure out who the fifth person was, up comes the after-credits bit.

I love it when a "duh" moment pays off. I got to be surprised, amused, and have my question answered all at once. :D

lmao, those superhereos...wanting in on all the action!

Hilarious, especilly Kathleen XD

I saw the 3 coming...lol

What? No catapult?!?!?!

Great episode!!!!

Hahaha brilliant guys! Lately they've been abit dragging but this one was awesome! Electrovolt makes me laugh XD And her theme music is awesome!

threedom how do you guys think of this stuff

Nice knickers Kathleen =P


Electro Dolt was so awekwardly cute... just sayin

The puns, the PUNs. I thought ENN was okay on the puns but this. . .this takes the cake on the puns.

Kathleen...Still good at being crazy
Jeremy...Apparently has hankies up his sleeves
Paul...Where's his arm cannon?!?

Great episode.

Ha! I was just waiting for "3" to show up. Go me for suffering through the end credits (okay, they aren't that long here) in search of extra goodies!

I want to see them again. No ifs ands or buts, make them recurring characters, pretty please.

And that moustache is just rocking.

Brilliant, It's great how you guys still manage to come up with original ideas.

Someone had to.

OT: Great episode as always guys. Loved MegaMan's grapple at the beginning.

Funny thing is I just came back from watching a Ghostbusters spoof.

OT: Great episode, and as usual the best part is at the end.


Classic. And I love the whole idea...very original

"You don't get to talk anymore" is always a great way to end a sketch.

Ha, I got a "charge" out of Kathleen's character.

Did they try setting the signal to wumbo?

Lmao, nice one.

I saw three man coming a mile away. It was still great.

same here lol
wem3? what does that mean?

Enjoyable, although Kathleen won the worst pun of the day award for her electrifying delivery and performance.

"k... you dont get to talk anymore'

loved it

As much as I enjoyed this, I couldn't help but notice that they used parts of the Warriors of Darkness costumes, which makes me want a new WoD video. But this was funny as hell!

Think Triple Threat is going to go looking for a threesome now that he has nothing to do? He could probably hood that up.

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