I am ... The Phantom

Under the heading "Seriously Guys, You Should Have Seen This Coming Years Ago," it would appear that Infinium Labs' former chief executive was actually full of doo doo all along.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Tim Roberts with misrepresenting The Phantom game service to potential investors. The crime? Claiming that it actually existed.

I know this is shocking. Take your time. I can wait.

Original Comment by: Scott Jon Siegel
This news was a long time coming. It's amusing how the SEC didn't catch onto this until now, but gamers seemed to be calling Infinium's bluff from day one. I guess we might qualify as trained experts in identifying bullshit (thanks, Sony). -sj

Hello Gizmondo.


sorry to sound a idiot, but what is DRM?

Digital rights management. Basically systems made to stop people from pirating games.

I've mostly given up on video game piracy and such. And didn't EA stop putting DRMs on their stuff because of the negative feedback?

No they just called it something else. Like with the Japanese rape games.

Also I thought this was an obvious ulterior motive besides stopping piracy especially the way they gimpped MW2 on the PC to disallow mods among other things.


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