Rebecca Mayes Wishes to Speak to You About Her New Album

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Rebecca Mayes Wishes to Speak to You About Her New Album


Rebecca Mayes, famous songwriter and performer, as well as the star of Rebecca Mayes Muses, has an amazing announcement that she wanted to share with you herself. Without further adieu, Rebecca Mayes:

Dearest fans,

I am writing to ask you for your help in promoting my album.

It seems to me that there is a story in all of this. Girl in woods writes songs about games. When I tell people what I do they say, what? And then as I explain, a smile spreads across their face. Somehow it makes them happy to know that such a strange thing exists. I'd like to tell the story, get it out there, to gamers, non-gamers and to all people with ears for listening to tunes.

Can you offer me your help? Can you post blogs, leave comments, write articles, link me up, speak to that person who knows this person who might publish something in that thing, help me get set up on all the various networking sites?

I am creating a team of dedicated people working with me on this. A team of people that I trust, that I can ask advice from and work with to get my music out there further into the atmosphere.

If you'd like to join the team then show me you're serious, get busy and send me a link to what you are doing. If you make it onto the team I'll be available to you for interviews and inside info and, of course, best-friend-ship.

I'm really excited about sharing this adventure with you.

Love, Rebecca

Email: [email protected]

We at The Escapist support our artists and we hope you will too! Here are a couple ways to support Rebecca in her album launch, as well as get yourself a new profile badge:

  1. Post on Twitter: Tweet your support along with this link ( and the hashtag #rmalbum. Make sure you have linked your Twitter account with your profile here or we can't track you.
  2. Post on your Facebook: Post this announcement in a link as your new Facebook status. Then, show us that you posted to your Facebook Page by commenting in this thread with a link to the post!

If there are any questions on how to further help our Rebecca, please PM Kuliani with your questions.


Already on it, I'll be talking about it on the Belgian radio this weekend.

Edit: I've done my part on Twitter and Facebook. Links are underneath, I'm going to contact you for more information, Kuliani.


You should be able to see my status on both profiles. If not: feel free to notify me and I'll look into the matter as soon as possible.

Done. =D

Well, may as use my twitter since I'm stuck with the damn thing...


There, done. Hope I did it right.

Can anyone explain how you get a link to a Facebook post? I've never understood that website.

Well, I do know a small group of people on a dead GameFAQs board.

And a few on GamesRadar, but never used the forums there yet.

I can't work out how to paste my status from Facebook.!/Seth.Aronsohn?ref=profile is the best I can do

I'm afraid I can't do much more than wish you good luck, but... good luck! :)

I can't work out how to paste my status from Facebook.!/Seth.Aronsohn?ref=profile is the best I can do

Yup, that works. - there we go, a whole chuffing article on the nice lady :D

I'll certainly do what I can to harbour support. God knows you deserve it Rebecca!!/icypenguin
I dunno if this will help but best of luck anyways (:

I tell people who are gamers to check her out, most come back with postive stuff, i hope her greatness is recognised

I'll definitely be posting something on my home message board(s).. and maybe I'll kick the dust off my Facebook page too. Ms. Mayes deserves the support and I'd be more than glad to spread the word.

Done. I don't use Twitter but here's my Facebook link.

Facebooked and Tweeted!/Martster?ref=mf

Your music is great and I will do what I can to spread the word

Putting in my support!

posted on Twitter and facebook (I did this one in Swedish, but I basically recommend your music to all of my friends, and tell them when and where to get your album : )
I'm afraid there isn't much else I can do - aside from maybe shouting on my town square with a megaphone, but I doubt I'll be able to help you with your album if I'm in jail for aggrivating conduct - but if you need an "Idea DogMan" I'm your guy! : ) (maybe I should e-mail you...)!/benrutterthenutter?ref=profile

*EDIT* Oh and I've added it to twitter too! I did two tweets about it.

I just saw I got a badge which reminded me to post here in the forum about this.
I think it is a great cause, I cannot wait to buy copies of my own!

I'm also gonna ask my boyfriend to tell his 3,000 youtube subscribers the news ;)

Always happy to help the aspiring talented as long as you don't forget us when you're famous. So here for all my gamer friends to see .

Let me know if I linked it right.

I've done my part.....

It's tweeted and waiting.
I would love to interview Rebecca and write about it for the video game website I'm working for.

It's in Swedish, otherwise it'd be strange...

I LOVE Rebecca's music any opportunity to support her I will.!/sglasgow99
got it posted

Would LOVE to spread the word, she is amazing :)
I don't know how to link specific posts, so this is all I can do really:!/profile.php?id=769729992&ref=profile

I've posted. I still hope that iTunes (Or Amazon download for that matter) is not the only way to get it. :D

edit p.s. Oh and since I posted on Twitter, that posts on everything else I have linked to witter including Google Buzz!

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