Apocalypse Lane: Episode 46: Information Defacation

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Episode 46: Information Defacation

Gladice won't reveal what's in the vault so Cuddles gets dirty in the interrogation.

With Apocalypse Lane wrapping up in the near future, the creators would like to offer their ears to your questions over the next week. Just post your questions here in the comment section. If you are lucky, they will answer your question in an upcoming special "behind the scenes" video. May the questioning begin!

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I bet they mess up the past

Yeah Bor3dsOul. If their gunna move the video's let's at least put one on Tuesday, ya know spread things out. Great episode by the way shame Obama got shot though.
Oh and 3rd! Yes!

Deaf-ication? Hah! And what the hell is that neo-Willy thing called?
You guys rock. Keep this up.


Back to the Future FTW!

Great episode.

Epic. Hilarious ending.

"I dated a black chick once and she had a nice tight-"
"-im going to stop you right there."

More cliffhangers! :O

I also sense the closing of a fine show approaching us =[

What happened to Michelle Obama anyway?

Is it just me or did they change everything to thursday instead of Friday?

Nah...it's always been Thurs. Or for ages at least.

Bum bum bummmmm.....I love the vulture thing, he's awesome.

And when I saw Obama get shot I thought for a second Knife Fight had somehow come back.

Awesome episode, keep em coming, I hope the series doesn't end when the vault thing does.

The vulture is the best!


Hahaha, I love this show! :D

Mr. President! Mr. President!

Michelle, you biiiitch! Nooooo!


Oh well, so what - is Zed behind this all? Thats his bot after all.

Can somebody please answer me this!!!

Apocalypse lane video's don't load for me since last episode. All other escaptionist video's do. What the hell is with the video's, why can't I all of a sudden play ANY of them, and is there another youtube site (or something) that I can watch them? I tried the homepage...just sends me back to escaptionist.

None of your damn business Drak. :D


Jon Etheridge:

On a side note...Did I see you on Games Radar, specifically on the Nier review comments?


Anyway, nice cliffhanger! I'll be sad when this series is over.

holy shit! that is the best episode ever!

i was laughing so hard
Gulliver is awesome as well! BUM BUM BUM!!!!!

and my questions are
what was the first game you played or owned?
what made you want to animate for the escapist?

Onyx Oblivion:

Jon Etheridge:

On a side note...Did I see you on Games Radar, specifically on the Nier review comments?

That you did. I like going there for the ridiculous articles they do about nothing. The Escapist is the best though. :)

Great episode.

Man.... You can tell it's getting close to the finale. I mean, they're knocking characters off left, right, and center. So......

Takin all bets, guys. Takin all bets. 10 bucks says the next one to bite the dust it is Marty's dad. I have no clue why I think that, I just do.

P.S. Funny, as always. I didn't see it comin either. :P

Who wants to bet Hickey comes back to life and rejoins the series through some use of the time-travel machine?

"I didn't see that one coming!"

No one did, Gulliver. No one did, let alone me.

Can't wait to see what happens next week!

I have to say I really did not see that coming. So let's see who's going to die next. Obviously someone is hmmm. Probably either female willy or whats his faces dad. Actually since I'm sure this was all zeds doing he will probably wheel in an talk about how he programmed willy and wanted to be the best robot something bla bla bla. Then he gets shot and killed by "Michelle" because she turned on him as well. Then she gets killed by someone or something. Probably part of the roof will collapse on her.

Onyx Oblivion:

I've heard of people joking about things as such on the internet and men in suits and sunglasses show up at their house the next day so I was surprised when they did it...

At least he died trying to do the right thing (like stopping the nuclear holocaust and all).

Holy crap, this series is great. Ace stuff!

Stop killing people! Aaaaaaagh!
I like Cuddles logic "What if we're SUPPOSED to go back in time?"
And Pete was excellent in this episode, he is my favourite character right now. Please don't kill Pete.

DArn you Jon! Why are you ending the series when it's getting more and more epic by each episode. I'd just love to see a seasons 3 just with time travel.
Oh, and remember I first called it that Cuddles wanted to take a shit on Gladdis!

Is it me or Cuddles really really, wants to take a shit on Gladis?(or at least do something humiliating to her, because I don't see him killing her; how would want to kill the onlin person you enjoy making fun of?)

Just like the psychotic killer birdie said: "BA BA BAAAAAA! hehe.. Didn't see that one comin'

Big Petes last line cracked me up. So much. Really good job, getting better and better!

Well, I dated a black chick once, and she had a pretty tight - yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and stop you there.

Funniest line on this show ever.

Why Kill Obama !

It would be awesome to see some crazy cyborg fight between the love bot and willy.

Okay, gotta' love Gulliver. That bird is so... how should I say, FUNNY!

To bad Obama died like that. I was hoping that his face would melt off or something...

In nearly every episodeso far someone has died.

LOL!!! OMG you killed Obama!
Ur gonna get exiled for that! :P

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