The Escapist Presents: Breach

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Was that M-16 firing lazers? (there's a trope for that)

Also, not to be rude, but has this guy played a game in years? Plenty have fully destructible cover, and shooting out the bricks looked really fake. The part where he caved in the building near the end was cool though.

Couple more things. One, it looked like his teammates had red names, which will lead to lots of friendly fire because most games have the opposite, and for a reason. Two, as I said earlier, that gun sounded like shit. Uggh. Three, the footage was pretty much just shooting walls with mostly subpar destruction and non-existant particle effects. If that was the best footage, the game must be mind blowingly dull.

Otherwise this could be good, despite seeming to take a lot of bullets to kill enemies.

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