Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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I miss the early Silent Hill titles. Silent Hill 2 was one of the best games I have ever played, and wouldn't have considered it if not for this guy to be honest. What happened to allegorical symbolism in gaming, these days?

This was a great review. Liked it from start to finish.

Great review, you still got it...

Very nice.

I came. I saw. I lol'd (:

What a surprise, more dumping on the wii. Not that I don't agree, but it's just getting old now.

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's getting real!" - Brilliant.

Next week, hippos!

I love that guy who represents "human".

Quick! to the Yat mobile. Good episode

Nice review Yahtzee. I was wondering about Shattered Memories, but never bothered to look up the cutscenes on youtube. Really amped up the funny this time too.


there i said it.

I was interested in how the psychological aspect of the game would come to fruition.

Brilliant, as always. The "bad in bed" part cracked me up immensely. Dunno why, must be tired.

well at least it was a good experience and not those shitte origins or homecoming

I was actually waiting on this review on whether or not i should get shattered memories....still not entirely sure.

Oh my goodness I have never laughed so much at a ZP before. This I think is probably his best..........and yes shit does get real with pink dresses

Very funny enjoyed it :)

Ah, at last ZP made me laugh properly again =3

It would be interesting if he reviewed Deadly premonition.

it doesn't seem to me like a remake. it looks more like a reboot of the silent hill franchise

I actually like homecoming BTW

LOL at the dog biting his dick off

Finally Yahtzee thinks a game he reviews for this is 'okay'

I liked the review. It does seem like a step in the right direction for the series even though it does fumble with some of the aspects in the previous games.

Was hoping for SC: Conviction but great review as always :D

hee! :) the last lines in your reviews always make me pause for a second.. and then about 5 seconds into the closing music i start laughing. Happens in most of them. Thought it was very fuuny.

also, FIRST! page.

[Post removed by user.]

I was all set to buy this on PSP until he said it wasn't scary.

It's odd, albeit convenient, to get actual consumer advice from Yahtzee. It's like sex with an ATM.

0_o did... did he just... PARTIALLY ENJOY a Wii game?

funny review, won't buy the game, won't buy a Wii to test out theory of not buying this game.

I just played this, so it was a timely review for me. I found the game mediocre and disappointing; I think I need to try the real SH games everyone loves so much.

hmm, may be i will go and purchase this game wait i have not upgraded my console...wait ..i don't even have a console anymore..not a functioning one anyways. which brings me tot he need of a job again... i'm twaddling again arn't I. maybe they will have download content that will give us a better experinece..oh wait ..i forgot, it's a wii. decent review anyways.

I was wondering what was taking so long. Now I know. Fucking PAL localization.

Anyway, good review, making me more determined NOT to buy a Wii and delivering plenty of good humor along with a balanced look at a game. I think my favorite bit was the Thundercats reference. Even when filling the dog quota, cats had to get in there somewhere, right?

Not that I thought it would, but I don't think this new Silent Hill is going to covince me to go back to the series. I will stay forever with Silent Hill 2 as my favourite of the lot, and try and forget the rest happened.

Nice review though, not as funny perhaps but containing actual reviewing, which is always nice to see in ZP.

What a surprise, more dumping on the wii. Not that I don't agree, but it's just getting old now.

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's getting real!" - Brilliant.

Until Nintendo actually fixes this problem, and I doubt they will, I will continue to expect Yahtzee to harp on it. Great review and I was hoping for Conviction, but I am happy he went with Silent Hill.

"A pink dress! On no SHITS GET'N REAL!"
Well, I don't think the game pissed yahtzee off too much(if at all). Maybe it's because he has a hard on for the series, or maybe it's because he thought it was a genuinely better game than the original. Whatever.
Thing that freaked me out is that I think he's starting to warm to the Wii.

Awsome explosion!

O o
| AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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