Apocalypse Lane: Episode 44: Wilma

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GO RICO! You've finally killed that b***h haha!

Now I'm really excited for the grand finale!

The part in the beginning with Obama had me laughing pretty good. I'm like, oh hes doing yoga.Then he explains what hes really doing lol. I would pay anything to watch the real Obama watch this show and read his thought while watching. Also I'm glad knifefight is dead, about time. That's what you get for killing Hicky!

Epic filler episode! Too bad the Bulldyke had to die. We will miss you Kniffight... sort of, but not as much as Hicky.

Awesome episode as always :D

The music at the end is from the video game Pure right?

I couldn't stop LOL!
Great Episode Guys!

This show is getting better and better all the time. It sucks that it's ending, but at least it brought us something epic that you won't normally find on TV.

Oh my dark and terrible gods, Jon you sick hilarious bastard. That is one of the best episodes yet. You have no idea how bloody hard it was to keep from laughing aloud and giving away the fact that I'm watching this instead of doing my work. The mouse seats, Obama, Gulliver, RICO! Rico cracks me every time. Frank and his shpiel on Elroy... I can't actually pick which was the funniest part because they're all just so fucking great.

I want radroaches to wield magnums in new vegas now :D

oh, and a patch for ME1 that replaces the mako with wilma...

I lol'd so hard at the last scene, and at Ricos mistake.

cheers Jon/ el presidente , keep up the awesome work.


Pete rocks! I knew we'd miss a ton of cool stuff from him, if he stayed dead at the end of season 1.

Btw, how long will be the series finale? A special 20 minutes ep, or just an average one?

Don't know why, but that last scene made me die laughing. Almost literally!

And yes, Rico has just passed Cuddles and Gulliver to take the spot of my favorite character.

Simply awesome


Loved it!!!!!!

I just had 2 wtf moments in this episode but it was Funny as heck

By far one of the best episodes ever!
That shot to the head came out of nowhere and the discussion of hot cartoon characters and masturbation was hilarious.


Jon Etheridge:

.....wait, how does Stinky masturbate?!?

Don't question science.

I lol'd.

.....wait, how does Stinky masturbate?!?

with a sock of course.....

Was that knifefight scene a reference to Ideal? Because it is almost exactly the same

And there goes the only character on here actually voiced by a woman. Oh well, she had it coming.

Once again, awesome show.

Also, Betty was way hotter than Wilma.

Rico would have been the last character I would have guessed to off Knife Fight. The cartoon masturbation debate was hilarious. And I'll just say Betty and leave it at that.

This series is soooo good, I think after it ends I'm going to go into a month long melancholy. Thank god for Doraleous and Associates, they are the only thing I'll have to cushion my Apocalypse Lane withdrawals.

HOLY SHIT! KNIFE FIGHT! For all her bad qualities, i was kinda hopin she made it out of this okay...well whatever. Awesome episode! I'm gonna hate when this ends...

Bloody hilarious episode!!!

So many hilarious twists and comments. :)

.....wait, how does Stinky masturbate?!?

Obama style I guess...
Although I have to agree with them. Bettie is way hotter than Wilma xD

I wonder what other characters are in cartoon hell.

Hehe, Frank always cracks me up. Rico is also pretty great.

The car was funny :) & Great Show!

Stop killing people off!

Knife Fight noooooooooooooooooooooo
she was badass

Knowing THIS show she's probably a cyborg too.

Honestly, I will not miss her.
Great episode. What can't Pete do?

Yea, he can't build a fucking roof to save his life.

Great episode though, sad and awesome to see things coming together for the end, these last for episodes should be epic.

Oh god, that wa incredible. You guys need to do a hardcore action scene in Washington D.C, get another kind of epicness ticked off on your list.

Obama told Riko to give Knife Fight the money, but he forgot that first they'd either have to print it off or go borrow it from China.

I swear, when Pete went to put in the tape my first thought was "It's gonna be ABBA and Steve's gonna get pissed, right?"

Jon, you gotta' put that in somehow. I don't know how, but somehow!

Rico had some awesome bits as per usual. I love how even after 40+ episodes this series is still going strong. I also have a feeling that giving frank that washington DC vehicle may not be the best plan....series 3 maybe?

pete...WHAT THE FU&% man!you can make a crazy fast car but you can't build a roof?

I don't think 'Fight's dead... All that muscle probably stopped the bullet.

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