Game Dogs: Episode 13: Focus Group

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With all the money wasted between this and I Hit it with my Axe, you'd be better off bringing back Unforgotten Realms.

That one dragged on a bit..this is definitely not one of the greater episodes. Also what was with the shocked face of BOB at the end is he gonna get some showtime?

I take it the art department hasn't finished making game play images for "Satan's Rertrievers" yet. There was that brief tease during one of the E3 episodes. I hope you don't go the route of 1950's B movies where you show the characters awed face as they narate the action in leu of a decent money shot.

1: I am glad you decided not to have any sex talk in this episode. Thank god!

2: It was way too long! Mr. Yee being absent Minded, Jenniffer being a Bitch, and Bob... being Bob (To be honest, I've never liked Bob's Droning).

3: Why was Bob like... DUH DUH DUH!? at the end, he wasn't around when they were told they were fired... was he?

4: Damn that Greg! Firing our main characters! What're they gonna do now?

Overall, it was okay, a huge improvement over last weeks stupid episode. Just shorten it and stop using stereotypes.

I have to believe this is written to be bad, I mean the whole series.
13 episodes and it's never been good, that can't be just a coincidence.
Some parts of some of the episodes weren't god awefull and that's the coincidence.
I can't phantom a world where people write this then read it back and find it funny or good.
This is a willful attempt at terrible and always has been.
It's impossible to write something this horrible without wanting it to be so, thought and effort went into making this show suck, it's a carefully crafted masterpiece.
This is either the truth or the madness I've retreated into.

Definitely got me interested again. good work Russ.
You got a plot, made the characters more likeable(especially Roger), you've put in good cameos, and you've exploited my only weakness(cliff hangers).
I only hope that you come up with something better than amnesia, though.

With all the money wasted between this and I Hit it with my Axe, you'd be better off bringing back Unforgotten Realms.

Why did UReals leave anyway?

I loved this episode! I don't get why people who hate it still watch it. I mean I watched half of the first episode of "I hit it with my axe" and never clicked it again. I like how Mr. Yee is a demeaning, idiot or how Jennifer is an vapid airhead with the personality to match. I feel the show is picking up but it needs an overall goal for the characters. It seems like they aren't doing much beside talking and it really drags the entire series down. I think the reason most people are still watching is because they expect the show to pick up when they finally focus on something other than witty banter.

Fired! FIRED!
i've been waiting for that one for a while, although, with Mr. Yee's signature I expected them to forge checks and start their own game design company.

You guys are getting better but not by much. Keep at it, I'm sure series two will be great.

As a doctor (in furniture sales) I can completely agree with the opening card.
On a real note, some people say it's boring but I still watch every episode on my crazy in the future Australian Friday.

Im getting tired of Mr.yee

but still not bad

I only laughed at Bob's end face. That was good.

Also, damn that "grr" pisses me off, at least try to sound like a growl, please.

Yowch there's still a lot of hate going around. I must admit I'm a little bit disappointed they didn't playtest the game but I like the debacle they've been put in and Greg, sorry Gary's "I Win!" rant.

when is this bullshit being taken down?


With all the money wasted between this and I Hit it with my Axe, you'd be better off bringing back Unforgotten Realms.

Why did UReals leave anyway?

also this

Can someone put that show out of its misery. That was my last time watching it.

Honestly, that was long, boring, and painful. There weren't any new dog models so I am not sure why I am even watching this. But good try

Aww man..... I was thinking, "Sweet! It's finally over!" Then, To be Continued.....

Oh noooes, they has been fired?! What will happen next?!

Seriously, that one had me LOLing. Mr. Yee, Bob, and Gary are hilarious. I liked that everyone was brought together in the break room/games division.

It is too bad they didn't actually play the game at all...but at least there was a point to the episode besides the humorous dialogue (the surprise ending.) If not for that, despite the humor, I might have had to agree with others that it sort of floundered and failed to really go anywhere. That is not to say that I can understand all the hating on this show. That I still find ridiculous.

And LOL as well at magicmonkeybars' "I can't phantom a world where people write this then read it back and find it funny or good." XD

I can also agree that the animation could be greatly improved upon, with more varied and appropriate expressions and motions (however, again, I'm currently in an animation class myself and totally get how difficult and time-consuming it is, so I'm not condemning it, just suggesting that if improvement is a possibility, it should probably be looked into.)

The "vocalized sound effects" (for lack of a better term) that the token female group character has is still there and aggravating more people than ever, except now it's spreading to more sounds than a talentless woman saying "sigh" because she's not intelligent enough to know that sighing is a sound, not the noise itself, and the growling, you don't say "grrrr" like you're trying to push out a turd but you ate too much damn cheese, it's a sound effect, not the pronunciation. If you must continue this garbage do yourselves a favor and drop this dead-weight voice actor and pick up someone else, it's been done countless times before, with major shows no less. I doubt I need to go into the personality of the bitch, since everyone else has complained about it in EVERY previous episode and been ignored.

Okay, whoever said that Beth was hard to hear in this one was right--but talent and intelligence have nothing to do with the "vocalized sound effects." Clearly, saying "sigh" and "grr" rather than actually sighing or growling is intentional. And it's just as effective at conveying the character's feelings at the moment, so I'm still baffled as to why anyone finds that annoying. Saying "grrr" sounds enough like growling that you get the point, n'est-ce pas?

Bob's my kind of guy, er, dog. Keep up the good work.

That was the first episode I actually watched all the way through and even laughed at a couple parts.

Okay!! Get me to play a character and ill guarantee you guys laughs :P Wait till you hear my HORRENDOUS voice. I would link the redubs of He-Man which is re-envisaged as De-Man and Skelator is actually a good guy, man at arms is a strange sly character harbouring dangerous thoughts and the king is something special.

God I made that sound more exciting than it mainly is hehe :P

Ill play the Welsh Spaniel overseas developer dog with the GOOD gaming ideas ;)

p.s If anyone is bored and wants to see De-Man just PM me as putting it here is advertising free youtube videos and thats a NO NO!

Well, at least Bob's reaction at the end warranted a hard laugh from me. The rest of it, not so much. Also, I remember bringing this up in the comments for the last episode, but please don't use anymore of these eight minute episodes unless a lot actually happens. The dialogue is really started to plague the humor and seemed pretty pointless.

If the episodes get more straightforward, maybe this show can turn itself around for a second time and get some good, hard laughs once more as it did for a few episodes before.

I don't like this show. I gave it a fair shake and I realized that I hate every character. I came very close to liking that nerd --- Roger, I think it was, but the episode 'The Party' made him up to be a real looser. That lazy, looser 'idea-dog' the token girl-gamer and the extremely one-dimensional, um... whats his name... the short annoying dog that keeps saying 'fired'. Yeah, they don't make me laugh and cheap laughs is the only thing this show was good for. Hog-wash!

Have you ever watched one of those bad comedies, the ones that are fun to mock when friends are around but just so bad if you watch alone? Ever watch one alone, and you come to one of those jokes? You know, the ones that you actually hate hearing because it's just so bad and so stupid. The ones where you actually have to turn the volume down or change the channel, as if it really is painful just hearing it.

Now imaging if that went on for 8 minutes. That's Game Dogs.

Damnit, Pitts.

I like the show overall, even though the writing does kinda drag on...and on...and on...

But Bob's quoting of the employee handbook? I used to work or a company who's handbook was just like that, and to me it is HILARIOUS.

You know, I liked this show when it started. I saw some potential in the idea. I thought that it was a rough piece of coal that with enough temperature and pressure has a potential of turning into a tiny diamond. BUT... I am loosing faith rapidly.

(::From here on you can read the post in Garry's voice::)

The whole thing can be summarized in one sentence: The joke is only funny when you do it ONCE IN A WHILE. Once every single episode IS NOT "once in a while".

Yeh, we get it. Mr.Yee is ignorant and stupid. He can't recall what has happened 3 seconds ago and does not care about anything other than his own entertainment. STOP BEATING THE HORSE! Its dead!

Whoever thought that having Beth use onomatopoeia ALL THE FREAKING TIME was a good idea should get fired. FIRED!

Hell, even Garry is starting to get on my nerves by now. Why? Because every single episode he pops up and says THE EXACT SAME LINES!

On to the "protagonists". Why in the nine hells do they have all the personality of a cardboard? The only episode where I saw ANY character development was when Roger decimated Chad's toys.

FINAL VERDICT: Show lacks creative variety.

Also - it has been 13 episodes... No badges for enduring?

EDIT: Oh hey, look! Posted at 3:33! YAY! (Yeah, I'm THAT easily amused, and I'm loosing interest in the show. That got to show something.)

So, Gary gets a sheet of paper with Mr. Yee's signature that he can do anything he wants with it (such as, take over the company, make him give an untold amount of money, etc) and all he does with it is FIRE THE MAIN CHARACTERS???

Seriously.... not only is that an incredibly BAD idea, it's entirely stupid. You know who should be fired? Your writers.

when is this bullshit being taken down?


With all the money wasted between this and I Hit it with my Axe, you'd be better off bringing back Unforgotten Realms.

Why did UReals leave anyway?

also this

O-kay...Gary has defenitely lost it, but I am sure this will be a refreshing change for the series. I just hope they get out of that break room and move onto different locations. That's why the E3 episodes were so compelling, they had other places to interact.

when is this bullshit being taken down?

I agree. Make it stop, please!

LOL at röger this ep


i lurve it

omg sorry for double post, my paw must have slipped =^.^=

The Hero of Washington State

OMG this episode sucked dog ****. Please tell Mr Russ Pitts that whoever writes the show needs to burn in eternal damnation.

Hero of Dakota

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