The Escapist Presents: Breach

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Russ Pitts talks with Peter Tamte, President of Atomic Games and plays Breach.

For more info on the PAX East security breach click here.

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Looks like a really bland title. Not interested in the slightest.

oh russ, funny man you are. also that game looks fun, but its weird how you could shoot sandbags enough for them to just disappear...

Man it seems like he's almost crying at the end.
Was he really that happy?

Anyway: OT: That looked so awesome.

Better than awesome.

I don't have xbox, but I don't know if I would get it anyway, since it's a multiplayer title. But I am, however, looking extremely forward to 6 Days in Fallujah. Utter and spectacular eye-porn is something I treasure.

Game looks alright. the sounds are horrible though.

Looks like a promising studio attitude, but this doesn't look nearly polished enough for release. Recoil please?

that wooden wall could take a hell of a lot of bullets before it broke =/ but I guess I looks cool. Might give it a go

I think I wrote sometime in the past that the whole Falluja game concept thingy was going to fail. They stated that they weren't going to glorify the Americans, that they wanted to show real soldiers and their emotions during war. A noble pursuit but as the cynic I am I never really thought it was possible. Being completely unbiasad is hard, to make a game where you're not gloryfing one side or turning them into one dimensional villians is even harder. Just struck me as I saw that 6 Days in Falluja is cancelled. Didn't even know.

I don't have XBox 360 but even if I did, I'd probably save my money for something else. The whole "destroy individual particules" is a little extreme. I can see it being abused in so many ways. Nah, just a fancy "tactical special operative" mw2 clone. Best of luck though

I love the destruction there.
Especially when the supports were shot out. I was thinking 'I wonder what would happen if you shot out the supports?' and then BAAM! Supports shot out, house crumbles. Sweet. That being said, it does look pretty rough. So I'm hoping there is still polish and work to do before release.

But if it's an arcade title, that means it'll have a demo!
And they've got me set to try it at least!

gee... at 1:56 a man disappears! That's a nice destructable enviroment /sarcastic

bad company 2 > this bland title

Welcome to the feeling you have from most of the current free pc online fps.
Even bland games can be fun, specially when you have your mates to play with, however if you already have one or both of the big guys (MW2, BC2) it's high likely you won't miss it.

I'll buy it. I wanted to buy Six days in fallujah but sadly...
And it's a download. Can't go wrong with that.

I like the concept of an online shooter available to buy/download through XBL.

When "the code" was being loaded into the car towards the end I was kind of hoping for a few more "code boxes" being stashed away there for comical effect. Still that was pretty funny.

Well, I'm interested. Still seems like it could be polished up a bit, but if it does get the needed polish, it should be great, especially for a downloadable title.

Guy's its and arcade title its not coming out for a few months it has time! That may not have even been the final build that was shown.

I for one think it looks good! still hope Six Days in Fallujah would get a chance to come out though. I suppose we'll see!

It looks okay. It could use a heap more polish though. The game just doesn't seem to have a wow factor. The destruction is deep, but it doesn't really look good.

Hey, shout out to the devs: make a beta and see the true public's opinion.

i dont spend money on XBL, i only play online on the PSN. But i will buy it. Only because Atomic is based out of Raleigh. :D

My friends will be buying too, ill make sure of that. Atomic was treated unfairly with Six Days in Falleujah.

So you think we could get to play a little?

wow, this is going to flop so so hard. "destructable environment like no other game" errr bad company? i think i know why BC2 has so much smoke now, to mask bricks disapearing into thin air. Im sorry but everythign about this game looked below average, the gameplay, the graphics... the laughable cover mode. I hope they dont price this anything above £5-10

I'm extremely excited for this one! When I heard it's only gunna $15 I nearly peed myself.

Nice destruction, but I'm not feel'n the third person cover system. It's too omniscient. Needs to be less zoomed out.

EDIT: I just looked this game up on youtube, and those vids make it look a lot better.

oh russ, funny man you are. also that game looks fun, but its weird how you could shoot sandbags enough for them to just disappear...

well, realisctily speaking nothing stays in place forever, put enough rounds into a sandbag and it will become useless.

also, YAY WE CAN FINALLY MAKE OUR OWN COVER. this will bring a new dimension to destructo-fps'es, sure BC 2 has a fairly wide coverage, but given something as detailed as this it could actually of been a good game.

Pink dragon:
bad company 2 > this bland title

buhahaha, thats funny, thinking BC 2 in its current form is greater than anything when really its one of the most half-assed games I had the horror of playing.

I guess next you will say something like Bad Company was the first game to have destructible environments.

looks playable.

Bricks do not work that way.

looks appalling, the guns look like they do bugger all, the destruction physics look worse than battlefields and it just looks bland

It has a lot of developing to do before I could even consider buying it

Worth a purchase from the Xbox Live arcade, I guess. If I enjoy; I'll tell my friends, if not; I wont.

i thought it was fake and was waiting for a punch line because its an xbla game but i saw ps3 controllers at one point, and it didnt seem that good.

Didn't really look that great.

Also, third person view cover system? Why can't I just crouch behind the sandbags...

i hope it wasn't the final version ,because it looks like just another cheap fps title. destruction if u can call it that looks terrible ,things just dissapear and sounds aint that good either ,well i don't own xbox anyway so w/e..

I don't know... kinda sounds like a "let's see who can reduce the other's chest-high wall to a waist-high wall first" game to me.

Hah thats one of our buildings that our company manages I've been there.

What the hell is up with unlockables in multiplayer games these days? Am I the only one who wants to pick up a game and play against my friends without either unlocking characters and items for 40 hours or starting at level one with the crappiest weapons, if I wanted to do that I'd play an MMORPG.

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