Zero Punctuation: God of War III

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God of War III

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews God of War III.
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I've been looking forward to this one for a while, and finally it's here, and no hairy bum (dante's inferno reference)

From God-Of-War clones to actual God of War.

I approve of this.

Well, finally a review that DOESN'T paint this game in some sort of holy light of the gods. Heheh. But it still seems pretty fun... Not sure I would pick up a PS3 just for that though.

And man, I had no idea Kratos turned into such a dick. I played Chains of Olympus, and he seemed... reasonable in that one.

been back reading fullyramblomatic.
mana bar has burnt out the throat much?

Nice, As always. Sucks about the sore throat though.

Ar will never replace nom yhatzee! neveerrr!

i run around in my underpants screaming as well, yahtzee. anywho, i loved how he said cronos was the size of a pregnant air craft carrier.

Ouch that sore throat takes the edge off. But good nonetheless, I quite enjoyed the nathan drake curb stomp bit.

Is it just me or did the story in GOW3 get a bit lazy near the end? Anyway Great review.

what's up with the voice?

Yeah, it sucks that this game sets such a high standard for itself during that amazing opening scene. The rest of the game, while good, feels underwhelming in comparison.

Before anyone starts saying stupid thing, YES THAT IS HIM TALKING. SHUT UP.

I'm starting to grow weary of all the hate... I understand you want to please your fans, but now you're just nitpicking! You can't complain that a game has TOO MUCH variety... Ah well.

and the torrent of comments talking about his voice start now.......

Damn you for predicting me.

Nice review none the less, but I can't get over how weird the voice sounds......dammnit.

Thanks to Twatter, I knew he was ill. God I hate Twitter.

good but id like to see metro 2033
hell probably hate it but so what?

brilliant as always
sore throat?

this was actually a pretty positive review

I'm convinced not to buy it now.

I missed hearing the phrase "It's like God of War, but..."

My money is on a torn throat due to too much partying in his new bar...

I figured he would have liked it a bit more given the former's praise but i guess nothing is perfect. Not even portal anymore since they changed the ending...

love it yahtzee

I want a balloon taxi...

Isn't running around in your underpants an incredibly freeing experience? Especially when you do it down a busy city street.

My parole officer is doing well, thanks for asking.

Nicely done and a bit surprising in some of its praise. Chalk up another reason for me to maybe possibly consider picking up a PS3 someday.

Feel better soon, Yahtzee. Enjoy the success of the Mana Bar.

Ouch, your voice needs a day off. You sound ROUGH, man

Free coffee...AND DAMNATION? Hades is awesome

Its good to see yahtzee reviewing adventure games - its one of the genres he does really well.

I'll admit GOW3 has a weak story but coming from 2 I guess not much could be done, but it also seems like they didn't try to hard on the story. I still had fun, and did anyone else catch the few in game hints for another game?

I'd only played the PSP God of War, so I was left wondering if I'd missed out some kind of epic storyline driven action game series I should get into.

Thanks for clearing that misconception up! :)

I am surprised that he didn't bring up his "Like God of War" stamp again, but whatever

His complaints in this video were too manufactured, there is no point in complaining that a game is giving you a lot of options of eviscerating centaurs, because what would the alternative be? a game that gets old very fast

Was something wrong with his voice. It sounds like he's sick.

What got me about this iteration of the game was that you have to switch weapons in order to switch spells, which was rough since I loved the Cestus, but hated the spell attached to it.
This was definitely the easiest God of War yet...

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