Alt+Escape: Poto and Cabanga

Alt+Escape: Poto and Cabanga

I won't lie to you, you will get swallowed by a snake in this game.

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Heh. No kidding on the snake. Still fun though!

Dude that crap was hard, I got a bit over 9000 on my first run...Good game though and very original, I am impressed

I saw featured on TIGsource. I loved the feel of the controls, the art style and most of all, the unique rhythm it creates when the music and the feather collecting sound effects fit to the beat.

Holy crap that was hard. Only got 5000 on my first go, I think my brain has melted. I'm a man, multitasking is not what I'm built for! Sure looks purdy though...

Well, it is a very fun game and the music is also awesome. However it is very hard but I like a good challenge so I don't mind. Also, the gameplay kind of reminds of Chronos Twin which is a DSi downloadable game in which you control two characters at the same time. Good recommendation for Alt+Escape, I enjoyed it.

Frustrating to no end.

I suppose this will keep me occupied for a while though.

Good pick!

Wow... 5100.
It's an intersting ideia. Took a while to get who jumps when what happends but yeah, it's a good game.

Really hard. Didn't keep me for very long, but probably because I lacked coordination.

A lot has been accomplished with so little. Simplicity worked very nicely in One Button Bob, but this one made it into a whole new level of complexity. At first balancing between the two tracks hurt my brain, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Still, it was a challenge, and a fun one at that. Loved the graphics.

Oh, and 16100 on first run.

Bleh, 8550 on first try.
Then, I though, "Oh, it's not too hard, I bet I could compete with those top scores!"
But then on my second try, I found out it has an ending. 12400...

Pretty fun little game, though.

This is the same problem I have with trying to learn the piano, I cannot for the life of me concentrate on two different rhythms at the same time.

I wasn't expecting to be reminded of the rather sad story of today. So, uh, it's not making a good first impression.

EDIT: ... and not really enjoying the game. Probably for the same reason that I just can NOT juggle.

Hard game is hard.

Is it bad of me that I reached the end of the snake with 8 lives for the donkey, but only a single life for the human character?

Great game, but SO HARD.

Is it bad of me that I reached the end of the snake with 8 lives for the donkey, but only a single life for the human character?

There's an ending? :-O

As soon as I had to control both of them, I failed.

Good god does that get disorientating

I "beat" it, but controlling 2 things at once is hard... and not that fun.


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