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Hot Water at PAX

Sharing a hotel room sucks.

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Nice, cH is back.

Kick ass. I love cH!

Also, I too hopes she says yes.

CH is back awesome

for escapees here is season 1


What happened to the A/V sync? From about halfway in to the end, there's a constant lag...

That was a good one, I didn't see the Mat disappearing to another room bit coming. Also, is that at the end of the episode for real?

I had feeling the shower would be empty, and if they are all willing to shower together, surely sombody could of walked in there?

I missed cH! This was a great episode. Probably one of the better since the transition.

Yeeeeeeeeeees! Hustle!


You guys made my day.

The scene in the shower was the best bit.

Also - there is never enough toilet humor. ^^


The proposal at the end was an epic move by you guys.

was that some form of marriage proposal at the end?

Ohohoh :D CH style :D. Can't wait to see more :D

EDIT: OH! And say "YES!" :P

Great episode. MAJOR sync issues. Oh well.

You think you smell bad after flying across North America? Try flying between continents where you are travelling for more than 24 hours.

Woo, CommodoreHustle! I was wondering when we'd see that again. Also, hope she says yes!

As soon as our trip plans are made for New Orleans, this is getting forwarded to the whole group.

Also, was that "Hey Nostradamus!"? Canadiana is always fun.

yay for more Commodore Hustler! I love it.

Hehe, I wonder if this was what it really was like, lmao

Great vid! Loved it!

Also! Say yes!!!!!


*begins watching video*

Ah, this is funny!

*hears music begin playing*


*squeals like a schoolgirl at a boy band concert*

cHustle's back. :D

That was awesome.
I love cH.

Also, the thing at the end was hilarious

Wooh Commodore hustle is back! <3 Funny is in there as normal

Fun ending with the marriage proposal and the thumbs up :D

Jim From Accounting:

No dude, say no, but say it in another LRR video.

Squee! cHustle :D And I had just rewatched the older episodes over the weekend. Love it! Very appoint.

And the ending proposal was heartwarming too :D

"I just used the bucket!"

Awesome! :)

*dances to theme tune* cH is back, yay!

Welcome back, cH! Great bit with Russ.

Also, CMoH at the very end, guys. Awesome.

Awesome episode guys.

I saw that group shower coming.....but I still wasn't prepared.



cH is back baby :D

And funny ass episode.

Please tell me that wasn't based on real events...

Love the bucket bits, and if that proposal was real, AWSOME! You go girl!

This one was a great EP! Even had PAX, or was it, to participate in it as well! Very convincing! Good job!

I love you guys.

Yes!!! Finally more cH! :D

Really enjoyed it, a good break from the work I'm meant to be doing! Thanks!

Ew, I want to know what they did with the ice bucket full of pee, but I really don't want to know.

Also, I hope she says yes! Soon!

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