Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 2

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Just Cause 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Just Cause 2.

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And NOW it's mid-week.

Thanks Yahtzee!

Heh, not a bad review. Rather funny. Still, Yahtzee, you sound a bit tiffed.

he did mention cats alot :)
i like cats :)

Ah, I love it when Yahtzee agrees with me.

At least I think he did...

Lots of cats.

Oddly enough, I almost want to get this game now.

makes my wednesday, every week.

I love this review because it had a cat, a bear and a tiger.

This game is fun to dick around in

BTW I love cats,Bears and Tigers

A game he likes? That is Duke Nukem Forever?

My mind is really very blown right now.

"because you're clearly mad as a ferret sausage"
probably the funniest line ever, especially with my imagining the stick figure waving the knives around

He's just bought a cat hasn't he...

Very funny review. I've not played the game myself, but I've seen others play it, and Yahtzee's right about it.

lol nice one,

i'm gonna have to keep saying " Just Cause' " to everything now XD

Great as always :L

Pretty good review, though for some reason he sounded incredibly bored at the end of this review. Maybe that's just me though.

blimey he mentions cats a lot this week.

Still an enjoyable critique.

That was the funniest it's been in a long time.

I'll rent it, or borrow/steal it from a friend.

"some might say that's enough. some might say i'm to fucking hard to please. Well some can just shut there fucking mouth!"
"why you ask? just cause!...2"

Thanks again for the brillant review!
the hook shot is going to take me bac to the days of multiplayer in an certain 007 game we love.

magic space hookshoot and parachute farting....*slowly claps*

my favorite one for a while, great job!

This is a very cool and funny review with a lot of cats.

The part where the "oh you could buy a jet but..." And the imp with the vehicle insurance saying "Back the fuck off" actually had me in some major giggles, which is a very good thing!

One of the better recent ones :)

Sounds like a weekend rental of the 'completely mindless fun' variety. I'll give it a spin once I'm done with my current research paper.

I've just realised how much like mercenaries 2 this game is...

Every time he draws his cartoon eyes on real-people images it slays me.

Huh... game I'm no interested in at all. Maybe he'll hilariously rip it apart.


Huh... still not interested, and now I'm also not entertained. Way to break an awesome streak, Ben.

Just finished watching this. Once again, inexplicably, this is a game I now actually want to get thanks to Yhatzee. This is the third time - Psychonauts, then TWEWY, then this. Wow.

I definitely got the vibe that you gave off from your "Mercenaries 2" review. Just wanton destruction with next to no realism. I think I might give the game a try.

Why? Just 'Cause!

Sounds like Just Cause 2 is a sociopath's paradise, even mores o than Saint's Row or GTA. I'll have to check it out.

Well, some people are right.

Haha! Some good quoteable lines this week. Totally agree with Yahtzee on this one, it's lots of fun but totally pointless!

Loving the random cat references!

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