Alt+Escape: Continuity

Alt+Escape: Continuity

One thing leads to another.

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I hate you, Funk. There goes another bit of my life to one of these games.


You are evil, are you trying to turn us into casual players? :P

And the music is even good!!!

Vitor Goncalves:
You are evil, are you trying to turn us into casual players? :P

And the music is even good!!!

Yeah, I was surprised by music too, pretty good!

Im starting to really enjoy these puzzle like games you find though Funk

Bumped into this a few days ago and found it very enjoyable. At times a bit repetitive, but otherwise a great little puzzle-platformer.

And indeed, the music is good.

Hahahahaha, I was playing through this during the week, completed it (eventually), then thought "wouldn't it be great if this was in Alt+Escape this week?" And lo and behold, it is. Guess the Escapist staff have the same great taste as me. Absolutely love the gameplay in this. A very interesting game and something that could really be worked with for future development, maybe as more than just a Flash game. Innovation is what the games industry is built on, and this is a prime example of innovation. Kudos, I say. Muchos kudos.

Damnit, Funk... I was trying to play pokemon until I saw this... Very simple game turned very difficult. I like it a lot.

I've played this one before, and loved it. :D The important thing is to make the edges line up with each other properly.

Wow. You always review the games I've played merely 1 week before xD

Anyways, Conrinuity is awesome.

Pretty cool game. Some of the stages get a bit headwrecking when it's mainly jigsaws.
Ace music though, and a really cool concept.

I just had to pry myself away from that soul-sucking monstrosity of a game, absolutely amazing concept.

Played it halfway through. Seem very good so far, very imaginative of them to make this game.

This one's pretty good. I like how it switches between a great thinky music and a great action music as you switch between modes. It's very good design. I like how the hardest levels are usually the ones that have the least screens.

Level 31 has 15 different screens with 2 keys to collect, and it looks super hard, but it's actually possible to do it by jumping into just 3 different screens. Excellent concept, and the music is indeed quite good. A lovely 30 minute diversion for my weekend.

This is probably one of the better "looks easy, plays hard" games out there. It really does feel like an accomplishment when you work out the combination of screen moves to get where you need to go. And as others have said, the music is pretty good too.

I played this a few days ago. Took me nigh on an hour and a half to complete all 32 levels. Very clever game.

Well, I would play it, but it lags too much on this computer.

There seems to be about 4 different types of games that get put up on alt-esc. Puzzle is my favorite.

For those who may be interested I'd say those 4 are,
(in order of preference if you care)
1. puzzle
2. strategy
3. action
4. artistic

Or a combination of them.

I totally love the music in the game. It constantly switches between sorrowful and introspective to pulse-pounding action.

This is a great little game. I can see myself getting a little bit addicted to it!

Such an addicting game. I keep coming back to it to try to complete it faster than the previous play through. I also love the music as well. This game will turn one into a casual gamer if they aren't one already.

Love the music - very 'Blade Runner'.


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