Rebecca Mayes Muses: Behind the Scenes: The Sequel

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Behind the Scenes: The Sequel

Rebecca takes us behind the scenes again to talk about the upcoming album and to answer your submitted questions.

Rebecca Mayes is releasing her own album and is asking for your support! Click Here!

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Excellent! I thought there wasn't going to be a clip this week, because nothing appeared at 6PM (GMT +2). Glad to see that it did. Loved it!

By the way: answering all those questions must've brought about some work in not only answering them, but editing the entire video. Such dedication.

Edit: I was watching the video, listening very interested, because I know what it's like, working towards a deadline and being a perfectionist (which I am), trying to top yourself every time again and again. Because I had a gaming show with a friend on a Belgian entertainment website, four years ago ... and then in came that ridiculously hilarious moustache at 5:29. I think the neighbours might've heard me laughing when I saw that!

I listen to Heavy Metal music. The Heavier and more Brutal, the better. But I have to say, you are an excellent song writter and each new installment never fails to both amaze and move me.

Keep it up Rebecca, you've got the support of Mutie.

Ms Mayes,

I apologize if this has been asked before, but can you tell me if your forthcoming album will be released in the United States and/or through digital distribution like iTunes?

Thanks in advance,


Thoroughly enjoyed those Behind-The-Scenes looks Rebbeca! I will help promote your album... as soon as I can bypass this crappy filter system at school! But I will be first in the virtual line to pick up the album when it's released in two weeks time.

Good luck on your Yahtzee crush, by the way! Can't wait to hear the song and to see what Yahtzee has to say. Maybe we should ask him for comment?

Thanks for answering my question and thanks for the video giving us another look at your creative life :-) Good Luck with the album!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to see a non-game album. One pre-order right here.

Great stuff, keep up the good work.

Rebecca and Yahtzee kissing in a tree ;)

Great video, i would love to help promote your work, but i am just a powerless student =[
As for when you mentioned about what inspires your viewers and who we are...well;
When it comes to music, the most inspiring thing for me is to sit down out of the way of a crowd at a festival or at a club and just watch peoples reactions to the music. It always makes me want to create something special, so i too can trigger that happiness and emotion you see in a crowd of strangers dancing away to the beat.

PS - I lol'd hard at the "what am i like drunk" question. Seeing you breaking into laughter at the bar was awesome :')

Really, really great video.

I loved the part about females in games, and, thinking about it, your right. Really, its a distorted image of what we want to see and not what is staring us in the mirror.

Thanks for asking all the questions though! And good luck with the Album!

Danm you for your good weather.

we have slush and snow everywhere and where there issnt any snow theres only brown dirt
We had a blizzard today

Danm you!

but seriously nice episode. must have been alot of work going trough the questions and editing it all

Super girly comment go!

Oh my God, you and Yahtzee would make THE CUTEST couple! You're so sweet, and he's so cynical, it would be darling in the juxtaposition.

Feist, Specktor and Florence are all brilliant artists - and i can see all of them seeping through a little into your songs :)

I'll be certain to buy your album - best of luck with that, and the woo-ing.

I still want to know if your clothes on the silent hill video were based on Maria.

Loved to hear you speak and watch you more closely.

Yahtzee? </3 :(

Love your vids, love your 'behind the scenes section' and IMO you should make more songs which act as critiques of the game industry rather than a game.
Good luck! I'll be looking out for your album!

I knew you listened to Regina Spektor!

I love your songs and behind the scenes vids! And seriously, don't we all have a crush on Yahtzee? He's handsome, clever and a gamer and... I feel I'm getting off topic?

It must have been hard sifting through all of your questions, there was like 100 of them...
(still I'm a bit dissapionted that mine didin't get answered :( , but I guess you only answered like 30 of them (and who can blame you? 100 questions!)
And I'm very interested in your "non-gaming" album. And I would like to help out, but I honestly don't know how to do it...
Can't wait for your 'Yahtzee' lovesong! : )

I love your songs and behind the scenes vids! And seriously, don't we all have a crush on Yahtzee? He's handsome, clever and a gamer and... I feel I'm getting off topic?

I think it would be quite disturbing if Yahtzee got me hard. Really.

Good luck on your Yahtzee crush, by the way! Can't wait to hear the song and to see what Yahtzee has to say. Maybe we should ask him for comment?

Yeah, that might not be the smartest move.

First of May? That's still two weeks away... I'm more disapointed than I should be.

Imogen Heap is awesome, indeed.

You are awesome. Can't wait to hear the Yahtzee love song!

That was pretty interesting, thanks for sharing all of that with us

"What games would you like me to review?"

I'd like to vote for either Brutal Legend or Heavy Rain, two very different games, but I think, with enough material to get a review from.

"I have a crush on a certain Escapist...."


I can't WAIT to see how this turns out...

I want to see a song on Heavy Rain. I can see cool things coming from that.

Live long and prosper Rebecca Muse.

If I had to say something about you and what you hope from Ben...I'd say anything is possible. Reject no possible outcome but accept them.

Other then that I say this....

"Cause will we talk about this game, for years to come...or will we talk about you...about you...
Oh what might you do?"

female game:
FinalFantasy X2

the meaning of live is "individual"!
everybody has to find the answer for himself, but mustn't forget living while searching.

can you play "ONI"?
if you do, you might have to play it in various languages. at least i did.
the specialmoves sound different each time you change the language.
but i think you can select the language while installing the game only.

you want to know who i/the viewers am/are?
to keep it short, i might discribe myself as a "simple-minded-super-brain"

well, i want to know who you ARE!?
in your videos i see cuts of pieces of you playing a role.
but i do not see the real YOU... except your body, that excites me every time.

-viewer from germany

Fantastic video to watch. Most of the videos that are the behind the scenes looks are usually boring but yours kept me hooked all the way through with facts about how and what you do and funny light humour all the way the through. Simply brilliant.

I was having a bit of page-fright today, so I thought I'd make myself a coffee and come on the escapist to see what was new. Really glad I did - that bit about how all creative people suffer from doubts on some level, and how we're all battling our 'inner bully' was really inspiring.

But the best bit...

"What's the meaning of life?"
"There's a lot I can say about that, really."

I'm looking forward to the album, I'll tell my friend(s) to buy copies too!

Thanks for the inside look. I will have to check into the other avenues you suggested for assisting. I enjoy your music and persona, so I have a vested interest in keeping you up to the music task and of course happy doing it. Struggling artist only works for so long.

Wow, that was lovely. I'm feeling so inspired by your artistic spirit and contemplative side; those are two things that have been missing in my life this past year.

Great answers to the questions, and I hope for next week to come quickly to hear what you'll have for us. But thank you for showing us more of what it's like for you to write your songs, how you get inspired and meeting deadlines.

I'll be sure to get your album; I love your songs, and I've showed a few to a couple of friends and they do, too.

Great video about the process of creating music and art. Usually you just get the finished product and not the eternal struggle of self-doubt, frustration and triumph. Thanks for the video.

Another fascinating video - thanks Rebecca :)

I will be purchasing your album on the day of release. Really looking forward to it.

Keep up the great work.

i adore your music very much and very much enjoy your gaming related music.

and i think you got a shot at Mr.Yahtzee he is rather dashing in his trilby! ;)

I bet Yahtzee and Rebecca would make spiffy looking children *nods*

I'm rather pleased there wasn't a big spiel in a west-country accent coming, when you said you were originally from the south east I thought "oh god, here comes a good ole talk about fields and combine harvesters that's gonna turn all the Yank fans inside out" - but no, and it's for the best ;)

I, like many here, will definitely be getting the album, and truly, thanks for such an insight. Keep up the good work!

I wonder if Yahtzee will mention the crush in his next Extra Punctuation. We'll soon see.

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