Game Dogs: Season 2 Announcement

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Season 2 Announcement

Bob has a message from the SRLF.

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well that was rather interesting but when does season 2 start (or is that "soon to be announced")

I'm rather surprised we're out of Season 1 already

Not exactly the announcement I was looking for, but oh well.

I may check up on the series at some time in the future. You know, to see if it improves at all. That said, it really should have done so by now.

Well, this is more interesting than Season 1 [ That was fast tho' ]

As some people dislike the series, I am quite fond of it and will keep watching it despite the 'jokes'.

I'm not sure that swearing makes something funny.... but I suppose it works for Yahtzee. Then again, if Yahtzee was a cartoon dog I don't think it would work for him either.

The series tries too hard to be funny I think. This is the one series on the Escapist that I can say that I have never once laughed at.

I enjoy this series for the real-life industry stories it manages to relate. The jokes don't always succeed (it's hard to look good when you've coming out vs. D&A every week!) but I like the stories and the concept. I'm looking forward to season 2.

Honestly, it would not break my heart to see this series die. It's never once amused me, so by entertainment measures is a terrible failure. Bad series is bad.

That was funny. Can't wait for season 2

I cannot fathom why people who claim to dislike this show continue to go into every forum about it in order to state that fact.

Doesn't anybody have anything better to do?

I actually like this series and can't wait for season 2.

I dislike the series but ill still give season 2 a chance.

End of season 1 already? Oh well, it was a fun show so far, I will eagerly wait for another episodes.

Do not want =[ oh well guess enough people watched first season. so congrats

Perhaps its taken to a kind of "restart" refreshed and "out of beta" in season 2. I like it quite good, but indeed it was far from perfect. I keep following this series.

That ust had 'Staller' written all over it. Let's hope they learn from their mistakes for Season 2.

Can't wait for season 2. Poor bob... all those flat, warm sodas...

Once again Bob made me laugh.

I hope season two is just as entertaining.

Season One was not very good (you're out of it really fast though, Apocalypse Lane's was twice as long) but I'll give season 2 a try. Hopefully it'll improve.

Argh... why is this series so bad? I don't want to tune in to season 2 but it's like a car crash where you can't look away. Please... learn comedic timing or whatever you need to make this funny. The animation is really cool, the characters are quite well rounded (except Mr. Yee - please kill him off the show, I'm begging you) but the series just isn't funny at all.

Really? This show is getting a second season? Poor decision.

that was a short first season, but maybe it was needed, to change the plot in something better.

I wasn't expecting that..but still it's a good enough show to keep my interest going. Hopefully season 2 has more of Bob i like him better than Chet


*Sigh* If only this series would end...

Lets hope that season two is better than the first, this show has potential.

It's just a shame all but two characters are flat, boring and generally brain gougingly annoying.

And those two aren't even lead characters.

I shall sit waiting for season 2 with this face -_-

I cannot fathom why people who claim to dislike this show continue to go into every forum about it in order to state that fact.

Doesn't anybody have anything better to do?

Actualy people who have nothing better to do than watch game dogs even though they don't like it are just the type of people who leave comments on forrums. The escapist probably has site traffic numbers that point to a unspoken majority that watch Game Dogs and don't post negative comments.

I however fall into the disgruntled forum poster lot. I watch game dogs because I can't look away from the moving pictures, even if they offend me or make me face palm.

well guess nobody is going to watch it then

Wow, time sure flys, and I thought Game Dogs was kind of a flop...

Awww! Season 1 already over ;-;

well looking forward to the second season ^^

So you're suspending people that don't like this now?

Here's a thought. Maybe what people like about this isn't comedy but it's story. Characters. Not everything has to be funny. Rebecca Mayes Muses isn't funny. I don't find A Good Knights Quest funny. I watch both, for, in order, her interesting take on movies and music and for the story.

I like Game dogs (I Dislike D&A (that I attribute to the voice acting)) and I hope it continues.

I fail to see why anyone has got suspended over this thread. It looks dodgy in my opinion. Explanation please.

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